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So, you have a business idea, but you don’t know what to do first. You feel like you’re all over the place. Or you may be wondering if entrepreneurship is the right path for you right now. You need to get clear. Fierce Clarity will give you the strategy and direction you’re seeking to bring your business ideas to life. Whether it be zeroing in on your profitability or moving forward with confidence in your purpose, Fierce Clarity will help move you out of the space of inaction and indecisiveness. 

I have never seen a more dedicated, more visible, more hands-on trainer in the online academy world than Nicole Walters. She's the real deal, and her team are amazing. You won't regret working with her. Incredible value for the money!
Katie Tassone-Milligan
Monetize Your Life
Monetize Your Life

Do you have a business, but have yet to earn consistent income? $1K1Day is an online academy specifically created to help you pave a path that leads to $1,000 months…and days.  Developed exclusively for Richfriends looking to launch, grow and optimize their business strategies, this online training connects the dots for everyday entrepreneurs. Leveraging her years of corporate experience and working with a variety of business clients, Nicole breaks down complex business concepts into step-by-step tasks to help you build income streams based on what you know and do best.

$1K1Day has changed my life more than I ever could have imagined! I went into this course with an open mind and ready to put all of what I had learned into my MLM. However, I gained the confidence, knowledge and resources I desperately needed to monetize myself. My MLM is just another income source now – it doesn't define me. Thank you for everything!
Elizabeth Durham

Private Coaching

Private Coaching


Take your business to the next level with this 6-month business building program. You’re running a successful business, but find yourself feeling stuck, confused or overwhelmed over ‘what’s next.’ Instructed by Nicole Walters and her team of Certified Corporate Consultants, this intensive is for entrepreneurs looking to shore up their infrastructure and scale their businesses. Through private workshops and hands-on training, you will create a plan to move forward – and make more money.

Templates & Training

Easy and effective web-based seminars and official legal templates for your growing business.

Editable NDA Agreement Templates

A non-disclosure agreement is an essential contract for every small business owner.

GDPR Privacy Policy Updates & Language

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) updates.

Official Small Biz Legal StartUp Template Package

Get Legaled Up! You're building a business - and want to do this right - and you don't have to figure it out on your own!

Monetize Thyself: DIY Clean Credit

Don't overpay to creditors, or waste money on Credit Help companies- it's easy to DIY, and doesn't cost you a dime! This webinar shows you how in just 1 hour!

Monetize Thyself: Followers into BUYERS!

This easy and fun webinar gives you 3 specific, and simple ways to turn your social media followers into product and brand BUYERS!