Episode 2: Do the Work


No one has ever become a millionaire from just existing.

I don’t know where this crazy rumor came from that you could make money by just being yourself.

In order to make money, to have a business, you need a service, an offering, and a way to help people! Even when you work in your purpose, you’ll still have to WORK to get paid!

In this episode I share how I monetized my blog and paid for a vacation through affiliate marketing. Don’t know what affiliate marketing is? Don’t worry, you’re probably already doing it!

There are three questions you should ask yourself to identify the service or offering you’ll need to provide to make money! Ask yourself:
1. What do people compliment me for?
2. What service for others would I do for free?
3. What really makes my heart sing and brings me joy?

Remember, you can get paid doing what you love and you deserve to be happy in what you do. But you’ve got to do the work!

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In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • Why you won’t get paid for just being yourself
  • How I monetized my blog and paid for a vacation
  • The three questions to ask yourself to identify a service you can provide
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