5 Things I Believed About this Income Stream, that Made Me Dismiss It- and I WAS TOTALLY WRONG!

The video below is a re-play of a periscope broadcast Nicole Walters delivered on March 23rd, 2016.  In this Scope Nicole talks about an a-ha moment she had about a very popular income stream.  She credits her new perspective on this income stream to her richfriends.  In this video find out what the income stream is and why it’s worth consideration.

*Feel free to use the chapter guide below to skip to your favorite parts!*

Video Chapters

Hubbin’ Intro
0:00 – 1:36

Nicole Walters Intro
1:39 – 3:04

Background Information
3:05 – 6:47

6:48 – 22:45

22:46 – 22:51

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