Hear what others are saying

“This course got my brain on the right path…”

This course got my brain on the right path…helped me to realize what steps I needed to take and what outcome I should expect.

“Nicole helped me gain confidence in my expertise by telling us to redefine what an “expert” really is.”

It gave me the confidence to create my own e-course that I plan on launching this spring.

“Before 1k1day I had no direction.”

I had ideas in my head but had no clue of how to monetize them. Some things I didn’t even know I had. 1k1day showed me how to profit off of what I already had.

“I have never seen a more dedicated, more visible, more hands-on trainer in the online academy world than Nicole Walters.”

She’s the real deal, and her team is amazing. You won’t regret working with her. Incredible value for money!!

“Since I started 1K1Day, I have written an E-book, started an E-mail list and I’m working on an E-course which I hope to develop into an Academy.”

My mind is flowing with ideas. This was a God-send for me. I feel so confident and hopeful about my future and what I have to offer. Thanks Nicole and your amazing team for awakening me to my purpose. You rock! Blessings!

“Before 1K1Day I could have counted on my hands how many students I had for my upcoming classes,”

but now after implementing everything from $1K1Day I’m busier than I have been in a very long time and I’m killing it with my online cupcake bouquet course.

“Where would I be without $1K1Day & Nicole Walters?”

Not on that yacht, that’s for sure! $1K1Day has taught me how valuable I am and most importantly, it showed me EXACTLY where I’m dropping coin all over the dang floor. The best part? She shows you how to pick up all that coin and put it in your pocket. Step by step. This academy has blessed me in so many ways. I thought this was going to teach me how to make money online, but it did a whole lot more than that. God led me to this course and I’m so thankful he did, because I am worth it and so is my business.

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