How Did Your Journey Start?

Hi Richfriend,

Do you remember the day that you decided to step out into entrepreneurship? If it was anything like mine, I’m sure there was an overwhelming sense of trepidation and fear of the unknown. But behind that fear was an even more powerful driving emotion – your why. And your why kicks your buns into high gear – into let’s MAKE IT HAPPEN gear. Whether your goal is to build a nest egg for your family or get out of debt, entrepreneurship is our vehicle to designing the life we deserve for ourselves and our family.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned thus far in my journey, it’s that you can’t go it alone. As an entrepreneur, your network is the single most indispensable tool in your arsenal. I love being connected to fellow entrepreneurs – not just because they make tons of money, or drink fancy wine – but because of our collective impact. Richfriend, entrepreneurs like you and I, we have a gift. And our gifts can transform lives. Just think about all that we’ll be able to accomplish, now that we’re in this together!

But before we take our next steps forward, I want you to take one step back and ask yourself one question – how did you get started with the business you’re going to be working on in $1K1Day?

Share your story with me via e-mail ([email protected]) with the subject line [My Entrepreneurship Journey]. I’m gonna read them – then after I’ve gotten replies from all my Richfriends, I’m going to pick a story to share with our group.

I’m excited for you, Richfriend. We’re just getting started!

Chat Soon,