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Welcome, Richfriend! In this post, we’re recapping the fourth and final installment of the Get Legaled Up Periscope series I did with my husband (aka the Hubbin). Throughout this series, we’ve been helping my Richfriends get their legal affairs in order, by using myself and my business as an example.

We’ve already covered everything from S-Corps and LLCs, to why your business needs an NDA. To catch up on those topics, click the links below:

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In this fourth installment, Hubbin got super technical, providing information and insight into some of the more technical and complicated terminology that you hear thrown around in business a lot – but that are actually super important to protecting yourself and your business.

If you’re confused about the difference between a Trademark and a Copyright, and have been trying to figure out whether you need either one or both for your logo or t-shirt design, this Scope is for you. Hubbin even broke down a real world example involving Nene Leaks from the Real Housewives of Atlanta who found herself in a hot water after lifting a t-shirt design from a relatively unknown (until now) small business owner. Yep! Protecting yourself – even if you think no one is watching or paying attention, is super important.

But that’s not all we covered! If you’ve heard of Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions, but aren’t quite sure if you need to implement them, or even how to do it – this scope is also for you.  Here’s a hint: if you have a website, blog, e-commerce site, or anything that tracks or collects personal information – you need a Privacy Policy. As for Terms and Conditions?…

You’ll just have to watch the Scope to find out!

Don’t forget – if you’re in need of an NDA for your business, The Hubbin crafted a standard, editable NDA just for my Richfriends. Standard NDA templates can run north of $200 per document. Hubbin’s NDA template is only $24.99 and can be edited and used in perpetuity every time the details of your business demands it. Click here to get yours today!

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