Season 3, Episode 44: I Woke Up Afraid



In this season of starting over, I’m following a new approach to decision making. Friend, you know how many decisions us mamas have to make every single day. Can we say decision fatigue!?

In this chat we talk about decision fatigue, the two questions I’m asking myself before I make a decision, and why it’s working so well right now.

Friend, together we’re showing up every day. Nothing’s missing. Thanks for spending some time with me today! Head over to instagram @NicoleWalters to keep this conversation going! Talk soon.

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In this episode, we chat about:
  • Decision fatigue,
  • The two questions I’m asking myself before I make a decision,
  • Why it’s working so well right now,
  • How to intentionally listen to your intuition, and
  • What I’m willing to sacrifice and not willing to sacrifice this season
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