Hey Richfriends! Welcome to the first episode of my all new video series – The Nicole Walters Show!

The Nicole Walters Show is my opportunity to tap into my network of entrepreneur friends – all for the benefit of my Richfriends. Guys, the lineup of I have in store for you is nothing short of amazing . And they’re not amazing because they’ve made a billion dollars or get flown around the world to fancypants speaking engagements. They’re amazing because they’re REAL people – everyday entrepreneurs – just like us. Sharing their journey, and the steps along the way. My friends are honest – they’ve had the highest of highs and the lowest lows. And they’re transparent about what it truly means to have a dream and do the work.

In this first episode, I sat down with Nikki Lewis – Food Business Consultant and co-host of the top-rated podcast Biz Underdog to Top Dog.

If Nikki looks familiar to you, it’s probably because you’ve seen her on Lifetime’s Supermarket Superstar or heard of her other brand, Mallow Crunchies (or her dessert spot, The Mallow Bar).

Nikki sat down with me to share about her entrepreneurial journey –her obsession with crispy treats –  how it all crumbled apart, and how she built it back up! Guys, it’s not easy to bounce back from a tough business call – and Nikki will tell you exactly how she did it!

We’re diving deep and hitting on these topics:

  • Building momentum with wins in your business
  • Working on your business versus in your business
  • The pivot point – walking away from opportunities and closing doors
  • Rebounding and other lessons learned in the down moments of entrepreneurship

Seriously, this episode is filled with entrepreneurial gems. Nikki touched on so many things that I try to drive home with my Richfriends – things like having multiple income streams, and finding the teachable moments in the difficult times.

Watch it here, and tweet me your biggest takeaway using hashtag #TheNicoleWaltersShow:

Stay tuned for more episodes in the future!