Nothing makes me happier than seeing Rich Friends block the broke and denounce doing free. I mean, one of the foundational pieces of The Monetized Life is building a place for people to drop off their money, right? But payments can still be frustrating. How many times did you have to send that same invoice over?

Because I’m all about helping my Rich Friends get their coin, I couldn’t wait to share the news about PayPal.Me – PayPal’s latest and greatest way to automate invoicing and make collecting coin a breeze. With PayPal.Me, all you have to do is send your personalized link and boom! Coin collecting time!

Signing up for your very own PayPal.Me account is super simple and literally takes 10 seconds:

  • Go to and click “Get Started”
  • Type your custom URL into the box (I recommend using your name) and click “Grab this Link”
  • From there you’ll be directed to log in to your PayPal account (you do have one of those, right?)
  • Once you log in, simply scroll to the bottom, accept the terms and conditions, and activate your PayPal.Me account.

Easy peasy.
PayPal.Me is useful in all types of situations. Suppose that you get asked to write a blog post or product review. Normally, you’d do the work, send an invoice, and wait. And wait some more. Some folks might be ok with waiting, but not my Rich Friends! Receiving payments in a timely manner is critical to small business operations.

That’s where PayPal.Me comes in handy. Instead of creating an invoice and relying on traditional bank transfers, credit card processors, or a paper check, you can just include your PayPal.Me link in your e-mail, text, or other messaging correspondence. Once your link is sent, all the other person has to do is enter the amount, and approve it. The money moves into your account instantly, and you’re able to put more time into your business as a result.

Because your PayPal.Me address is your own personal link, you can use it virtually anywhere! Text it to your friends. E-mail it to your clients. Heck, even place it directly on your website and Facebook business page (please tell me you have one of those) so those coins can roll in!

While PayPal.Me may not be able to solve all your invoicing problems, it can definitely help streamline at least a portion of your payment transfers. Streamlined = more free time. And you guys know I’m all about efficiency and freeing up time. Less time spent on invoicing means more time being put into your business. More time put into your business means what? More coin opportunities.