By now, most of you have heard that will be shutting down on May 4th. This is causing some major ripples in the livestreaming world – as people are trying to figure out, “Why?” The company has said they weren’t able to get funding or investors – so despite having 1 million users(!), they have to shut the doors on their popular, and effective platform.


What have I told you about being popular, and not profitable? What have I said about deciding to skip integrating monetization strategies into your platforms AS YOU BUILD? What have I said about the importance of training your growing audience to know how to interact with you financially – while serving in your purpose?


I’m so serious about this – I headed straight to Periscope to give you the details on everything that went wrong here, and how you don’t have to make these mistakes. These are solutions you can use today. Check it out:

Guys, Don’t be Katch. Implement 1K1Day. New Cycle Opens June 2016.