This is a crowd favorite episode of The Monetized Life.  I tackled the often avoided conversation of inadequacy.  The feeling of chronic self-doubt in the face of successes that can make a person go crazy.  It has a name- Imposter Syndrome and in this video I talk about it in detail.

If you enjoyed the video share it with others who can benefit from the message.  If you plan to do the homework feel free to post this message to your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or where ever feels right.

Today is the last day:
1. No more second guessing our gifts.
2. No more dismissing our accomplishments.
3. No more letting fear stop us from living in our purpose.
We deserve it all. #‎IAmWORTHY


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Make it a great day Richfriend!


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4 Responses

  1. I loved this video. I am hearing more and more folks talk about “imposter syndrome” these days — probably because of the meteoric rise in coaching, consulting, strategic partners, etc. in online businesses. When I listed to the Bakers interview with Pat Flynn they referenced your video here (that’s how I came across it). The ONLY disclaimer I would add is that if you are in a professional industry (or health and wellness) that you need to be careful you don’t advertise yourself as a professional when you aren’t. I think the Bakers did a great job of addressing this, especially in the context of relationship/couples coaching…but my little lawyer voice just had to peep up that when in doubt…disclose that out! (all over your stuff, website, terms and conditions, etc.)…

  2. Thank you for this. I am a high achiever who has an MD along with multiple Board Certifications. I specialize in treating adults and children psychiatrically and holistically, and I do it well. For years a sense of falsehood had been flitting around my brain in spite of all of my achievements from childhood until present! Even when my patients praise me for their recovery, I’ve had difficulty receiving it. Although I knew about this concept of feeling like an “imposter”, I needed to hear someone else say it…thank you. There are so many things I KNOW I am created to do, thank you for walking in your purpose and helping me begin to walk fully in mine. God bless you.

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