Episode 30: The Heavy Lift


If you’re following me on instagram or facebook, you know my family has been carrying a heavy lift this summer. In this episode, I talk about the aftermath and how I’m moving forward when things aren’t okay.

Each of us is carrying a heavy burden today. You may even be wondering, how can I do this AND leave a legacy? I get it. Know that you can, you won’t do it perfectly but moving forward little by little, even when you’re not okay, will get you there.

What movement are you making this week? Let me know over on instagram. And THANK YOU for all of your love and support this last week – I am truly touched to have so many internet aunties on this journey with us. Thanks for listening!

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In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • How to live your legacy when you’re carrying a heavy lift,
  • Whether or not I’m okay and what I do about it, and
  • An update on our family, you’ve been listening in from the beginning so I want to keep you in the loop!
Resources and links mentioned in this episode:
  • Openpathcollective.org for in-person and virtual therapy
  • What do you think about the podcast? Write a review for the show here – I love turning this chat into a 2-way street!
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