Ever since sharing my system with industry leading bloggers, and prominent small business owners- my readers are seeing real results and making MONEY as soon as the NIGHT after viewing my webinar, and setting up their store. Here’s what my newest ‘Rich Friends’ are saying about #MonetizeThyself Webinars:


I decided to make the move after 1k1day. When we learned to create a course I sold 9 people 12 classes for $30 each earning $3,240.00 in a day, but I noticed no one was truly implementing. I realized since I had mostly executives and full time entrepreneurs I needed to flip my services. Now my low investment is 2k. My highest investment is no 18k.

Big shift! We’ve already landed our first 2 customers.

Aisha, 2017


A BIG thanks to you #OneLoveTea N’ Eats Your course 1kday last summer is changing my life daily.

OneLoveTeaneats March 2017


Hey Rich Friends! I’ve meaning to share this receipt of at least a week ( LOL) but keep forgetting. Anywho, I made my first 1K in 1Day a couple of weeks ago! Had a client pay for a $1K coaching package in full 2 hours after our discovery call. Needless to say celebratory dancing followed. Thank you Nicole!  

C Telica, 2016


If you haven’t started Fierce Clarity yet do it now! Life changing! Thank you Nicole you are an amazing inspiration.

Keia, 2016


I know money is a taboo thing to talk about, but I don’t think it’s my surprise that following 1 month of this training, I just DOUBLES my largest paycheck I’ve ever had in BB this week. I am beyond excited that we won’t have to touch our credit card to get desperately needed repairs to my car! Maybe one day, I’ll get a new car, thanks to this opportunity!

Kimberly, 2016


So fantastic that as of this morning I have enough money in the account to pay off our holiday to Florida in November! I had a balance of  £4668 to pay in December and I was worried I’d never get there but implementing 1k1D has meant I am here now knowing the holiday is paid for  and all I need to do is now is keep going to raise the money for things like park tickets and spending etc. Without 1K1D I could never have done this and I’m so excited I’ve done this all myself too. Hubby is impressed and we’ve no debt from the holiday like we did last time. I’ve paid it all myself using Nicole’s systems.

I can’t share on my personal profile yet as I’m going to surprise hubby closer to when we’re going he thinks I’ve still got a long way to go and I can’t wait to have everything we need saved and be able to tell him I did it all on my own. He’s still expecting to need to put it all on a credit card ☺ WOOHOO I rock ☺

Shelly, 2016


Before I took Nicole’s Amazon Affiliates Mini-course, I didn’t even understand how Amazon Affiliates worked. I tried everything, though, I couldn’t even get a referral sale by emailing someone a link. Now, it’s “sleep coin,” thanks to Nicole’s Amazon Course and 1K1Day’s Turbo Opt-In Method, I find myself getting referrals way more easier and  < “drum roll”> I just received my first payment from Amazon!

Josh, 2016


My first real coin! If I can just put all the pieces together, man it’s just the beginning. I declare right here one day I will hand a check to my parents to pay off their mortgage completely. Just you watch! I already have the note written out on my vision board to accompany the check. One day. One day. Thank you Nicole for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

Michelle, 2016


Joining $1K1Day was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. It opened a new world, I can’t stop thanking Nicole Walters and team for making this happen!

Yasmeen, 2016


“ I close my first sale last night! “ Says the lady who is not a sales person!

Ashley, 2016





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