I’ve lost 50 glorious lbs!

I’ve had a ton of questions, so I’m addressing in a single post. I wish the answer to my healthy lifestyle results were more interesting- but they’re not. 😆 Time, resources, and hard work over the last 6-7 months. Here’s the deets:

First. The “why.”

Before I started. I had to be ready. I was just fed up with being out of breath, uncomfortable, having poorly fit clothing, fatigue, and being scared I wasn’t going to be around for my kids. I just got sick of being sick. Furthermore, I felt like a hypocrite. Here I was talking about living your best life, deciding that something was important and going for it, pushing through challenges- but I couldn’t bring myself to put down a donut. If I was going to ask my students to fight through the fear, and embrace the unfamiliar- I needed to do it myself. Lastly, in terms of mindset- I have big huge massive goals for the next few years- and I needed my body to keep up with my dreams. This lifestyle is an investment in my future.

That said. The ‘how.’

When people say diet and exercise are the answer- they’re right. It’s not some fancy formula. You need to learn how to eat properly, in portions that make sense, and move your body. That’s it. However- learning to eat well is hard, and I’m grateful to start learning more about how to do this properly for MY body, using Chalene Johnson’s 131 Diet educational system in the coming weeks.

However, I haven’t ‘cut’ any foods from my diet- I eat everything- just plants first- aiming for organic/natural everything when I can, moderation, and nothing excessively processed, or with a buncha chemicals/additives. When you look at the menu, skip the app, order the veggies, don’t do fries get broccoli. Simple stuff like that- done CONSISTENTLY.

I did start all of this- with a doctors visit to get ALL the (painful and scary but necessary) numbers, and a nutritionist visit to get all the recommendations- and I implemented everything I was told.

I’ve been paying a LOT of attention to portion control (I only ever eat half or less of what I’m served at restaurants), and really working on my ‘relationship’ with food. It’s been a game changer. It hasn’t happened overnight- working out was so so so hard in the beginning and I couldn’t do much- after about 25-30lbs, I was able to move more and easier. I still only walk on the treadmill for about 45 mins everyday- I’ll start a weightlifting routine in about 2 weeks with my trainer. I’ve also fit in 30 mins of yoga/stretching every morning- all part of my ‘miracle morning’ (Hal Elrod) routine.

I also decided not to make my healthy lifestyle journey an ‘event-‘ I didn’t want to commentary as I began the process, so I didn’t share much or discuss. For me, this made it easier, and took some pressure off. Once I shed a few good lbs, questions were harder to avoid- so I began sharing- though this is not something I intend to incorporate in my business or brand. It’s just me committing to myself, family, and community that I will be a healthy example of success. Sometimes when you want to uplevel, it’s not a course or new funnel- it’s changing yourself.

I’m about 6 months in, and still have a way to go- but excited about the journey, and so grateful to God for second chances at a healthy life.

It was slow and hard at the beginning, but if you can just give yourself 90 days- 12 weeks- you’ll break through and create lasting results.

Happy to answer questions below and thank you for all of the love and support!