Hubbin and Nicole

If you’ve got an idea for a business, but you’re looking for what legal steps you need to take in order to make it official, you’ve come to the right place.


In this blog post, I’m covering the second installment of a Periscope series I did with my husband (known as the Hubbin) called Get Legaled Up. The series is all about helping my Richfriends (you’re now one of my Richrfriends by reading this, if you weren’t already) get their legal lives together when it comes to starting and operating a business. Whether you’re a startup solopreneur or a business vet with a small team working under you, there’s always steps and precautions one should take to protect themselves and their business.

If I had to describe the Periscope video Hubbin and I did in one word it would be… transformative. In less than an hour, Hubbin was able to provide clarity, direction, and actionable steps – centered around how to make your business official.

We covered everything from the first step any Richfriend launching a business should do, all the way through helping Richfriends with multiple businesses legally organize themselves.

If you missed the broadcast, you missed a jam-packed session with the Hubbin breaking down:

  • Why your business needs a DBA
  • The difference between a Sole Proprietorships vs LLCs
  • Getting on S-Corp and C-Corp status

I also opened all the way up for my Richfriends (cause, #transparency) and shared exactly how my business is registered, and what that means for me come tax time. I learned a BIG lesson when gobs of coin showed up – and Papa IRS laid the smackdown. Hint: In 2016, there’s more to my LLC than meets the eye.

Guys, this Get Legaled Up ‘scope was loaded with info. If you have questions about the first steps you should be taking, or are tired of sifting through pages of confusing google search results – this Making it Official scope is for you.

Oh! And a special note for my MLM Richfriends – you might want to button up on that LLC paperwork like yesterday. The Hubbin uncovered some very interesting information that leaves my MLM Richfriends very vulnerable from a legal perspective. Just know this – it has to do with your downline. Keeping your coin is as important as making it – and you need to know this tip to make sure you’re not exposed. Definitely check out the ‘scope for more details.

Watch the replay below:

If you’re interested in learning more about the Hubbin and his legal practice that specializes contracts and trademark law for startups, small business, and solopreneurs – visit And don’t forget to follow me on Periscope so you don’t miss a thing!