Episode 36: The Family Rules


I love how we can come here to talk not just business but go deep on our values, things we believe, things that really matter! Because Thanksgiving is coming up, we’re talking about family today and not just anything but the rules that keep my family run smoothly.

I get so many questions on parenting and if you haven’t heard the story of how many family was formed just 5 years ago, make sure you check out episode 1 of the show. It’s the basis for everything!

So today I’m diving deep into the rules that keep our family close, help each individual find success and helps me keep my mommy guilt in check. My hope is that you can learn something from these rules, maybe even to implement in your household.

Thanks for joining me today – I always appreciate you showing up for our weekly chats! What rules do your families live by? Let me know on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • What rules keep my family close and connected,
  • The answers to some of your – Why do you do that? – questions, and
  • How these rules help me keep my mommy guilt in check
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