Season 3, Episode 15: You can save yourself



Friend, do you need to save yourself? In this chat I am answering the number one question I get from you around finding your purpose, discovering your gifts, and getting clarity over what’s next for you!

This is such a hot topic and I share WHY I think that is plus where to start in the process. We also talk about how I made myself content this week and a recent self revelation I had that I think you’ll really relate to. The bottom line? Friend, stop all the saving and save yourself!

We’re getting into it today friend! Thanks for being here and making this a two-way conversation! Share your thoughts with me by sliding into my DMs @NicoleWalters. Talk to you there friend!

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In this episode, we chat about:
  • Why so many of us are looking for our purpose,
  • Where to start in discovering your unique gifts,
  • How you can live out your purpose right now and every day, plus
  • What feedback I get after you hang out with me in person,
  • The personal weakness I’m working on right now, and
  • Why you’ve got stop saving others when you need to save yourself
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