Logo for the United States of Women Summit

Having worked in executive-level corporate business development for years, I am well accustomed to being the regular girl, in a room full of exceptionally accomplished and powerful people. So there’s that…

And then there’s the White House United State of Women Summit. An ENTIRELY different level of excellence.

This event is the Holy Grail of business networking, motivational lecture, policy seminar, political lobbying, and classic girl talk – but with Oprah. And Michelle Obama. And Gloria Steinem. And Patricia Arquette. And Warren Buffet. And Vice President Biden. And President Obama. Oh, and those are just the Plenary speakers. JUST THE HEADLINERS.


Needless to say I’m still recovering from 12 hours of powerful discourse about issues impacting women in America, like:

* Economic Empowerment
* Health and Wellness
* Educational Opportunity
* Violence Against Women
* Entrepreneurship and Innovation
* Leadership and Civic Engagement

What a day.

Just days before the event, I received notice that I’d been invited and approved to attend this exclusive private gathering. As a burgeoning entrepreneur eager to learn, I was floored at the chance to be present and engage with change makers and thought leaders from around the world. Educational opportunities such as this are few and far between – and I quickly rearranged my schedule, because…THE WHITE HOUSE!


On June 14th, 2016, under the orchestration of First Lady Obama, an overwhelmingly amazing group of gender equality advocates rallied together under one banner – womanhood. Together, they highlighted what’s been achieved this far, identified the challenges that remain for us all, and charted the course for achieving reform. Through a series of break-out sessions hosted by industry leaders like NPR’s Michele Norris and famed activist Gloria Steinem, attendees collaborated on concepts and garnered insight to apply within their organization.

NW_Michele Norris

The event closed with a dynamic live discussion between the First Lady and Oprah Winfrey – addressing, confidence, validation, and adversity.

Without a doubt, the wisdom imparted and knowledge shared through this unique experience will remained etched in my mind and reflected in my work – for a lifetime.

For the full White House United State of Women Summit agenda, live stream replay, and to learn how you can participate,  visit usstateofwomen.gov