The Walters Family

Welcome to my digital home! Here I am with the Hubbin (known professionally as Josh Walters). He holds a Juris Doctor from The College of William and Mary School of Law, and has been practicing law in Maryland and Washington, D.C. for nine years. And – he’s quite amazing at it, might I add.


We live in the beautiful state of Maryland with our three girls.

Walters Family

It’s impossible for me to only share one picture! I love my family to the moon and beyond.  They’re my why – the reason I work so hard and the reason I know I serve a mighty God.  I’ve been blessed beyond belief and I can’t thank God enough for every door he has opened and closed along this entrepreneurial journey!


We are the Walters!

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One Response

  1. I absolutely love you and your family, you all are hillarious, close knit and oh so real and I wish nothing by God’s continued blessings! You rock rich friend. Patrice Ward from Bermuda

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