Season 2: Episode 5 - Release The Steam



I thought we were going to get a break in 2021, am I right? Who would have expected the crazy year that 2021 has been, but you know what? I am still committed, despite it all, to this being the best year ever but I need to release some steam.

All that to be said, it doesn’t mean that the day to day isn’t wiping me out! Man, have I ever felt like I am all the things for all the people all the time. I know you can relate friend and that’s why if there was ever a time for me and you to chat about caring for ourselves, this is it.

Thanks for spending time with me today and each week. I so appreciate it! Head over to get on the waiting list for my signature program, 1K1Day Academy. Until our next episode, come hang with me over on social @NicoleWalters!

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In this episode, I cover:
  • How I’m changing the way I look at self care right now,
  • What I did this week to release some steam (don’t judge me y’all)
  • Why we can’t downplay what we’ve gone through as mothers, business owners, wives, sisters, etc this year, and
  • How you can work with me SOON
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