Episode 1 Part 2: Pivot Points


“And just like that I quit my job!”

In this episode of The Nicole Walters Podcast, I share the story behind quitting my 6-figure corporate job LIVE online in front of 10,000 people!

Have you dreamt of your “Quit Day”?

As motivational as a “Quit Day” may seem, I prepared for this day and in this episode, you get to hear how I did. I hope this episode encourages you to connect with your WHY and to believe that your provision resides in your purpose.

Tune into Episode 2 to hear the ONE thing I did every day before quitting my job. Thanks for listening friend!

Click HERE to read the transcript!

In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • The story of how I quit my 6-figure corporate job LIVE online in front of 10,000 people
  • How I prepared for my quit day and what happened soon after
  • Why connecting with your why is a precursor for success
Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

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