Guys, what is it about teenagers that makes them think they can pull the wool over our eyes? Don’t they know that we’ve been there, done that – and DIDN’T get caught?

As an of 3 brilliant (but not slick) foster Tinies (ages 4, 13, and 16), I am constantly learning how to balance compassion for their tough upbringing with some good ol’ “You gon’e get raised today!” parenting ethics.

And the Internet does NOT make it easier.

Here I am, making my coin on the web – changing lives, and paying for dance camp – all at the same time. Just minding my adult business. The next thing I know, here comes Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp sneaking into my Tinies purview. It’s crazy to think – the very tools and apps that I’ve come to know and love are making it tougher to be ‘everywhere’ protecting my babies.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to remind the BigTiny that Mama’s ALWAYS watching – thanks to Instagram.

Here’s the short version – BigTiny thought it would be hilarious (and cute, and worth getting grounded over) to post on Instagram about, “Blah blah boyfriend, blah blah #relationshipgoals.”

Oh really, ma’am?

Sure enough, you can see The Hubbin was ALLLLL over that.


“Nah, this is a good streak, keep it going. #concentrateonyourstudies #testprepnotprimping #alsothedogneedsawalk”

We follow our girls on every social media platform – because whatever you do on the Internet, should make your Mama proud. We also have to stress to them that no matter where you are, what you do, or what deletes after 24 hours – the internet never forgets. Screenshots are totally a thing.

And we know how to use hashtags too.

How do you guys balance letting your kids grow up with social media without going insane over natural parental concerns? Let me know in the comments!

Happy parenting,


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