Episode 29: One Day


I’ve been getting the same message from a lot of you, a message that we need to talk about.

This way of thinking is keeping you away from success, and it’s something that you may even be passing onto your kids. So while I had something else planned, I know that this chat is right on time.

So what is your ONE WAY today? Head over to instagram and let me know how you are moving forward today and breaking free of your one day mindset.

Thanks for spending this time with me today – I really appreciate it. I love chatting with you each week and our next chat isn’t going to be easy but it’s so needed. Don’t miss it!

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In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • What message you’ve been sending me that is holding you back,
  • How you can break the one day mindset, and
  • Why this is a choose you HAVE to make to not just leave a legacy but to LIVE one.
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