If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a laptop (or desktop) computer, phone, and tablet (in this case, iPad). And if you’re really like me, your poor iPad has been practically neglected in favor of your computer while at home, and your phone while on the go. I know, I know – that iPad seemed like a good investment at the time, and you probably promised yourself that you’d use it for something other than keeping the kids quiet with Netflix in the car.

Hey, no judgement here.

Dust that guilt off, Rich Friends! (And wipe the smudges off that iPad screen, too.) I’m about to share with you guys my new favorite tool of the moment that has skyrocketed my productivity – and it only cost me 60 bucks!

Last week I bought  this Cooper Cases™ NoteKee Bluetooth Keyboard Case for my iPad Air 2 right here on Amazon. At first, I thought buying it would be really cool for travel, or taking notes on the go. But guys, it’s done so much more for me than that. This keyboard case has turned me into a serious coinpreneur on the go!

It’s super thin, and slides into my purse without adding extra bulk of weighing it down. Guys, I travel everywhere with my iPad now., No kidding – I whip it out while getting a pedicure or cup of coffee, and write e-mails, blog posts, business ideas, or even create full-fledged documents just like I would on my laptop.

Listen, typing on an iPad sans keyboard is a pain. It’s cumbersome and slow (and probably why our kids ended up claiming them as mini entertainment centers). But with my keyboard case, I’m so much more productive! It’s like having a second laptop that’s tinier, more convenient, and easier to carry around. But my favorite thing about this case? Two words: backlit keyboard.  Have you ever had one of those nights where you tried to go to bed, but thoughts, ideas and to-dos kept you from drifting off to lala land – but at the same time, you absolutely dreaded the idea of going to get your computer? Yep, this keyboard case is the fix for that.

On those nights where I can’t sleep unless I get the ideas out or get the work done, I reach for my iPad and get to typing. The backlight is bright enough for me to see the keys without blinding me, and the tap-tap-tap of the keys is soft enough that I won’t wake the Hubbin.

Talk about a game changer! It takes a device that we’ve already spent hundreds of dollars on, and turns it into a super-efficient, coin-making machine! I get my ideas out quickly and quietly, then drift off to sleep (while those coins roll in).

The Cooper Cases™ NoteKee is my favorite productivity tool at the moment. What’s yours?