Episode 20: Grow Up or Show Up!

EPISODE 20: SHOW NOTES Have you ever been ghosted? When someone just stops responding to you and disappears? Just like how that doesn’t solve anything,

Episode 19: Watch out for Wolves

EPISODE 19: SHOW NOTES Friends, on this episode we’re talking about Kanye West. Yes, we’re diving deep into something that’s been on my heart recently

Episode 18: There are NO rules

EPISODE 18: SHOW NOTES You’ve probably been told that if you follow the rules, you’ll be able to break through and get ahead. While that

Episode 17: I do or don’t

EPISODE 17: SHOW NOTES I never want to come off as having it all together because frankly that just isn’t true. Especially when it comes

Episode 16: Full Circle

EPISODE 16: SHOW NOTES What if I told you that the thing that you’re working for is smaller than what you deserve? What if the

Episode 15: Things Fall Apart

EPISODE 15: SHOW NOTES I’m sharing something I’ve never shared before. In this episode, I share the worst day I’ve had in business. Pull up

Episode 12: You Can’t Shame Me

EPISODE 12: SHOW NOTES There’s an unfair lie that is going around about living out your dream. This isn’t popular to talk about but that’s