News segment on ‘Monetizing Your Life’ in Dallas (and broadcast in ATL, Detroit, Charlotte, DC, Orlando, Phoenix, etc) made Top 30 stories in the nation this week!



Interview with Cheddar Media as keynote at FINCON 2017



FOX NEWS – Nicole Walters Interview

Non-profits can get an assist on how to raise funds using social media
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EO Fire: 1407: Quitting a 6-figure job in front of 10,000 people with Nicole Walters.

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The Huffington Post: Doing It Afraid, With 1K1Day’s Nicole Walters.

Nicole Walter is known to many of her Periscope followers as the woman who quit her 6 figure corporate career in front of 10,000 live viewers. Read more…

Fincon Media: Nicole Walters, Entrepreneur and Income Strategist, to Deliver Closing Keynote at #FinCon17

We’re excited to make our final #FinCon17 Keynote Speaker announcement! Read more…

Entrepreneur: The 3 Holiday Gifts All Entrepreneurs Need.

From high-tech to customized, here are three presents you can't go wrong giving the entrepreneur in your life. Read more…

Forbes: Five Techniques Top Leaders Use To Close Sales In The Digital Age

If you’ve been overwhelmed trying to grow your company in the online space, I have rounded up five easy-to-implement proven sales techniques to help you. Read more…

BizChix – 199: Mentors and Masterminds with Nicole Walters @NapturalNicole of Monetize Thyself.

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Clyp: Nicole Walters – Periscope Legend

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Chalene Johnson: This Mom Went from 9 to 5 to 7 Figure Biz on Periscope | with Nicole Walters

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Nathalie Lussier: Nicole Walters – Livestreaming Your Way To Millions.

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Quit Your 9 To 5: EP 21 – Nicole Walters On Quitting Her Job In Front Of 10,000 People And Building A Million Dollar Business Within A Year.

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The Magic Brush – 009: Living a Fulfilling Life with Nicole Walters

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HBW084: Nicole Walters, Helping Entrepreneurs Boost Their Income And Make A Difference.

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Lori Harder – Episode 60: Monetize Yourself With Nicole Walters

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Building A Story Brand: 4 Surprising Ways Entrepreneurs Can Get Better at Selling

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Amy Porterfield: How to Create a 5-Day Social Media Video Series for Rapid List Growth – with Nicole Walters

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Onward Nation – Episode 276: SOLD OUT! in 4-minutes, with Nicole Walters.

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Dreams In Drive – Episode 40: Turning Your Passion Into Profit w/ Nicole Walters

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Hilary Hendershott – Ep 9: Monetize Thy Self with Nicole Walters

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Marvelous Moms – EP 046: Opening The Door To Love With Nicole “Scoprah” Walters Of The Monetized Life

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Sweet Tea Social Marketing: How to Use Corporate Principles to Have Sustaining Income Streams In your Business with Nicole Walters

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Biz Women Rock – 260: Using LIVE Video to Grow Your Business with Nicole Walters

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Pop Sugar: This “Functional Hot Mess” Mom Isn't Just Every Parent — She's All of Us

I didn't expect when I woke up this morning that I'd share a deep emotional connection with a total stranger on the internet within 10 minutes of leaving my bed Read more…

The Hollywood Gossip: Nicole Walters Rants About “Fancy” Bus Stop Moms, Wins Our Hearts

If you haven't yet seen this suburban mom's viral rant about “bus stop moms,” then you're missing out an on experience. Read more…

My Central Oregon: ‘Functional hot mess' mom shares hilarious video hiding from other moms at bus stop

One mother of three is giving other moms some comfort by admitting she’s not perfect — just like them. Read more…

9Honey: This mum hides from ‘fancy’ mothers at the bus stop

Nicole Walters is a successful businesswoman and lives in a ‘razzle dazzle’ neighbourhood – but that doesn't stop her hiding from ‘fancy’ mums at school drop off. Read more…

Babble: You Won't Believe What This Mom Did After Her Teen Stopped Texting Her Back From College.

The day Nicole Walters moved her 18-year-old-daughter into her college dorm, she did what a lot of parents do in the car afterwards. Read more…

Babble: This Mom Hiding From All The “Fancy” Moms At The Bus Stop Is All Of Us.

The parenting world is full of ups and downs and twists and turns, and I’m not just talking about raising kids. Read more…

Madamenoire: Too Much Or Just Right? Mother Pops Up On Her Daughter’s College Campus When She Doesn’t Hear From Her For 3 Days

I’ll never forget the day a police officer banged on the door to my college apartment in the threatening and intimidating way only police can. Read more…

Yahoo: College student ignores parents' texts, gets taught hilarious lesson in return.

mother who didn’t hear from her daughter for several days after dropping her off at college swung by campus to deliver what can only be described as a missing person flier in a hilarious viral video. Read more…

Yahoo: Mom shares hilarious video hiding from ‘fancy' moms at her daughter's school bus stop.

Nicole Walters admits she’s a newbie parent, having adopted her children three years ago, but that’s plenty of time to experience a common rite of passage called mom shamingRead more…

Good Morning America: ‘Functional hot mess' mom shares hilarious video hiding from other moms at bus stop.

One mother of three is giving other moms some comfort by admitting she's not perfect — just like them. Read more…

US Weekly: Woman’s Hilarious Rant About ‘Fancy’ Moms at the Bus Stop Goes Viral.

There are too many reasons to count why you’d want a friend like Nicole Walters. Read more…

CafeMom: This Mom Hiding From the ‘Fancy Mom' at the Bus Stop Is Our New BFF.

Some moms show up at the bus stop each morning looking like they just stepped out of the salon — with hair and makeup on point and pants with an actual zipper. Read more…

Parents: We Love This Mom's Rant About the ‘Fancy Moms' at the Bus Stop.

Nicole Waters gets real about dealing with perfectly turned out Tennis Moms first thing in the morning. Read more…

Refinery29: A College Student Ignored Her Parents' Texts & It Did Not Go Well.

It can be hard for parents to see their kids off to college — especially if said kids ignore their texts after they leave. Read more…

ABC Action News – Video of ‘hot mess mom' hiding from nicer dressed moms goes viral

Video of ‘hot mess mom' hiding from nicer dressed moms goes viral
The kids are back to school and there's a bit of a divide when it comes to school clothes – and not the ones on the kids. One mom is going viral for a video being celebrated by every other parent at the bus stop wearing sweatpants. Nicole Walters from Maryland is a self proclaimed “hot mess” mom…
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Mom goes viral with hilarious check in on her College Student!

VIRAL: Mom shames college student for ignored texts
A mom shamed her daughter in college for ignoring her texts.
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Right This Minute: Woman Gets Real About Moms At The Bus Stop.

As Nicole Walters says, “This is real life.” Read more…

Daily Telegraph: Maryland Woman Goes Viral After 12-Minute ‘Fancy Tennis Moms' Bus Stop Rant. Credit – Facebook/Nicole Walters via Storyful.

A video of a Maryland-based mother’s rant about “fancy tennis moms” who always looks elegant at the school bus stop has gone viral. Read more…

Romper: This Viral Video Of A Hot Mess Mom Hiding From “Fancy Moms” Is So Relatable

Sometimes, it seems like moms face pressure from all sides to be perfect. To be “Super Mom.” Read more…

ABC News: ‘Functional hot mess' mom shares hilarious video hiding from other moms at bus stop.

One mother of three is giving other moms some comfort by admitting she's not perfect — just like them. Read more…


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