If you caught my scope last week, then you know I have three very specific pet peeves when it comes to doing business with folks. If you missed the scope, click here to catch the replay. Fair warning: one of my peeves involves bartering tacos for business advice (don’t do it – even if they let you get extra guac).

Seriously, one of my biggest pet peeves is conducting business via text. And by conducting business via text, I mean texting entire course outlines for me to look over, or breaking down details of your business message by message.


Text messages for me, are like Twitter. Quick, to the point, and maybe with an emoji or two. If you can’t get to the core of your communication with me in two lines and a hashtag, then texting is not the way to go!  Conducting long-form business via text is one of the easiest ways to get roped into doing free – by allowing folks to circumvent the proper channels of communication and eat up your time.

But Nicooooo-oooole, everybody’s doing it!

I know, I know. Literally everybody is texting – your toddler, your grandma, your dog Tucker. So how do we capitalize on texting for business in a professional manner without dropping coin and burning bridges?

Enter: Mozeo.

If you’ve ever seen stores like Target post signs that say “Text BEAUTY to 12345 for $5 off” or even “Text COIN to 24587 so you’ll never miss my scopes (you can really do that), then you’ve seen what Mozeo can do in action. Mozeo allows you to harness the power of text communication for your business.

With Mozeo, you can collect the cell phone numbers of your clients, fans, followers, and customers, and send them targeted, one-way texts. This is perfect for getting potential customers to opt in (for future sales), sign up for alerts (like my scope alerts), or even receive exclusive discounts on your products and services.

Mozeo allows you to limit the conversation while being of service to your customer base. There’s something very personal about texting, which is why people prefer to text over email. It’s instant. It’s direct. It’s in your pocket. But because Mozeo is a third party application, you’re not roped into long, drawn out textversations about business that are better suited for e-mail or phone.

Mozeo is super affordable, at a rate of 3 cents per outgoing message. You pay as you go, and there are no monthly fees for service or inbound texts. When you sign up for Mozeo I’d love if you use using my referral link, you’ll get 10 free text messages, 100 free e-mail messages, a trial keyword, and a 15-day mobile web trial. Sign up here: http://bit.ly/Mozeo

So is texting OK in business?

Only when you’re controlling the conversation. J