Customer Map Webinar

THIS. IS. IT. This training will FINALLY get you and your business pointed in the RIGHT DIRECTION… Popular AND Profitable.

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In this exclusive webinar training with industry leading Corporate Consultant, Nicole Walters, you’ll learn:

How to:

  • Identify the problems you are helping your customers solve
  • Where to start with your best business idea and why everything the ‘experts’ are teaching isn’t working for YOU
  • Avoid wasting money on marketing tricks that don’t work or convert.
  • Define your product offerings with an actionable strategy. 
  • Build recurring income streams while providing real value to your customers.
  • EARN REAL RECURRING REVENUE in your business- just like big corporations- and stop the feast or famine cycle that everyone is teaching online.


“The Customer Map training BLEW MY MIND. I didn’t realize that I had the tools, and the pieces but putting them in the RIGHT order, changed EVERYTHING.”

-Amy, $1K1Day Grad

“I can’t believe Nicole did this training for FREE- she does NOT do free! And this felt like I Was finally getting the secrets the corporations don’t want you to know. I am looking at my business, and all businesses in a whole new way- and FINALLY seeing real revenue and results.”

-Carol, $1K1Day Grad

“In just one hour, I grabbed gems that they teach at Ivy League business schools- learning from a corporate consultant is the game changer- no fluff, no ‘rinse and repeat’ guess work- this is the real deal.”

-James, $1K1Day Grad


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