August 6, 2015 at 2:30pmEST. I quit my 6 figure, 9-5 job to invest myself fully in pursuing God’s calling on my life.

I opened my own Corporate style consulting firm- Monetize Thyself- and never looked back.

2 years later, here’s what I learned:

1. I was prepared but I wasn’t anywhere near as ready as I thought. However, it was still the right time. You’ll learn what you need to learn when the pressure is on your case.

2. My provision resides in purpose. It did then, and it does now. I will never make as much money, or feel as fulfilled as I do working to make an impact and change the world. Never.

3. Vulnerability, integrity, honesty, and remaining true to who you are at your core- is more important than collaborations, features, and stages. When sharing your journey publicly for 2 years- nothing displays more credibility than being exactly the same person (maybe a bit shinier) as you were 2 years ago.

4. If you don’t have God in your life- that’s your choice- but you better find an anchor to keep your grounded and supported in those moments where entrepreneurship gets away from you. Without Jesus as my life preserver, I would’ve sunk many times over. He is faithful.

5. Family first. Balance is bogus and you won’t always get it right- a ball will always drop- but keep family first and you will always have a rock solid driving force to success.

6. Learn to receive. When you step out to pursue the life you are supposed to live- the universe will rise to meet you. Everything you need to win will appear- mentors, money, resources, friends- but you have to learn to be patient- AND RECEIVE IT. It may not look the way you expect it too. Challenges can be a form of resources to help you grow. Receive them. You deserve it.

7. Humble yourself. Entrepreneurship is not fancy trips, shiny stuff, cars, and penthouses. It’s a daily, personal drive to leave a legacy and change the very construct of society that made it difficult for you to get ahead. It’s a desire to see eyes light up when they realize “they can,” and there is no price or object that can replace that moment of success. If you haven’t found that- you aren’t aligned- don’t let people sell you the fast life. It’s not sustainable. You deserve to get paid, so you can FUND your purpose. Money is just a tool.

8. Be present in your business. In the world of automation- you want to automate SYSTEMS not relationships. Serve serve serve. Pick up the phone, answer the email, give a hug, ask about their children, love them. No matter what you’re offering you are in the business of PEOPLE. If you don’t care- then you won’t get far. They won’t invest in you, if you aren’t invested in them.

9. You will fail everyday. But as Zig Ziglar says, “Failure is an event, not a person.” Tomorrow is another chance to get it right- and you’re even better equipped to do so, because you’ve learned from the day before. Embrace the inconsistency- it what makes your life interesting and impactful.

10. If people can’t find you- they can’t pay you. When the moments come that you want to quit, back away or start over- DIVE DEEPER and go back to basics. In corporate you learn to never throw away the entire process- because starting over is hard- and expensive. Extract what works, fix what doesn’t, and pour gas on it. Money is fluid, objects are abundance- but time is limited. Make the most of it.

Happy 2 year “Quit Day” anniversary, To ME! Here’s to more lives changed, and a legacy that lasts many lifetimes.

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  1. Tomorrow is my last day at my 9-5 girl! High fives, I’m excited, scared and optimistic. Thank you for taking the leap and posting this update, we just never know how many people we impact each day. New beginnings and Im loving it

  2. I’m, like, three years late to the party – typical B – but I truly believe God brings people into our lives when we’re ready to receive what they have to offer us. I found you about a month ago watching your college pop-up video (Ironically, around the time my daughter was moving into her dorm. I kindly warned her, “Don’t let this be me!” after showing her your video! LOL!). I have been low-key stalking – I mean, researching – you ever since! (BTW, mom to mom, kudos for making your girls walk when they missed the bus yesterday. Sometimes kids like to test our gangsta! Not Tuh-Day!) I’ve been praying for a mentor; someone I can fully relate to that’s ahead of me, but not so far ahead that I can’t see them. Studying your moves, watching your videos, and reading the comments from your listeners, I can tell that person is you! (Congratulations!) As I strive to become a better, more “out there” coach for women, I hope to be as personable, as vibrant, and as authentic as you are in your live feeds. You being you helps me be me! (I hope that made sense!) At any rate, thank you for being my answered prayer, and even though we haven’t met YET (key word), I know there is so much I can learn and apply from you. God bless you, Nicole! I hope to see more videos from you, soon! And to meet you in person one day. It gives me a reason to visit ATL again! (Memories…)

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