If this is your first time around these parts, welcome! If you’re already one of my Richfriends, then welcome back!

In this blog post, I’m covering the third installment of the Get Legaled Up Periscope series I did with my husband (known as the Hubbin). Together we’re helping my Richfriends (yes, you!) get their legal lives together – by using myself as an example and being transparent about the legal inner-workings of my own business.

Picture this – you’re a newbie entrepreneur or just getting your feet wet with things like digital products or online courses. The possibilities are exciting – making passive income (aka sleep coin) by releasing a super helpful e-guide, or even looking toward the launch of your first online course.

So you start doing the work, because that’s what Richfriends do. Along the way, you share ideas or solicit feedback with a friend here, a mastermind group member there.

Then, reality sets in.

That friend, you know – the one that you let see a draft if your e-guide? You discover via Facebook that she’s released an e-guide of her own. And it’s eerily similar to yours – right down to the cover design. Ugh! How dare she?! You haven’t even released your e-guide yet, and now you feel like you can’t – because your idea has been lifted off and taken to market.

What could you have done differently, to protect your intellectual property and business?

That’s exactly what the Hubbin and I covered in the third Get Legaled Up scope. Unfortunately, in online business, these sorts of issues are quite commonplace. But the key to preserving your sanity, coins, and intellectual property can sometimes be as simple as an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Watch the replay of the third Get Legaled Up scope above for more information about what an NDA covers, and how to protect your hard work and creative ideas. And if you find yourself needing an NDA sooner than later, I’ve got you covered!

The Hubbin crafted a standard, editable NDA just for my Richfriends to be able to use in their businesses. Standard NDA templates can run north of $200 per document. Hubbin’s NDA template is only $24.99 and can be edited and used in perpetuity every time the details of your business demands it. Click here to get yours today!

I’m always looking out for my Richfriends!

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