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What made me sign up for $1K1Day? A big, huge shove from God! I first saw you on the college visit video and even through my kids weren’t that age – you were acting like I will be in the future should one decide to act like that. I didn’t even KNOW about the specifics of your businesses. Of course the researcher in me needed to see more so I looked at your Facebook page, Instagram and participated in a webinar. The webinar got me and God was basically yelling at this point. “Invest in yourself!”

What no one knew was that I was in the thick of a divorce, had an existing business, and truth be told, NEEDED this work out for my future life. So God’s promises in the form of a product led me here and made me sign up for $1K1Day which evolved into..

MY ONE BIG SHIFT – which has been in all three areas. My confidence. I’m confident in my mindset and the way I present myself. I feel equipped, and that shift started with $1K1Day.

The “community collective” is so unique and brings the mindset of “get a little bit better every day” – a hustler spirit. You can’t help but want to be better once you’ve spent time with this special group of people. It’s composed of encouragement, brilliance, diversity in mind plus experiences and we’re all shooting for excellence. I love y’all!


I had taken so many courses but I was still not making enough money. I also signed up because of your amazing sense of humor and great personality. I loved your videos so I knew the content would be amazing. I’m also a lifer of Chalene Johnson and if she refers someone, I KNOW they are excellent. The biggest shift was seeing how you taught us to set up our website to be monetized right away. So that as we work on our programs and further content, we are still making a coin. No one else teaches online business owners to do that. And my confidence and comfort level in creating and posting videos. I have been comfortable enough to be honest, vulnerable, real and not worry about fancy lighting, background or make-up. You are the only one who teaches in the right order PLUS you pray for us and with us. Huge bonus!!


I had been watching you for over a year. Everytime you mentioned 1K1Day, I wasn’t mentally ready to start my own business. I happen to see it was open on Facebook and God said NOW. I had the funds saved because I wanted to invest in myself.

I have found clarity on my purpose. Last night when I was telling my family about it they asked “when can we start?”. That was confirmation that I am needed.


I had been saying that I wanted to officially launch my coaching and consulting brand but I felt unsure about my direction. I needed to build something solid that would sustain me but I couldn’t sort it out alone.

I’ve seen my biggest shift in self confidence and my ability to charge what I am worth. The community has be a constant source of encouragement for me cause I feel like I want to quit at least once a week. You have also shown me that is okay for me to be a multi-passionate entrepreneur. That was HUGE for me!


I had been watching you since I was on maternity leave in 2015. I went through a bitter divorce, was sitting in my new home and knew I wanted my business to go in a different direction. I finally just said this is it. Released the fear and signed up.

In my life I’ve taken more risks, I now say no, and I look at myself as a corporation. In my business I’ve started actually making money and positioning myself as an expert in my industry. Also, I now look at women as my support instead of an enemy. I learned what true sisterhood is all about with God in place.


I’d been following you for about a year and the timing was never quite right for me to jump into 1K1Day. BUT THIS TIME!! I said God what I’m going to do is put aside money so I can afford to get in the next time the offer comes. I tell you in less than 4 hours, I got the email about pricing and I immediately enrolled. I was literally in tears, praising God for making the way!

My biggest shift happened for me in the beginning – I let go of me (my thoughts and my ways of doing things). Letting go of trying to do things “Perfect” has allowed me to be molded and coached to be the multi-passionate, multi-figure earning entrepreneur who’s been living dormant inside of me.


A friend recommended you when I told her I was interested in starting my own business. I wanted to explore opinions and get information as to how to work for myself. I am shifting my mindset to one that is more focused on the success of my entrepreneurial life. I now see financial independence as an option for me. I’m encouraged by the success stories in our community, knowing if a fellow Richfriend can do it, so can I. I have a like-minded support system amongst the Richfriends.


I was looking for a real online business community lead by a woman of faith, that could understand this phase that I’m at in merging my business and ministry in the last couple of years and what I needed to do next to reach a different audience in a fresh way.

The one big shift for me has been a fresh way to use the tools that I have. The customer mapping for products have been a huge for me! There have been several aha moments as well. I’m grateful!


I really needed to ramp up my business and find someone who would teach me and hold me accountable. I had been watching you for several months and when you opened the 1K1Day option, I just felt the nudge from God that this was the time to take the plunge! So glad I did.

The encouragement and advice from the entire community have really helped me learn and stay on track. I feel like we are “all in this together” and it really makes it so much easier when one person is down, another is there to pick him or her up. The faith piece is HUGE for me. Thank you for living your faith out so transparently. I also agree that the Customer mapping information was such a lightbulb moment for me.


I was getting ready to release my first book in the months ahead, and all I wanted from $1K1Day was to learn how to sell my book well. One big shift in all three? I’ve learned how to build a LEGACY.


I’ve been watching your journey from the early Periscope days. Love your spirit, your kindness, and your candor. I knew that you’ve been where a lot of your students are.. One huge shift is learning not to minimize progress. A gain is a gain.


I had been following you on Periscope for about 2 years. I would always hear you mention 1K1Day but I really wasn’t sure how to get in. So I inboxed you and you told me to join the email list because you didn’t launch often. I am multi-passionate and I want to learn how to do it the right way. I was spending a lot of time creating content and posting and was feeling burnt out because my time didn’t match my dollars. Now I follow the 1K1Day STRICTLY and I have more time and energy to do what matters — and I know the moolah is coming soon because I am doing the work (the right way!)

The Customer Map was a BIG aha moment for me! I apply it to all areas of my life now! I knew all the great and amazing things I wanted to do with my people.. but I was doing it in the wrong order — That’s why it wasn’t working.

Nicole, you and your team are so amazing! My close friends know you on a first name basis! You have set the bar for how I will run my business and serve my community soon! Also, I am so thankful for all my Richfriends that I’ve “met”!


I had never really heard of you, crazy. I felt you spoke with honesty and I felt I could trust you. I had never felt more sure of investing. But I signed up that day. A significant shift in confidence and direction, I now know about business systems and how to setup what I need even on a budget to be successful. When I started $1K1Day my business was just an idea.


Tired of “playing business” and I wanted to get serious. Was not satisfied with work situation and knew it was time to do something about it. CONFIDENCE. Having true systems in place and a plan makes a world of difference. Not doing free was life changing.


After seeing your college video about your daughter, I knew we were kindred spirits so I started following you. I loved your work ethic but most importantly your sweet spirit, so I knew you were the perfect fit for what I needed when I didn’t even know I needed it. Oh, I almost forgot to add, because you’re a God girl sealed the deal! This community has been amazing because I discovered talents and gifts that hadn’t been uncovered. Now, I’m pushing forward in my new purpose/business which helps other families keep their children safe and healthy and I can’t thank you enough!


I joined $1K1Day because I saw you live at Tiphini Montgomery’s Millions Conference in Atlanta last year. And I liked your message. I wanted to learn more about you and your success and how I could take your learnings to grow as an entrepreneur. I knew I was missing something, and still am, with what I should be doing to become a successful entrepreneur. I haven’t submerged myself in the teachings like I should have, but it was and still is a great investment. I would really like to go back through 1K1Day because my mind is in a different place. I haven’t had a big shift yet, but it’s coming. I realize I have to have my mind committed to doing the work even when life happens. I appreciate the community you created for us Nicole, and your willingness to keep things real through $1K1Day and The Yacht Club.


It was becoming really evident to me that my purpose was outside of my corporate job and inside the lives of the people I taught during the evenings/weekends. I didn’t have anyone I could talk to about my dreams or anyone that could lead me in the right direction towards a sustainable business. All of a sudden there you were.. just bold, funny, deliberate, and knowledgeable with a solution to my problem ($1K1Day) – I believed you. And here WE are. The one big shift that I learned is that business is not a race. I am not trying to do things FAST in order to make money. I am building my business the RIGHT way to ensure that I will serve my audience well for the long haul.


I signed up for 1K1Day because I wanted to turn my purpose into a business. At that time I was coming out of my awakening or dark night of the soul. And I knew that what I had learned during my transformation with God that it was for a bigger purpose. So $1K1Day just felt right to me and I was right!

One of the big shifts I’ve seen in my life is consistency and transformation being in this community. The energy that I get from this community is heart, and CONSISTENCY. Everyone here seems to believe in themselves, despite life’s outside challenges or even the struggles they may have within themselves. Nicole, I absolutely love your transparency and how you make it a point to let us know that doing the work is essential. You make it seem attainable to actually go for your true desire and even when God gives you the desire of your heart. You recognize that it is for a bigger purpose. A big shift in my mindset after spending time with the special community was like, wow “this really is my life’s purpose.” I mean I knew that it was from my spiritual’s “awakening” but when I started putting things into action what I was learning here, the flow of my business just aligned. Then I thought “I am really doing this” It was actually putting into action with what I knew I was suppose to do that was a huge “aha” moment for me. I actually never aimed that high before. But I believe God broke me for a reason, because there was something greater on the inside and this community has helped me put my purpose into a business. And be okay to flow with my own rhythm, while doing the work without having analysis paralysis. Or just keeping it in my “head” as a good idea. The surprise pop ups you do inspires me as well. When I’d see millionaires from a far I’d think, that was too out of reach for me. But my mindset has shifted and I know that I’m worthy of it.


What made me signed up to $1K1Day is the Facebook post about your daughter in college. All of my kids are in college and the struggle is real. You spoke to me and my future and what God desires from my life. I sought out every video I could find and prayed that I would connect with you. Honestly, I really didn’t because you made such a life changing impression on me. Finding you was a God sent and I understood it was the Lord. You caused me to believe I could do IT! Because you trust the Lord Jesus Christ as our savior just like me. I believe in your gift, and if I could believe in you, I could believe in me. I knew it was time to share and monetize my life accomplishments, skills, talents and invested training. I knew it was time.


I had shifted to full time entrepreneurship and was struggling to have consistent income. Big shifts in life are there are others willing and able to guide you. ASK. In business, confidence that I had my ducks in a row and a business plan. Clarity on Customer Map! Business mindset is believe it’s possible!


I attended the Millions Conference in Atlanta where you were a featured speaker and a member of the panel for general Q&A. I was impressed by your journey and your comprehensive knowledge of business and entrepreneurship in general. The way you responded to every question demonstrated both your passion to see people succeed and your ability to guide each entrepreneur in their specific niche. I made the decision that day to join the waitlist for Cycle 7. I felt led to attend Millions because I had a desire to be an entrepreneur but I was uncertain about how to get started.

Several things have shifted for me as a result of being in this community. I have received clarity as it relates to the type of business I desire. Being multi-passionate, this was not easy for me. The encouragement withing this community is phenomenal. Secondly, a structured approach as it relates to implementation through $1K1Day and the supplemental courses in Yacht Club. Lastly, and most importantly I am still learning to trust the process and my specific journey. As a new entrepreneur it can be intimidating seeing others further along in their journey however I continue to run my own race.


I’d seen a couple cycles go by, and had said I would do it next time. Cycle 7 was next time, but I’d unexpectedly gotten engaged and was planning a wedding while running a business for my dad. I’ve been sold a useless course before and felt like an idiot. I told myself that I’d do it this time, invest in my success one more time, and if failed I’d never try the entrepreneurial path again. I’ve gained so much confidence and so much knowledge. I’ve always looked around and seen people I wanted to help, but now I feel quipped to do that. My mindset around being someone who has always had a side hustle has changed from feeling like a weirdo, to acceptance of this gift God has placed in me. $1K1Day gave me hope.


My good friend encouraged me to sign up. I had a business but no structure. Mindset says if I keep laying the infrastructure and have systems it will come together. My confidence has increased. It’s a great community!


I signed up for $1K1Day at a point in my life where I felt stuck in my business which also affected other areas of my life. I felt like what more can I do? Also, after realizing I got into another mentorship program for all the wrong reasons and after getting so much valuable free information, I couldn’t imagine what the paid version would be like. Even though I’m not where I’m going to be yet I have No regrets. I have a better sense of direction, more support and more tools I can implement. My mindset has come a loooooong way. So happy I found Nicole.


A friend recommended you when I told her I was interested in starting my own business. I wanted to explore opinions and get information as how to work for myself. I am shifting my mindset to one that is more focused on the success of my entrepreneurial life. I now see financial independence as an option for me. I’m encouraged by the success stories in our community, knowing if a fellow Richfriend can do it, so can I. I have a like-minded support system among the Richfriends.


I signed up for $1K1Day because even though I invested in business coaching and another online business course a few months before, I still felt all over the place and I was desperate to find something that actually worked and the customer map brought so much clarity and helped bring it all together and I wanted to learn more on how to implement this in my business. Plus I come from a Corporate background so I connected on this level too. I’m still not where I want to be in business, but this entire journey has really opened my eyes up to what’s possible, the reality of the grind of entrepreneurship which has adjusted my expectations tremendously and forced me to hone in on what lane I really want to serve in.


I’ve always been ready to do some business of my own, but wasn’t sure how to do what I needed to do. I have several passions and needed direction – real estate, mental health consultant and fabrics/textile. Though I had no problem with doing the work – I needed to find the time to devote to me (so many life circumstances every time I try to get started). Despite not devoting nearly enough time to $1K1Day, I’m finally ready to devote all time to me to continue to execute my best self to help others along the way. Thank you!


I signed up for 1K1Day because I had an idea for a business. I had no idea what to do to move that idea from concept to reality. When I saw the information for $1K1Day I had a really great feeling that it would help me get out of my head and into implementation and I was not wrong. The biggest shift that I noticed is the shift in my mindset. I knew I wanted to help people but $1K1Day showed me how I could help more people without giving away all my information and knowledge for free. Learning about setting up multiple income streams was never part of my plan because I had no idea about it (wasn’t on the forefront of my mind). Finally acting like a business. I think twice about what I’m sharing and why on social media because it matters. Oh! And did I mention I really really cleaned up my credit using Nicole’s credit program! Which has helped wonders (decreased stress, freed up funds).


When Cycle 7 came around I had been married for about 6 months. I was the primary income earner in my home and then BOOM! I lost my job. I came across the Bus Stop Mom Video and started finding everything I could about Nicole and what she did for a living. I had been playing around with entrepreneurship for a while but I had no one in my circle of influence/friends who were doing it. I was out of work and needed to make some money and so I took a chance!

The biggest change has been my belief in myself. I still have moments when I wonder if I really have something of value to offer, but I quickly remind myself that I’m worth it and my life and experience will serve others and support my family.


I signed up for 1K1Day from a referral and also I hear so many good reviews about the program. What was going on in my life was that I wanted to become an entrepreneur but I wanted a simple way that showed instant results. With 1K1Day that made it possible!

The one biggest shift in my life from this community that I have gained is that I know now that business isn’t hard but you have to put in the work and in my business and business mindset the biggest shift has been that I having so many great minds to bounce ideas and information off of on top of the captions have been so beneficial! In all honesty the experience is absolutely the best part because the energy in the group is contagious and when everyone around is succeeding you can’t help but succeed or start putting in the work to start the race!


I had seen the advertisement for 1K1Day many times before through your emails but never felt the urge to sign up. After watching the customer map webinar I felt that heart throbbing urgent God tug. the “you need this now” one. So I texted my husband and signed up. I had already formulated a business idea and got an LLC but was struggling with strategy.

I’ve gotten so much clarity about my purpose and how to monetize my passions just from being a part of this group. This is the first group I’ve joined that feels safe and like a family to me. Being a new stay at home mom has a lot of challenges, but now I have a strategy and feel confident that I can start moving forward in my purpose and make money doing it.


I saw your customer map webinar and I was like “that makes all sense in the world!” I wanted in! I have actually got up and running on the internet with your program. I took a course before yours and I was still struggling trying to figure all the things out but with 1K1Day, I was able to actually get a presence online have it look pretty professional.


I have watched your journey from the beginning. And since I knew you outside of the internet, I knew you were the real deal and that you were not just making things up to get people to sign up. I knew there was an authenticity and realness to you so I knew that was going to be the case in your business also. i had just officially became a business last May and I was not making consistent money. I knew this needs to change if I wanted to start in business. This is why I signed up for $1K1Day.

Recently the biggest shift I have seen in my mind was that I have decided to embrace tension that I feel photography and social work instead of fighting the two against each other. It gets tiring fighting against that tension all the time. I love my social work job and the ministry I work for. But I also love photography but know that if I don’t do anything with it I’m going to regret it. And I might miss out on being a blessing to someone else that God had intended for them and might miss out on my greatest blessing that God has for me. I have decided if this tension is there the God has intended it to be there and I plan on pursuing photography as a business while still working my 9-5 in social work. And maybe someday do photography full-time while that kinda scares me to think about it. But I know that I don’t need to make that decision right now! But I do need to keep going forward my photography business.


I was watching you for a few years. Every year I wanted to join and I didn’t have the funds for it. I said God if this becomes affordable in this season, then I will know it is my season. I joined $1K1Day because initially I wanted to monetize my blog (which I had been running for 4-5 years making no coin) and the other part was the desire to make multiple streams of income which hubby and I have been talking about for years. We knew the 9-5 life wasn’t for us. And I finally took the plunge.

I mostly gained clarity on my interests. I also met some amazing people who have been key in keeping me on my toes. I have gotten more excited about my dreams as well and it’s more forefront in my life than it’s ever been. I just have to do the work and stay on my grind. I constantly go back to the videos to see what I’m missing.


I had never heard of Nicole Walters before, didn’t even know what social network online marketing is, but I heard about you through referral by someone I trusted. Your product matched a prayer I had said several years before for God to show me how to create multiple streams of income but did not know what that would look like at all. Thought it was my own idea, but it must’ve been the Holy Spirit. So knowing that with my low income, it was a big risk, I used my tried-and-true, never-has-failed-me prayer method to discern whether I should sign up. That “yes” from the Holy Spirit is the reason I am still here even though I don’t have revenue yet.

Result: Incredible, bullet-proof hope & vision!

After Fierce Clarity, I now have a vision for something I know that I can make money from that no one can EVER take away from me. I have learned marketing method (Pitch and Pray) that I am now putting into practice, something I had prayed for years to learn (for my other business that $1K1Day multiple income streams does not work for). Pitch and Pray really came just in time for me to feel that I can get enough income to continue. But that is how the Holy Spirit works!


I signed up for your course because I wanted additional streams of income but I didn’t know where to start. The biggest mindset shift I made is now I know that I have somehting to offer the world and if I do the work I can get paid for it.


I joined 1K1Day after hearing you at a Christy Wright Business Boutique conference. I trusted you…simple. I wanted to know how to create a business that provided passive income and you were introduced right on time! I have gained clarity through understanding systems and timing and I gain more confidence that I can do this everyday. Thank u, Nicole.


Simply put, I wanted to learn from the BEST and it was in divine timing that I signed up. I was struggling with my business and couldn’t figure out how to fix things and how to move forward. At that point I had done MANY online courses and was still missing a piece of the puzzle. I didn’t want to do just another course and 1K1Day is not a course by any stretch. It’s a transformative learning experience.

The biggest shifts in my business that have happened are: I am worthy of success and what I create and teach is changing lives and is valuable. My value does not come from the # of followers I have on social media or the size of the list, it comes from the relationships that I build and most important it comes from within. I have a plan now to scale my business where as when I started my business was not scaleable. My plan takes people on a journey and starts with products and services that nurture that relationship.


I just knew I had to be apart of your growing community. The corporate background and not doing free was different from what everyone else is teaching.The biggest shift is positioning services and products in stages. Plus I’ve met some amazing women just being here!!


I had this yearning for about two months to start something and do something new. It wouldn’t go away, AT ALL and then I saw 1K1Day and knew that I had to do it. Plus, it was my birthday so hubby couldn’t resist. My biggest shift is to see myself AS a business and not just someone who is good at something. Not doing free and not afraid to value myself and my work. Just like we pay for all the other things we value, people can pay me.


I saw the college visit video, and having college kids of my own I was very impressed with you then. That eventually led me to $1k1day. I needed business advice and knew that there was something so special about you. So glad I followed the trail!

Oh my gosh! With the customer map alone, I’m seeing business in a whole new light. Overall, the whole journey, especially the Group meetings, has been such a blessing!


I joined 1K1Day because I was looking to merge business with ministry. I also wanted to be a part of a growing community of like-minded people and build a supportive network. I fell in love with Nicole Walters because she could literally be one of my family members. She is very relatable for me and someone that I can support and want to see succeed in life. I grew to love and trust her, her husband, and the kiddos very quickly.

Because of my participation I now have a shift in my mindset regarding profiting from ministry and using my God-given gifts to help others soar and reach their goals (but not for free).


I had just started back work from maternity leave and was placed in another department. But the way it was done was not the best, by the company. I was hurt and was ready to leave.I interviewed for a job that looked promising but the door was closed. So, I had to endure and am still enduring where I am.

But I finally got serious about my own business. That’s when I came across one of your videos shared by Chalene Johnson. So I kept watching your videos and joined your live webinars. I thought she is speaking some truth and seems like a real genuine person. And you are.

I have grown and learned so much in the last almost year. I have a clearer vision of what I need to do and it will get clearer as I continue to push through. And the community is priceless.


I was in a place that I know I needed to change my life and my business. I had been following other people online for about a year when I came across your video on organizing a course through index cards. I continued to watch your videos and felt a connection. I trusted your message. I decided to take a chance and join 1K1Day. I am so glad I did, It completely changed the way I look at business and gave me hope for a better tomorrow.

One big shift. It’s so hard to choose. There have been so many. The biggest was it changed the way I value myself. This community made me realize that I was not valuing myself the way that I should. I needed to value myself and my time before anyone else would value me the way I thought I should be valued. I am forever grateful for that. This community inspires me everyday to be better than I was yesterday.


I signed up after seeing a friend show up for herself at a new and professional level. I was loving my MLM but truly felt I was created for more. That my years of experience and even degrees could be applied at a new level. And I knew if I put my heart into it to make much more money that I was making. My husband was stressed and overwhelmed with all the financial pressure on him alone which led to more depressive episodes for him, walking on eggshells for me while raising two toddlers and strain on our marriage. We were feeling hopeless.

The big shift from this experience and community was worthiness. I was given the corporate professional tools to help me see myself as worthy as a professional, the space to see myself as a worthy peer with her own gifts, and the worthiness to know that no dream is too big. I am so worthy, I can say confidently now. My income now more than covers the mortgage, our relationship is healthier and this experience even and especially helped me reconnect with my faith. God gifted me $1k1day


After learning about you from another Richfriend, I was convinced to sign up for 1K1Day because it offered a comprehensive process for understanding how we could become a legitimate business based on what we know AND it literally walked us through the steps while giving us the exact tools needed. Being new to starting a business, it helped having one person that we could trust. There was no need to take random courses or advice from multiple people which would have been overwhelming.

Now that I have become an official business, my business mindset has completely changed. I know that I can earn money based on what I know and I now have a place to send people with my website and product landing page. I can also easily describe to others what I do. I love that the Richfriends are at different stages of growth. There is always an opportunity to learn from someone else.


After I saw you speak at Millions Atl. You had the answers I was looking for. The proper way to structure your business and the support you give us while doing so. The way you are open with us.


Nicole’s customer map webinar opened my eyes to what is possible. How to do business in a way that is sustainable in the long term. We have four littles and I wanted to be able to keep them in their school, it sounds silly, I guess, to say “I want my kids to go to private school,” but to know about our school, I believed so strongly that this was where they were supposed to be. Right now we have 2 kids there with the last 2 are coming up quickly! Something had to change for us. Yes, we could put them all in public school, but my heart yearned to keep them there. But I needed a better plan. After spending SO MUCH money on other online trainers, I believed that Nicole cared and that she truly could help me get to where I needed to be.

I learned how to act like a business. I also learned that it is best to do things Nicole’s way. Every time I tried to veer and do my own thing, disaster. So thankful for the support here and the kind of community she has built.


I signed up for 1K1Day because I was tired of spending money on program after program to do a quick fix but I knew deep down that wasn’t the answer. I saw you on Periscope and over the years I kept coming back and implementing things here and there that you shared. One day the light bulb went off that ‘this lady is my coach’ I decided to sign up but still trying to prune my way out of everything else. You helped get me back on a true path for making it happen for me because I’m enough. I’ve learned that all I have to do is create and do the work. There’s no competition, I’m on my own journey.


I was in a bad place work wise at my 9-5. I was feeling over worked and under paid. I felt like I needed a change but I didn’t know what. I wasn’t thinking about going into business exactly, although I had been reading about some ideas and posting about my food and gardening online. I had seen many people I like fizzle out. Then one evening I watched one of your customer map videos. I wasn’t planning on signing up but I went from “hey I wonder if Nicole’s business is doing well” to hey I need to sign up in 5 minutes. What you said made sense, so I figured it was worth it to me to learn more to see if this entire business thing was right for me.

I learned so much from 1k1day. I learned so much I realized I needed to take a step backward and figure out how I can really use my gifts to help the world. When I signed up for 1k1day I was thinking side business related to food and gardening. Now I’m contemplating a bigger business idea more directly related to my current 9-5. It is an idea that will take a lot of ground work and changes for me, but if I can pull it off it would use my gifts in the best way. To that end I’ve been getting more involved in projects at my 9-5 that I hope will help me with my business idea. Which means I have had less time for investing in my food and gardening idea, but I’m okay with that. I’m not sure what the future will hold for me business wise, but I feel like I have the foundational knowledge I need to move forward. Also I now see talents in my friends and family that I feel that they should turn into businesses all of the time. I see people’s gifts and talents in a whole new light.


I signed up out of curiosity and hunger to learn. Being a part of cycle 7 has pushed me to be my greatest self. I believe I can actually be successful and grow as a person


I remember watching the “college mom roll up” video with my colleagues on my campus and laughing so hard but being drawn because Nicole mentioned she was an entrepreneur and I was just starting the journey after saying for years I wanted to be an educational consultant. I watched all the videos on her Facebook page, watched YouTube videos which I now realize featured some of our Richfriends as they were just starting out. I was beyond excited when $1K1Day opened up. I had followed and paid for other coaches before but what they were teaching didn’t make sense to me based on where I was in the process. Nor did I feel confident they would bring me the results claimed. I think what I love about this community is the no Richfriend left behind philosophy and how we cheer each other on no matter what stage we are in building our business. I’ve had a huge mindset shift since starting back in October. I think the confidence and clarity I have now is invaluable. I have a business recognized in my state, a sound strategy of success following my customer map and an amazing community of Richfriend that keep me lifted, motivated and encouraged. I talk about Nicole and this community to everyone I meet!! In fact when I was setting up my business bank account I talked to the banker about $1K1Day. He was on my campus a few weeks ago as a sponsor for a conference and he kept asking my colleagues around him who I was and saying he thinks he knows me. I reminded him of how he helped me and told him he needs to keep an eye out and get on the list in case there’s a launch soon.


Nicole, I have followed you since November 2016. At the time I saw you speak at a live event I hadn’t started my business so I really couldn’t relate to your sales content but you had an energy and message that really connected with me. I knew you would be part of my journey at some point so I followed you until $1K1Day Cycle 7. By that time I had started my business and was looking for someone who could take me to the next level. $1K1Day was truly the game changer I was looking for. Hands down the best investment I had ever made in myself. $1K1Day was my introduction to facebook. Up to this point I had seen far more negative than positive come from social media and wanted nothing to do with it. Since this is where everything lived for 1k1day I had no choice but to join the FB community. From my very 1st post our community showed me nothing but love and support. Your saying about Rich Friends are real friends is true on so many levels. Throughout this journey there have been highs, lows, major receipts, false starts and do overs but the one thing that has stayed consistent is the family like atmosphere of our community. Usually being a more quiet and reserved person this community has allowed me to come out of my shell and showed me a glimpse of the person I am on my way to becoming. You can’t put a price tag on that. That by far has been my biggest receipt to date.


Nicole, you spoke my language. I was drawn to the fact that you came from corporate, used corporate best practices and you were rockin’ it with your business. Your honest transparency and energetic personality drew me to you. I had failed at my business 1.0 and wanted so desperately to get back at it again. I needed a sound plan and someone to prompt me to do the work.

I realized that my biggest hurdle was overcoming my imposter syndrome. Fierce Clarity gave me the reason why 1K1Day helped me see how to do it. But it was in Yacht Club that I was surrounded by people who just poured into me and I could pour right back. People who encouraged me to dig in deep with God. Because of that my personal relationship with God has grown so much.

I am still not as far ahead as I’d like with my business 2.0, but I am plugging away at it, following the path Nicole outlined. I know it will be successful. But all that is secondary to the fact that my faith is strong and I actually can see it. I truly believe that if I show up, do the work & slay it, that God will deliver the results. It keeps me inching ahead.


I wanted support to expand my business, but also make my foundation stronger, and learn novel things I wouldn’t even have in my purview.

The concept of pitching BUT well not that I’ve been able to fully execute, and I had a natural knack for it before – I just didn’t realize I was pitching! So it’s interesting to see my raw skill more clearly BUT also have the knowledge to do it well. Aka effectively.

Gosh. AND the customer map! I feel like I’m beta mode in my whole business. But what’s been shaking out over the course of a year is watching what my customers need, responding, and seeing my map realize in front of me. From a client who intro-ed into my biz at $30 now spends approximately 1k a month with me.


I’d have to say 1k1Day came to me as a God thing. I was just in one of those ‘seasons’ in life. I had seen a couple videos (your college drop in video & your neighborhood video). I was just drawn to the energy & wanted to emulate the same energy in my life. I went down a rabbit hole and stumbled upon the client journey video you did & pitch for 1K1Day. I hesitated for about 10 minutes & then took the plunge (had an overwhelming voice telling me to do it). I thought I could take the class to figure out how to monetize my blog (that was really my only ‘vision’ for the class & myself) and what came out of it was a full blown business in about 3 months.

The biggest shift came in my vision for my life. 1K1Day unearthed something I had no clue was living within me, something I’d never think I’d be capable of. My business is just a platform to carry out God’s purpose for my life. I always knew I was created for something and 1K1Day has helped open that vision & purpose. The community & Nicole bring an energy that is indescribable and something I hope we can bring to the lives of everyone in the world. How amazing the power is of positivity, belief, support & limitless possibilities.


Nicole I first ran across your video of you going to Bid Tiny’s college campus and I was knocked off my rocker because I am so “extra” when it comes to my kids. I had just gone through a messy divorce and was seeking ways to grow my side hustle and leave a legacy for my kiddos. I have always been a lifetime learner and have always invested in myself so this community has been EVERYTHING! It keeps me on top of my game because I oftentimes need a push. Thank you Nicole Walters!


So, I’ve always wanted to start a business. Last summer I had just become a Social Work Clinician and I was seriously considering starting a private practice. While on FB, I saw this hilarious woman venturing off to her eldest daughter’s college because dear eldest daughter forgot to call regularly, as we moms require. The best part about all of this was that she was taking her a fruit basket…what greater love? I followed the trail to her home page and after reading about 1K1Day I knew it was time! The biggest shift I’ve seen in my mindset is that going from an idea last summer to an office with a handful of regular clients and a growing social media community, I KNOW I can do anything. Nicole Walters, I really appreciate all the knowledge you share and your commitment to helping us make our business dreams come true. I’m a clinician and my goal is to help all people, so I don’t know if 1K1Day will ever really be a thing given what I want to do, but I certainly wake up each day feeling as though I’ve already made it!


I have had a few false starts with the actual actions in $1k1Day, but the hugest thing I have taken from being here is the way you bring the human aspect into business. That you CAN be real, sincere, engaged, and “in the trenches” with the people who buy what you’re offering. I’m a serial course buyer, and I’ve gleaned good tips from other people… but I have never experienced the human depth that you bring to this. That alone has made me change the way I’m running my own programs. I actually did my dissertation using a Narrative Inquiry methodology, based on the idea that we live, tell, relive, and retell our experiences to make meaning of life… but I was in one FB group where the admin was about to kick me out because although I asked a good question, I needed to “leave out the narrative.” In contrast, you’ve cultivated a culture of living the narrative, sharing it, and caring about others. That’s what people want and need. I am slowly implementing the actual content, but I’ve already established in my biz that I want to go deep with my people. Thank you.


I signed up to get unstuck and start making money with my own business. I found you through Periscope and have been following you ever since. What was going on in my life at that time – going in 12 different directions and no clear plan forward. Biggest shift was to just get stuff done – not perfect first.


Nicole Walters, I was at Million conference and I was at the end of my seat the entire time you spoke. I kept saying who is this lady, the lady next to me said join 1k1day. I was like what is that. She said whatever you do make sure you join. During the time I met you at the conference, I had just stepped out on faith and gave God my yes to bringing life to the ideas God had given me.

The biggest shift for me is getting over myself. Get out of my own way and do the work and celebrate the small beginnings. Whatever I do keep moving


When I found you I wanted what you were having. I was looking for something more and you were it. My biggest shift was mindset. I have learned so much about myself. There’s hope again. I am extremely blessed and excited for the future.


I signed up because I was feeling “stuck” in my business and ready to hit the next level of consistent income. I had so many shifts! I believe in myself and my abilities. My business grew from a side hustle to reaching my quit day.


I signed up because I need to incorporate more automated systems within my business. I also needed to vamp up my online business and increase my digital footprint. The biggest shift since joining Yacht Club is that I no longer exclude my family from my business affairs. I am always good scouting new business opportunities that can align with my businesses and monetize.


I had just listened to you on Lori Harder’s Podcast Earn Your Happy. I was on disability because I had just had a nervous breakdown at work, mostly because I felt like I had no control over my career in corporate. Biggest shift is I now see opportunity for monetization in everything and I have control over my life and what I want to spend my time in. I have the tools and the support to do, to create, to build whatever i want. Most of all..I have FREEDOM!! And to me..that is everything!!


I had been watching your scopes and kept thinking that this was someone that had been in corporate sales like me and had built this amazing business… and she looked like me! It didn’t hurt that we had the same name and that the melanin was always poppin! But, I was really doubting whether I could or should invest such a large amount in my business that wasn’t making any money at the time. Ultimately, I trusted YOU and God and I’m so glad that I did! Not only have I totally changed how I think about making money in my business (we don’t do free anymore) but I have met some amazing people to share this entrepreneurial journey with that have helped me move my business so much further than I ever could have by myself.


I had been following you for so long that when the opportunity presented itself it just made sense for me to hear/learn more. I needed to understand the systems that lead to greatness.
The biggest shift I have seen is increased confidence in my God given abilities. I don’t second guess myself as much and I’m talking myself out of business less.


I was about to give up on my business. I knew I wasn’t supposed to, but I was just stuck and not moving forward. I prayed for something to happen that would give the encouragement/tool/whatever to keep going. 1K1Day showed up in my FB newsfeed. I didn’t know much about it but after clicking through, reading it and realizing I had enough money in my bank account to cover it, I bought it!
The one big shift is that I think differently. I take more time to analyze things instead of just jumping from one thing to the next. I focus more on ONE thing than trying to do all the things. I have gained more confidence and clarity in what I am supposed to be doing, not just what I think I should be doing.


I found this amazing person named Nicole on Periscope and her drive and motivation made me want to step out side of the box and take that leap of faith!Being able to connect with so may like minded individuals in various fields and walks of life has been amazing. The ability to not be afraid to ask questions in our circle of Richfriends has been great as well. My I do not work for FREE and the ability to say NO to things and people that do not help in my journey has really helped me advance in all aspects of my life!


We were 2 “olderish” business owners getting older that needed to figure out new ways in business other than exchanging physical services for money. We knew we needed to get online but had no clue how other than a website. Didn’t know thing about creating digital footprints properly and how much FREE we were doing just trying to keep our clients happy and killing ourselves physically! Our biggest shift was learning how to create more digitally using systems allowing less 1:1 physical work!


I had watched you on Periscope quitting your job and it was a profound moment for me. THAT is what I wanted. I had to have that kind of freedom. I’ve always known that I was not cut out to be an “employee” even though I was a star employee at every job. I had always made myself indispensable so I could get away with whatever I wanted at work to feel like I had some control over it. When you put that offer out there, I knew I HAD to jump at the chance.

My biggest shift has been just from being around all the amazing people you bring together. I’ve taken control of my Facebook feed so the first thing I see is posts from awesome entrepreneurs who are in the trenches just like me and this community gives me somewhere to go to be around people who KNOW what we’re all going through on a daily basis. The wins and the not so good times. I know I can come here and celebrate or get help, which is a nice feeling to have.


Something was missing… I didn’t have a system set up to get paid on my blog. I never had a healthy relationship with money, didn’t know where to start; I needed guidance. That we drop coins everywhere in life; I was able to notice when I was doing so. I shifted from the broke mindset to the abundance mindset. I never knew that getting paid your worth was an option for until 1k1day; I grew up in a house where my mom would tell us that we couldn’t afford the glasses we needed to see with… or new clothes no matter how tight the waistline was or how ripped up they were( not the fashionable type). My mom was constantly a victim to money instead of having control over it. The biggest shift I had?: I learned I had choices when it came to the relationship I had with money


I was watching you scope…it gave me a different perspective on my biz that made sense and I wanted to learn more. Wow…I have more of a supportive network, I’ve made friends…learned that I can show up authentically in my biz AND be profitable. I don’t have to be a cookie cutter of someone else.


Before I met you, Nicole, through Periscope, I was trying to work through something and make a better life for myself. I had a couple miscarriages, one an ectopic that needed emergency surgery. I was in a very low valley of life. I started Beachbody to help my body heal and quickly found energy and encouragement in being a coach, helping others, working towards goals, & having ownership of something besides motherhood. I also desperately wanted to help my family find financial freedom. While following Chalene, I found you and started following you because of your personality, genuine joy, kindness, faith, & incredible business knowledge. Your multiple income stream encouragement really spoke to me. I thought 1K1Day might help me be a more profitable coach & help me branch out to be able to be creative and earning extra in other ways. I also loved the community that you were attracting and needed to be in an uplifting & supportive environment.
Because of 1K1Day, I have written, published, & sold my first book instead of just dreaming about doing it. I also have been shown new methods I don’t think I would have ever considered or explored on my own. I went from a blog-type-mindset to course-or-speaker-type-mindset. Some shifts for me were realizing the significance of putting your name behind something and pouring into it. I left Beachbody and decided that I wanted to put my all into ME instead. I have gone through a lot of growing and learning and discovering. It’s been a rather slow process for me personally as I’ve continued to be in some difficult places in life, but I have been making progress in pouring & creating my foundation of confidence, clarity of purpose, entrepreneur-mindset, etc. The community has kept the vision alive for me and helped me recognize, appreciate, & celebrate all the “little” wins and realize how important they are and how they really do add up. This community helps me see hearts like mine and struggles like mine and perseverance like mine. It helps me to belong in this entrepreneur world. It helps me to be both a leader and a learner. The challenges you give us have helped me discern and find peace in my own path and timing, but also pushed me to make goals, strive for more than what’s easy, and put intentional effort toward specific aspects of my business and energy into learning & practicing specific skills. Watching others work hard and win amazing prizes, has helped me develop a perspective & attitude of truly seeing and wanting the best for others even if we are working towards similar goals. It’s developed comradeship between entrepreneurs which has helped me feel like no matter where I am in the process of business building or of achieving my own goals and finding my own place and voice, I belong.. I am grateful to walk this journey together. I am worthy of my title ..there is value in my particular offering and the unique way I offer it. And my success is not dependent on anyone else’s so I have no reason to be intimidated by the process nor by those much more successful than myself – no reason to compare – no reason to feel small, insignificant, or overwhelmed in my industry.


Well, I had just received an “income adjustment” from my employer and KNEW it was time to create an exit strategy. Heard you on Dreams and Drive Podcast, subscribed to your emails and signed up for Cycle 6. The biggest shift has been your teaching on not just creating content but creating the intent behind it. Also, when my daughter’s blog went viral and she has NOTHING to sell it felt like a stab in the heart and Heath and I were determined that it wouldn’t happen to us. THANKS NICOLE, LUV YA GIRL!


I met you at MIA but had no idea about selling from the stage so I didn’t have any money with me to buy the course. That would have been cycle 4. Then I started following you and realized I wasn’t moving like I should be in business. I can figure out money goals and getting out of my own way!


Act like a business. We don’t do free. Over deliver.
My hashtag #ServeToSuccess
Deliver valuable content.
Have somewhere to send them.


And at the time on Periscope, with all your thousand of followers…
You knew me by name!


I knew I had a teaching spirit and wanted to find a way to share my knowledge and get paid for it. I just so happened to catch a Periscope live and I’ve been a RichFriend ever since. As soon as I placed my focus where it should be, I noticed how I started to believe that I belonged in my space. I knew that I would have to face my fears in order to get to that place of true entrepreneurship. This community has helped me realize that I can do it and now, I believe it!


I was tired of being on the “really expensive hobby” train. You came along at a time when I had been praying for someone to really teach the “how” of running a business. Before even signing up you provided so much value, that purchasing your course was a no brainer. There have been many shifts because of this community but one that stands out is we don’t do free. This is not just a income thing it is a mindset shift. Once I realized that what I had to offer was valuable and then had the systems in place to collect coin… My life has never been the same. Thank you!


I had NEVER considered an online course. Periscope seemed like a scam. It was entertaining. Everyone was an “entrepreneur”. I was following you and Torrie = #MAGIC. So word of mouth and recommendations.


I signed up for you first beta launch because I was working as a dead end job as a restaurant manager/bartender and realllyyy wanted out + I trusted you because I had produced results with your mini webinar classes you had and I watched your scopes all the time (I would listen while setting up chairs in the restaurant to stay motivated). I had a website…this huge audience of like… 7K followers on YouTube, 10k on twitter and almost 4K on FB but IT WASN’T MONETIZED. you changed my mindset around being popular vs being profitable and serving

I no longer work in that restaurant I work for myself but my mindset around my business is “how can I fill in the holes and make more money” “how can I diversify the streams of income”. I’m also clear that when I invest in myself or business it grows so I have. And this place is such a safe space thank you for creating it.


I signed up because I felt like I kept looking like a hobbyist from the outside. I was going live, painting with an audience, but there was no direct customer journey and my dreams of making art for a living wasn’t happening. One big shift for me is that I follow through and quickly. I have pitched to other businesses, collaborated while providing excellent experiences and nurturing those relationships so they only get better. “I am the best thing out there that you haven’t heard of”, learned from you and exemplified because you helped me gain that confidence and strong sense of self.


The honest answer is I heard 1k1day and was like where and sign me up! I was a stay at home mom struggling with finding my path and heard this and knew I had to follow. My big shift is actually over all! It has taken place in ever aspect of my life! I know what do I do how can I help and how can I monetize that. I see everything differently. The mindset that is created is on real. Because of this community I had the courage to leave my 9-5 and pursue my heart and achieve wealth in my own life!

I followed an IG post to go see this girl quit her job live on some app. I downloaded Periscope saw you and the rest is history. With all the excellent free content you were providing on Periscope I knew 1k1day was a must. I immediately stopped doing FREE and apply all you have taught me in my side hustles. And I am still learning. Thank you for all you do. Loved you from day one, you keep it 100 and are funny. What is even more interesting, I am never on social media. God always leads me to the right people at the right time.


I had a freelance writing opportunity fall into my lap. It was going well and I liked the extra $$. I’d tried to figure out starting a business multiple times before. Each time, I’d get confused when every resource focused on the nuance of a situation. I needed big picture and positivity. When I heard a podcast interview with you it seemed like 1k1day was perfect. I’m still refining things… but I know i can do it. Huge confidence boost


I found you on Periscope and loved your story. I had just given birth to twins (we budgeted for one) and I was stressing how I could spread the appropriate love and attention to all of them (including my 2 yr old at the time). Until the girls my goal was to just work hard and climb the corporate ladder…hearing your testimony showed me I had options.
Biggest shift is finding myself worthy (we don’t do free anymore) and starting to find my voice. It’s been easy fighting for someone else’s dream but it’s taking me awhile to find my voice and fight for mine. There have been major set backs but I’m not giving up.


I signed up because I needed some guidance and direction. And I thought you were amazing (still do). 2) The big shift has been the realization that consistency matters and I really need to be dedicated to doing the work regardless of how I feel!


I had been watching you ever since Chalene shared your Periscope broadcast and told us we should watch you! As I followed along, I saw that you had a vision for the corporate structure and philosophy that other programs were missing. Also, there is no getting around that I was attracted to your joyful personality and knew I needed that in my life. As far as what was going on with me – I had an idea for a business and knew I could help people, but I really didn’t know exactly what that should look like in terms of systems and organization. I am a creative and was lacking in the execution department. I thought you could help with that. My big shift has been a result of being part of a community filled with no b.s. people who call me out when I am filled with the uncertainty that comes with imposter syndrome.


I had gone through a year of speaker coaching – it was my first time to actually invest 5 figures into myself (besides college). I got into a manic of taking too many courses and joining too many thing. Then one day I saw ScOprah and I was hooked honestly. I loved the practical tips, transparency and energy. I decided to give it a try because I was looking for a smaller community to work through my goals especially focused on creating multiple income streams. I think the biggest shift has been in creating a solid foundation. I revamped my website, created an opt-in and working through creating a course. I was stuck there and it does feel very small to have been in this group so long but it is a big step in continuing to build on the foundation.


I loved your energy it was contagious and I was looking to make some big changes in my life. I felt stuck and wanted to find a way out. I am a lot more optimistic for sure. I also have so much more confidence in myself and my decision making and business as a whole. I used to be very timid… still am a little bit but I have come a long way.


I connected with you! I found you on Periscope and loved watching you. I felt you were relatable – not so successful that I didn’t think I too could do this. I wanted to convert my blog into a business. Everyone else was talking about working with other brands but I wanted to become my own brand. I thought you offered something different. Plus, I could offered your course!

Oh my! Soooo much personal growth. I’m embarrassed I’m not farther along in my business (mid 40s and a high demanding job make it tough to build a business). Nicole Walters, you and this community think not just next level but next stratosphere! I’m in another group and they think so small compared to the people here. The best buisness decision was joining YCE. It is not just an incubator for good ideas but a safe place to share struggles and receipts. Your willingness to share the ups and downs give us all a picture of reality.


I found myself tuning into you during my daily morning walks after dropping the kids off at school. I learned so much from your scopes and looked forward to listening to current and old scopes each day. I am a stay at home mom who was tired of just being a mom blogger knowing I had so much more to offer. I needed to learn the “how” of creating systems. I had the audience, email list, and even engaged FB group of moms. But I didn’t have a product. I got tired of just being a mommy blogger and empowerment program director and wanted to share and teach others what I know. I also wanted a business that could move with me wherever I was including on a yacht like the reality show Below Deck. I’m more comfortable sharing my skills and knowledge and am becoming confident in myself. I am working on being consistent in my new business. I’m learning to share my story after being around people who prefer to be private. My life has never been private as a preachers kid and now an elected officials wife, so why start now? Thanks for everything!


What made me sign up for 1K1Day?

Hearing you talk about the program on Periscope and you sharing your story. I was in a very frustrating place. Very unhappy on my job and feeling like I was not walking in my purpose.

The one big shift has been the amazing support from you and the community. I’ve never had this kind of support before. Being a newbie in business or having a crazy life doesn’t matter to this community. No one is allowed to think they are mediocre or not worthy of success.


I was following you on Periscope. I needed confidence and guidance. You gave me both. My biggest shift is mindset from negative to positive. I’m still a work-in-progress! Was presented with an opportunity and worked toward it scared and with fear. I would not have done that before your courses!


I wanted more than just surviving. I was hustling hard but all over the place and still coming up short at the month’s end. The biggest shift is in my mindset. I can do it and I don’t constantly need to jump through hoops, accept lower than my usual rate etc.


I absorbed a lot of info on online business and had an avalanche of information and needed someone to simplify and focus on the key things to get started. I also knew a lot about the space and wanted to get a straightforward approach from a source I would love to do business with that talked my talk which is corporate. Finding like minded individuals who support each other.


YOU made me sign up for 1K1Day, Nicole! I was watching and following a few different business coaches for about a year and decided you were the one. You are warm, authentic, super-smart but not arrogant, a Christian, debt-free and you saw me. I knew I could trust you with my life!


Hey guys!! Sorry I haven’t posted a lot this year, but I wanted to share why. I finished coursework for my PhD, I am teaching business leadership, and I am still doing my full-time gig in broadcast management consulting.

In January, I refocused my online business. Well I should say I relaunched with the focus on something that God has been telling me to do for years.. helping ministry leaders.

Things took off in a way that I didn’t expect. I have someone watching over my financials. You know that feeling when you work so hard that you don’t realize your progress? My little side hustle, crossed over 6 figs in revenue in the beginning of July and I didn’t notice till tonight. I am projected to net 6 figs before the end of the year.


Nicole, I need to share something with you. I nearly emptied my bank account to pay for 1K1Day. We invested $100 of our own personal money so that I had an $88 cushion in my business – but I have never been so close to broke like that in my business. I had a good gut feeling about the decision to purchase now vs. next year, but it has made me deadly serious to apply everything right away. And to start making sales.

Well, God is providing!!! This week, I got 2 orders. I also have 1 big custom order pending and 1 potential order pending as well. GOD IS GOOD!! Now more than ever, I am living in my purpose! My provision lies in my purpose. I can’t wait to soak everything up and implement all the things, and see where God leads my business! Thank you!


Hey RichFriends! I’ve meaning to share this receipt of at least a week ( LOL) but keep forgetting. Anywho, I made my first 1K in 1Day a couple of weeks ago! Had a client pay for a $1K coaching package IN FULL 2 hours after our discovery call. Needless to say celebratory dancing followed. Thank you Nicole!


I am excited to be able to monetize myself and truly liberate myself from ever feeling like I HAVE to do anything other than what I am passionate about and enjoy!!


Not succeeding is not an option. Doing this to show my teenagers that there is an alternative to the corporate life!


I didn’t think I would be able to do Christmas. I was sure I would have to chose bills over Christmas, but because of 1K1Day I can do both!

I can honestly say I didn’t think this was for me. I knit and couldn’t see how this will work for me. And I thank God for Nicole everyday! I now have multiple streams of income outside of my handmade items.

I love Nicole!!! She pushed me to past myself!! This is so worth it guys! Nicole is the real deal! This is a great investment! The group alone is worth the price of admission! It’s amazing!


Happy for all that could get in. I love the fact that you have such a positive attitude!


I have to head to a video shoot but I am SOOOOOOOO excited I made it in. Nicole, you are changing lives and my hubbster and I CANNOT WAIT!!! 


I prayed for this day since Cycle 2 registration day!!


Starting a new path at age 40, two school-aged boys, husband, mortgage. It’s scary, but good scary.

L. Flythe,2015

Checking in late. This is EVERYTHING and the greatest opportunity to catch Nicole before she blows up!


A little celebration from me ☺ My online side of thins is dire with barely any sales in the last month however. I have implemented loyal customer’s discounts for students in class that if they rebook another class within the next 7 days they get 1/3 off. It’s been working a charm and for the first time in forever, (ohh I went all Disney then) I’m getting student’s rebooking and it’s fantastic.

So fantastic that as of this morning I have enough money in the account to pay off our holiday to Florida in November! I had a balance of  £4668 to pay in December and I was worried I’d never get there but implementing 1k1D has meant I am here now knowing the holiday is paid for and all I need to do is now is keep going to raise the money for things like park tickets and spending etc. Without 1K1D I could never have done this and I’m so excited I’ve done this all myself too. Hubby is impressed and we’ve no debt from the holiday like we did last time. I’ve paid it all myself using Nicole’s systems.

I can’t share on my personal profile yet as I’m going to surprise hubby closer to when we’re going he thinks I’ve still got a long way to go and I can’t wait to have everything we need saved and be able to tell him I did it all on my own. He’s still expecting to need to put it all on a credit card ☺ WOOHOO I rock ☺

Shelly, 2016

I know money is a taboo thing to talk about, but I don’t think it’s my surprise that following 1 month of this training, I just DOUBLED my largest paycheck I’ve ever had in BB this week. I am beyond excited that we won’t have to touch our credit card to get desperately needed repairs to my car! Maybe one day, I’ll get a new car, thanks to this opportunity!

Kimberly, 2016

Nicole If I get more one affiliate sign up… I will have made the same amount of money in 24hours… than I used to make in one month at a job I had been at for 17 years!!!! Wow. #LifeIsGood

  • Shannon,2016Rich Friends, I am proud to announce I have at long last, and with some help from angels dressed as RFs/ mentors, received my FIRST MONETARY RECEIPT!Lynn,2016Yes, I’m still working under minimum wage on this site, buy my income jumped 253 % since I started applying 1k1D to this site. Every month the income grows. I have lots more ideas for monetizing this site, without adding a lot of time. Can wait to see what 2017 brings!Karlene,2016

    It’s not too late, you still have time. Watch and listen to Nicole Walters give some information on how to close out 2016 with a bang.
    #THEDAILY30DAYCHALLENGE #incomestrategist #NicoleWalters #myrichfriend #1KIN1DAY #cycle2


    In August, I shared I’d sold all my belongings and was moving to Nicaragua. Today I am sharing this article from Chiang Mai Thailand. My business is still evolving but for years I dreamt. Nicole’s course (happily) and sadly, a diagnosis of lupus helped me take the training wheels of my life.


    Although it was dated for Friday, September 30th, I turned in my 2-weeks notice on Thursday, September 29th.

    I cannot tell you what that did for me. The ideas just started flowing in quicker than I could write them down. Blog post ideas, the actual  products for my niche market, and THE WORK I’d been putting in after my 1:1 with Nicole Walters seemed to multiply itself exponentially! I feel receipts comin’ on!

    I guess all I needed to do was release the old, and make room for the new!


    From inside my head to other people! Nicole, I cannot thank you enough for sharing your processes and tools with us! You’re literally a God-send at the perfect time. I have a long way to go but with your help I’ve gotten more practical steps towards monetization done in the last month than I have in the last year. THANK YOU!

    Fierce Clarity Buyer

    Nicole you have no idea the freedom I have right now. I love you girl and my family thanks you.

    Fierce Clarity Buyer

    Nicole Walters, I’m so very thankful that I found you when I did! You’ve brought so much clarity to what I’ve wanted to do for years. Thankful for you and thankful for all the help and encouragement I have gotten from this group. It’s been a trying week of feeling overwhelmed, but coming on here and seeing all the #receipts that others have been sharing keeps me motivated and going. Thank you!

    Fierce Clarity Buyer

    Just finished Fierce Clarity while kid free and while on vacation with my husband. Amazing! Nicole Walters, you sure know what you’re talking about.

    Fierce Clarity Buyer

    So it’s 3:30AM and I just finished another lesson in “Fierce Clarity”.. Seems like the more “clear” I get, the less sleep I get! Since completing the very first life-altering assignment, I feel this HUGE responsibility to CREATE! As I continue in the lessons, I’ve found that I have been overwhelmed with overthinking! I’ve found that I’ve been SO CLOSE to what it is that I am supposed to be doing that I couldn’t even see it; I’m so used to doing it naturally, that I didn’t even recognize that THIS IS IT!

    I’ve found that I’ve been trying to combine things that I’m “good at” or have some experience in, trying to come up with some “jazzy” name that would incorporate it all, when actually, those things aren’t even what I’m supposed to be doing, and aren’t in alignment with my true passion & purpose! (talk about AHA moments!) I’ve said all of this to say, if you are feeling any sort of confusion, overwhelm, uncertainty or discouragement in creating your business, this course will GIVE YOU LIFE!!! And, Nicole Walters, don’t ever wait to launch anything ever, ever again!! haha- I finally know what it keeps like to have “purpose that keeps you up at night!” Thank you!! (Now, I can’t wait to see what the remaining 50% of the course contains!!)


    The worksheets make a huge difference. I’m back on it now. Whew!!!

    Fierce Clarity Buyer

    I cannot stop SMILING!!! I am so excited for the future and what is to come!

    If you haven’t started Fierce Clarity yet, do it NOW!!! LIFE CHANGING! Thank you Nicole, you are an amazing inspiration!


    This! This is 23 minutes in and is on fire. Nicole, the annual investment in YCE is in this webinar today. Thank you.


    Just conducted an Accountability Call while my kids played at the playground behind me! My client showed up 10 minutes late (for a 15-minute call) but I wasn’t stressed because she already paid for her appointment (thanks to Nicole Walters’ suggestion).

    In the past I would have felt like I was wasting my time, but I was able to check in with her and give her meaningful next steps to move her business forward.

    And now I’m about to go finish playing with my kids! Loving this life!!


    I just want to give a HUGE shoutout to Nicole Walters for helping me set up my income streams in 1k1day. I have 2 E-commerce stores. 1 Amazon Store, 1 Etsy Store. Plus, my coaching biz (that Nicole MADE ME set up), which I now make $$ from because they pay BEFORE I speak to them.

    I don’t make sales (YET) in every single store everyday, but I make sales every single day in one or more of these income streams. 2 days ago, I made $250 in sales (which I hadn’t done since the holidays), yesterday, another $150. I woke up to more sales today and it’s only noon. Looking forward to another $250 or more kind of day.

    This is all without any real marketing on Facebook Ads. Thank the Lord.

    TBH, if I could make $250 per day for 30 days consistently, that would be a real game changer for my family. $1k per day would put us over the top, and I’m so looking forward to it. Both my husband and I are entrepreneurs so sometimes things can get REALLY hard. Days with 0 sales are just numbing, to say the least.

    We’ve had to make changes, and sacrifices that I wish I didn’t have to make, but I can work to put those things behind us now because I have a plan. I have systems. Now, I’m just looking forward to making those all work. Every. Single. Day. On my way to 1k (or more) a day!

    Oh, and I hired a VA. She doesn’t make much, but with the affiliate link I provided her, she can make as much as she wants to. I’ll be looking for more affiliates to drive sales to my stores so I don’t have to work so hard and save $$ on Facebook Ads. LOL. Thanks Nicole Walters.


    I am so freaking excited!!! I finally get this! (or it may be the three cups of coffee) I have been teased by other instructors for the last year or so.. who talk about how you can make money in your sleep, monetize your skills, etc. But no one provided the nuts and bolts of it all together – even when I paid for it. There was always a missing piece. I am soooo grateful for this community and Nicole Walters for it’s creation. Last night I purchased the Amazon Store Set Up guide, opened and set up the store all in about an hour. Not only do you give us the tools, but I now know how to use them together to monetize my life. This just got real!


    Shout out to #YachtClubElite with @NapturalNicole. This community has definitely helped me in business. 


    I got to say this, I remember in College when my bank account was ALWAYS negative literally. It’s not to brag but to show you that you are in control of what you make of yourself. I remember like yesterday when I got up and quit my job, didn’t have no back up or nothing just a vision. Then I met one of the greatest business mentors ever named Nicole Walters. I knew I needed someone to teach me the corporate structures of running a business. I used my last little savings. I had to take her class before. I implemented everything I learned from her. Within just 3 months I went from broke to 6 figures just through my wardrobe consulting business. But trust me this isn’t easy money. It takes dedication, time, consistency, late nights, tears, sometimes you want to give up but OVERALL it paid off.


    I just finished Fierce Clarity with Nicole Walters! This course actually worked!


    Got my first sale from my Store… that I just set up yesterday!!! I’m so freaking excited!! Nicole Walters, you are the! Like for real!! For real!!


    Hello Richfriends, I completed the Fierce Clarity course and it feels amazing. I am so excited that I was able to get out of my own way and completed this course. So, after weeks of contemplating my website, I was able to complete my website today and now it’s live and running. It’s still a working progress but I’m proud of my accomplishments. 2017 will be a year of action and what a better way to start it off. Thank you Richfriends!


    Although I haven’t sending PRETTY messages lately, I have been using the tools that Nicole gave us for objections and it has been amazingly helpful! I just hit SC 16 and I know it’s because of the consistency in hey girl messaging and the PRETTY-type lingo I am using in my convos. Nicole, thank you so much for giving us the tools to push our business to the next level!


    This detox has been the business!!! Oh I was all the game for moving my family into a list and even unfriending several.. I now have a new found love for Facebook. I avoided my home feed on Facebook for sooooo long and spent more time over on instagram. Your training yesterday SERIOUSLY opened my eyes to all the noise I was allowing in my mental space. I took control of my virtual mental space and created my own algorithm so now my home feeds are like “welcome home Amanda” haha! Thanks Nicole!


    I was touched by an angel today…she had a pocket full of sparkle glitter that she sprinkled all over my business brain right here in my backyard! Not only did she throw out her amazing NicoleNuggets to inspire us all to our core, my bonus take away today was the realization that I need to whiten my teeth, like yesterday! Love this heart centered lady!!!


    Your passion is conveyed when you share your story. That’s your best sales pitch Nicole Walters!


    Before I took Nicole’s Amazon Affiliates mini-course. I didn’t even understand how Amazon affiliates worked. I tried everything, though. I couldn’t even get a referral sale by emailing someone a link. Now, it’s a “sleep coin,” thanks to Nicole’s Amazon Course and 1k1day Turbo Opt-In Method, I find myself getting referrals way easier and… *drum roll*… I just received my first payment from Amazon!!!!!


    How cool is it that @Oprah gets to meet my business mentor @NapturalNicole (aka Scoprah)?! ECSTATIC! 


    Tell Nicole that more folks will definitely do it if she offers payment BUT I also think it’s a mindset and trust. This is an investment so only serious entrepreneur should apply. There’s some valid reasons for payments due to folks budgets and timing in the month (near a payday, etc.), but I dipped into my kids savings for this course because I’m serious about getting these multiple streams going and will pay myself back.


    Okay, Nicole Walters I feel a little bit like you were in my head with lesson 5!! I’ve had this “idea” about charging for strategy sessions for the last, ohhhhh, 6 months or so. But, I couldn’t figure out exactly how to articulate the value or what kind of a price to put on it. I feel like in a 6 freaking minute video you completely changed my business. Can’t wait to implement and THANK YOU!!


    I’m not usually a “rah rah” type of girl, but I just want to say that if this course were to end tomorrow, I would feel as though I’d gotten my money’s worth. Seriously.

    A few months back, I paid $2500 to a business coach who handed me a 6-inch thick “customized” operations manual. I have yet to crack it because

    a) I don’t learn that way
    b) I didn’t even HAVE an infrastructure to OPERATE!

    Thank you, Nicole and team for creating such a completely tight, fast-paced and easily implementable curriculum. It’s a diamond in the rough.


    RAH-CEIPTS. Finished my digital product at 7PM and 9PM, I had 2 purchases AND a discovery call set up…. How the heck am I supposed to sleep – this excited. #insomniacoin! Thank you Nicole Walters. My 8yo tiny – just said “mom why are your eyes watering while you type” #sigh


    So, my website is up. I am not able to login and make changes yet. However, I just wanted to say this: Nicole Walters is a genius. This course has been perfect for me! I’m “behind” in my work because of my challenges with my website person. BUT. I’m armed with a PLAN. I know for a certain I have everything to make MAD COIN. I just need STRUCTURE. The course is affordable and simple and this group is the icing on the cake. $1k1DAY=perfection.


    My first real coin! EEEEEKKK!! If I can just put all the pieces together, man it’s just the begining. I declare right here one day I will hand a check to my parents to pay off their mortgage completely. Just you watch! I already have the note written out on my vision board to accompany the check. One day. One day. Thank you Nicole for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself.


    After giving my all, it is an amazing feeling to know it’s appreciated! I did my thing in Linkedin Bootcamp Mastermind and my students agreed. Still in disbelief! Joining $1k1day was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. It opened a new world. I can’t stop thanking Nicole Walters and team for making this happen.


    “My personal worth is not directly correlated to the success of my business”
    A big freakin “Ah-HA” this weekend, half a box of tear-soaked tissues later. It’s taking so much reprogramming to believe I am enough EVEN NOW. Even when I haven’t seen “success” by my own standards. I’ve come to realize:

    When it comes to entrepreneurship, my totem animal is a turtle: slow and steady! 🙂

    I also realize that I’ve been in company with amazing worldshapers and leaders – right here in this group!!
    And yet, I’ve been the silent friend on the couch not joining in to the discussions because I haven’t had #receipts! I’ve been dulling my light, thinking I can’t speak up until I’m making more $$.

    But GIRL, I’m here, now, to declare my receipts loud and proud! Even if they’re untraditional (kinda like me):

    -I won a scholarship this weekend to an incredible intimate 2-Day event with amazing speakers like Todd Herman and Jadah Sellner. $800 receipt!

    -I stayed way UNDER budget this month in our daily expenses – $500 receipt!!

    -I’m launching a passion project in 11 days that feels MUCH closer to the expression of my soul’s purpose! Creativity, Mysticism and Personal Expression. Priceless! 🙂

    Thank you RichFriends and Nicole Walters for this incredibly supportive, loving community where we can connect, grow and blossom 🙂


    Rich Friends, I am proud to announce I have at long last, and with some help from angels dressed as RFs/mentors, received my FIRST MONETARY RECEIPT!!!

    Hello MLM World!!! I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!!!!

    In 24 hours I was a receipt giver to another RF, and with help of RFs, a receipt receiver (forgive my grammar).

    Thank you, Nicole Walters, for being who you are and doing what you do!!


    Good morning RF’s. I come to you in my bonnet to say this. My rcpts aren’t huge but thanks to this course they are consistent. Life has thrown me a curveball that I didn’t see coming, so yup it hit me and I am stressed/hurt/afraid. Just when I was ready to shed a tear, a paypal notification popped up and I cried because I doubted this course to the bottom of my core. I mean all I do is knit, so in my mind Nicole was not talking to me, she didn’t design this for me. So to any of you that sit back and see other folks ROCK this course and have MAJOR receipts, please don’t be discouraged. I am telling you this from someone who often thinks “well damn Gaye you suck, shy aren’t you getting these big receipts?” I get mine when I need them and I am ok with that.

    I know I need to shift my focus as this time of year I can truly maximize my earning potential. So no more comparing and time to start working.

    You all inspire me on a daily basis; therefore, I wanted to share in case anyone feels the same way I do.


    I loved Nicole’s Periscope broadcast yesterday about pitching. This morning I started my day off at 2:30AM to prepare to teach a live group session on Strategic Goal Planning & Implementation at 4AM. Immediately following the call I was asked to come back and facilitate another session next week, and then was flooded with tons of Thank you messages and testimonials from people I’ve never met before. Needless to say, I will be following through to pitch these individuals for future opportunities and coins. Thanks Nicole, the Pitching series was right on time. I can’t wait for the next broadcast.


    2 more hours until @NapturalNicole’s course is on sale. I am waiting… who cares about sleep?

    Black Dahlia,2016

    When I found out Nicole Walters was ending her 1 on 1 sessions-I very quickly put together the money and gladly paid to be one of her last clients because I knew I would get something out of the investment. I knew that 5 years from now I would thank myself.

    What I didn’t know is that I would get my ENTIRE LIFE. As well as phenomenal CONCRETE business ideas and plans that incorporate all of my gifts in a seamless natural way. I thought we’d be figuring stuff out on the phone. I didn’t know she would literally tell me EXACTLY what to do, exactly what modules to put in my courses… etc etc

    Totally worth more than what I invested. So excited to continue this journey of COIN, COMMA and PURPOSE with you all.


    Nicole! I don’t know where else to post this on your page. But I just saw your latest scope (5/1) and loved it. LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I don’t want to hijack this status, but please know you have been a huge inspiration the last few months. And this latest scope solidified my respect for you. THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME FEEL BETTER ABOUT OVERTHINKING! You’re the best. xo


    I wanted to send you a quick thank you for the confirmation that I am on the right track! I have been telling everyone I know and work with about using the exact Polyvore method you outlined below and it is just the confirmation I needed when my self doubt was on FLEEK this week. You are amazing in all that you do. I also was at an event last night with Marcy Budwick and you were the topic of our convo and how awesome you are!


    This is why I love being on your email list! You always deliver value, not spam. Thank you, Nicole!


    I had absolutely no intention of watching a whole video on bread making.. seriously.. but I just watched a whole dang video on bread making!!! You are magnetic and hilarious, and I totally want to hang in your kitchen woman!! (Can’t give you periscope hearts, but there are some iPad hearts-LOL) That was seriously the best video ever. Hahahahaha. I’m even tempted to go out and get my own romper to rock out in. And I’m skinny white girl who has no need for the “Christian-button” on the top cuz there are ain’t nothing to show. Hmmmmmm. Maybe I oughta rethink the romper. It’d probably just look like overalls on me. Anyway…great video. Thanks for letting me ramble in your comment section.

    Story Lynne,2016

    Okay, so I have decided to stop sitting by the sidelines and watching as all the Richfriends love on each other. I’ve been giving myself the excuse that staying active in a group “takes so much time,” but what I have come to realize is that Nicole has done more than start a mere FB Group. She has created a community- a movement – of people who genuinely love each other and want to see each other thrive. Being a part of that is worth making the time to be here. So, this Cycle 3 RF is diving in heart first trusting that my RF’s will “catch” me. Thank you all for being great and being awesome examples. You’ll be seeing me around!


    Over thinking & overhelm made simple.. Module 1, Assignment 2 DONE. #Bubble #FierceClarity #NWDaily30 @NapturalNicole


    GM! @NapturalNicole I had to let you know you have been a blessing to me this 2016. You are the reason why I re-dedicated my life to Christ.


    @NapturalNicole’s Fierce Clarity is the perfect gift for Mompreneurs.


    Much needed devotional this morning. I woke up defeated and this is what I needed to hear. My God has a purpose for me and he’s not done. He said “Steph, don’t stop, keep going, stay focused, I’m working.” When you’re feeling defeated, like a failure, or think things are just impossible, know that it’s your job to pick yourself up and keep going, God will do the rest. Starting the #nwdaily30 out on a good note. Excited for the next 29 days. This will sit on my bureau as a reminder. #devotional #godsword


    Not only have I made back my initial investment (that I took from my bill money since it was not enough to cover the bill), but I have made back over triple that amount and I pray it continues to grow. What I’ve gained so far from this program goes deeper than the content from the modules. I’ve gained REAL FRIENDS WITH MONETIZED MINDS WHO KNOW THEIR WORTH. We are all discovering that we’re worth more than “free assistance” and doing “favors” for others.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but now that I’m delivered from being broke, thinking broke, speaking broke and loving broke, I’M NEVER GOING BACK! Thank you, Nicole! Again, I love you…lol! #MonetizeTHAT


    The original #daily30 that you put me on this year pushed me out of the nest. This #NWDaily30 I’m going to show myself how high I can fly.


    Officially a hot mess (ugly cry like!)… and a lot “lighter”… Module 1, Assignment 1 DONE. #DearSelf #FierceClarity @NapturalNicole


    “I closed my first sale last night!” Says the lady who is not a sales person! Thank you Christy Wright and Nicole Walters #BusinessBoutique


    Anyone else reviewing every ad and website now after Donald Miller and Nicole Walters’ talks?


    Hey Ladies!! I stayed an extra day to go to Dave Ramsey’s Radio Station & LOOK WHO RAN INTO.. #NicoleWalters #BusinessBoutique


    @NapturalNicole I want you to be assured that Fierce Clarity is AMAZING… nearly in tears over “The Beginning.” thank you!


    Working on some major Lularoe business re-vamping thanks to @napturalnicole and all she taught us at #businessboutique! #lifechanging #lookingforward


    When you’re already using @NapturalNicole Follow-Up Formula for your workshop this weekend! #KNOWLEDGE #BusinessBoutique #womeninbiz


    Listening now on my commute to “work”. Love this. So inspiring!

    My favorite part was when you gave business scenarios and she gave advice on how to turn your ideas into coins! I actually bought her credit repair program last year and it helped me dramatically. I’m all here for @napturalnicole


    When your phone rings and it’s Nicole Walters calling to tell you that she has selected you to attend Christy Wrights’ Business Boutique and stand beside her and other powerhouse entrepreneurs like Dave Ramsey, Amy Porterfield, Rachel Cruze, Hillary Scott, Christine Caine, Donald Miller and Jess Connolly you snot cry, your hands shake, you call your husband, mom and best friends and you get absolutely NO work done. That has been the last hour of my life. I am beyond thrilled and I cannot wait to get to Nashville to soak it all in. Nicole, I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity.


    My goal was $1k this month before I get to meet Nicole at Business Boutique in November. But God has blessed me and I’m almost there after 15 days! This $922 in sales is $678 pure profit after inventory and misc expenses. Thank you, Nicole for pushing me to keep at it and find my passion!Setting a new goal of $2k in sales by Nashville.


    I stood up half the night binge watching @NapturalNicole periscope videos! You’re amazing! Putting some of your tips into practice. XOXO


    I has so much fun and learned so much at this lecture! @napturalnicole, thank you for being authentic, transparent, knowledgeable, and super funny! Thank you so much for visiting the PNW and sharing your gifts and story. My take away was, “Launching it, is part of the revision process” I so needed to hear that! Thanks girl!


    Today Nicole Walters did a little video with a big message about feeling jealousy. She said how she has trained her brain to say this. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Thank you for sharing that message today Nicole (I hope me quoting you makes you feel more like Oprah)


    Planning to quit your 9 to 5 and make #MoneyAndImpact full time? Take this advice from my coach Nicole Walters, who quit a little over a year ago and has now built a million-dollar business.


    @NapturalNicole I’ll be seeing you tomorrow in Seattle! I’m so excited to meet you in person. So worth the 6 hours drive one way!


    Richfriends, I’ve been here doing the work, keeping faith in what I believe in and the dream I’m creating for myself and my family.

    Three weeks ago I decided to follow my heart and my gut, focus on nurturing a few instead of many and serving them very, very well. I took time to find out what they were struggling with, speak to them, help them and create training for them.

    This week I’ve sold $25K worth of my services and banked more than $12K!! I have achieved my 1K1D many times over and I’m so blessed for this community who have kept me motivated to keep going, showing up and doing the work. <3

    Most important though, is the impact I know I’m making on the lives of 6 more women who are going after their big business dreams with my help and support.


    I got these cool glasses when Scott and I went to California for a conference. These glasses represent a very special group of entrepreneurs, we are Richfriends. Nicole is the brilliant leader of this group of hard working life changers. She shares her knowledge, life experiences and struggles so her clients can build businesses that will make a difference in the world.

    When I see my little girl’s confidence in herself while rocking a large pair of fake spectacles my heart smiles. I see the possibilities for her, she is a life-changer! She wore those glasses for her entire dance & tumbling class! Of course, little sister had to join in too.


    Sold out my early bird special level for my LinkedIn Bootcamp Challenge. Using the Turbo Opt-in Method. Yesterday I scored three times, and made 5 sales! Yippie!! Generating sales from Periscope is amazing!


    WIN! I was recently interviewed by my biz buddy Nicole Walters on her new online show. I talked about seizing opportunities, building your biz on more than one pillar of income and bouncing back from setbacks. She has a big audience and I’ve received tons of opt-ins from folks visiting my website because of it. Yay!

    I used to do LOTS of media in my former biz. This has sparked me to do more in my new biz.


    OMG I didn’t think of this before. I just got paid $1K in ONE DAY! My client’s package is $1000. Wow! Nicole Walters, thanks for the insights you’ve given me so I could casually yet confidently state the package price I’m offering her as a former client! (Cause she’s paying more than before, baby!)


    I had to go back to my roots and do an old school turbo opt in. I had a couple of hours free during my vacation. I went to talk to a gym owner in person to let him know I had a course coming up. You know the one I had JUST laid out on cards. I was hoping that he would either promote me or get into talk to his trainers when it was finished. He bought 70 courses for his people on the spot. Don’t be afraid to talk to people in person. Talk about pressure to get it done.

    I am a hardheaded maverick and excited to go through 1k1d cycle redoux. Don’t let that stop you from putting yourself out there. If I didn’t take action until it was pretty and perfect I would be hungry and broke.


    Hooray Nicole Walters! I love waking up in the morning and finding payments in my inbox while I’m on vacation with the family! And because of all the work I have done with Chalene Johnson and Nicole – I got offered the BIGGEST opportunity of my career- I can’t share the details till contracts are signed but it is because Nicole said to me on a scope, “Diane your super powers are teaching and impacting lives.”

    She said this at a time in my life when I was ready to give up on my BIG dreams. I was scared, my husband was really sick and I thought I should get a “real job.”

    It was her scope about “Discover Your Why” – this scope reset my whole life and career. Love you Nicole!


    Hey Nicole- I know you may not read this- but I just had to message you and let you know how much I enjoyed the graduation ceremony. I literally cried. You are such a light in this world. And I am so happy for your little family! Congrats! I know that God brought me to you for a reason. I can feel that the next 12 months is going to be a gamechanger in my life. Your course/purpose has literally shifted me entire thought process. And I was able to actually start and implement. So thank you so much!


    Nicole Walters, you are such an inspiration to me. Your love for God and love for others shows in everything that you do. I appreciate your words of encouragement, bright smile and instruction. You, my Rich Friend, are my Oprah. I love you and appreciate you. Thank you for being a living example of the miracles that God can and will do. Can’t wait for the day when I am blessed by one of your life giving hugs as we prepare to set sail on my yacht. (Rich Friend Insider)


    Nicole Walters’s business workshop was more than I could have imagined!! Thank you so much for the amount of time you poured into each of us today!
    You’re incredible!


    I had given up on my vision before I joined this course. When my husband got sick after SS – I thought I need to give up on this dream and just do my consulting work. You gave me faith that I could make my courses successful. And work less. More family time in return. More than the coin, it’s about freedom.


    Well, thank you for that 5 figure contract to train groups of students how to become entrepreneurs, embrace and showcase their individuality regardless of their circumstances, become a voice for public service, communicate effectively verbally and nonverbally to earn sholarships, and yes even bake a cupcake since I like to eat and can use food for ANY life lesson. Don’t change what is genuinely your superpower and don’t feel bad for constantly redoing things until you find your rythm.

    Nicole Walters, I am pleased to announce my son and I are no longer homeless. Thank you for that conversation we had in the inbox right before you did Cycle 3. You know I was completely broken with a smile on my face. I look forward to seeing you in
    Atlanta in a few weeks. We must take a selfie filled with Melanin BEFORE we cry tears of joy together. My sinuses will affect my cute factor and well.. we just can’t have that.


    @NapturalNicole @TheHubbin, I was afraid to start because I was worried about the legal stuff. Now I have clarity and know where to start.


    The shirt was a HIT at the block party.. Now they ALL want to be a RICHFRIEND.


    Module 1 and the follow up post by Nicole Walters just paid for this entire course. ’nuff said #jussayin


    I LOVE Module 1. My niche is health coaching and I already set up coaching packages, but I hadn’t had the time to determine how I was going to work through the logistics of scheduling, payments, reminders, etc. Yea!

    I wasn’t going to put up testimonials on my website at first. However, I will now. I received one just last week from former free work I USED to do.

    I am brand new to this and have been researching for the past few months and have been working to set up multiple income streams. I knew what I wanted to do, but I needed help with the how. This is why I signed up for this course, for the HOW. I sooooooo glad I did.


    Nicole Walters, I remember watching you and your husband last July on scope just laughing and talking on the couch!! I fell in love with your spirit that night and never left! You have truly come a long prosperous way and I’m so excited & happy for you!! Without your sharing and teaching and me jumping on 1K1Day Cycle 1 I probably still wouldn’t have my website! My business is still growing and I’m still figuring some things out, but without you and my need for emergency surgery last April my business wouldn’t be where we are today! I’d still be baking every now and then, I’d still be discounting my product, there would be no Paypal, I wouldn’t be constantly investing in myself, I wouldn’t be all over social media, there’d be no daily segment, and I’d never would have realized how great I could be and how BLESSED I really am. Thank you COLE for blessing us all and making us. #GetItDone


    I have a RECEIPT involving my RichFriends T-shirt! Okay.. what had happen was.. I wore my “Richfriends” shirt to my favorite coffee shop.  After staring at me for a few minutes, a woman walked over and asked me what did I do to become a “Richfriend”? My reply: “Honey, there’s thousands of us all across the globe and we all share a common thread.. Purpose is where we live and passion is what we used to get there! She asked to join me and we chatted for an hour. She is now my new client who purchased my VIP Transformation Coaching Program on the spot! Yeah.. I was prepared and ready to receive my coins! BAM!


    Nicole said multiple streams right?! Well it seems today the coins are rolling in. Sold another book! More #Receipts! Y’all it’s getting real! The year of the comma, I will wait on sharing others but I got all kinds of irons in the fiyah! Thanks so much Nicole for dropping that knowledge that I am so happily picking up! I made affiliate money today & sold some stuff via Amazon FBA.


    Wow, thank you for sharing your story.. so inspiring.. so transparent.. So real!


    Awesomeness! Love it! Thank you for sharing Greatness! I was with my women’s group today and your 1K1Day program was mentioned. #YouRock


    @Naptural Nicole, you didn’t just attend the White House event for you. You also attended for me. Thank you for that! #womensummit


    Meeting my RICH FRIEND @NapturalNicole yesterday in person was definitely one of the best moments of #stateofwomen!


    I’m getting “this close” to finishing my first published book! Nicole and this amazing group of #RichFriends has kept me focused on my goal even though I only have a few hours per week to work on it.


    So yesterday this happened..

    Doorbell rings
    Dog Barks
    I open door
    I squeal with delight
    I scare the fedex man and the dog

    I may or may not be moonwalking and singing #billiejeanyarn is my lover.

    Family! I am a novice at this marketing/social media branding thing but I know how to be me! Almost a year ago I took a course that was designed to teach you how to make 1K in one day by Nicole Walters because of that class: new logo, T-shirts, mugs and this! Yarn companies are coming to me! Lil ole me, to try out their brand new SOLD OUT! Yarn! This course showed me how to turn up my game, improve my brand AND increase my coin. You wanna increase your coin?


    Shoutout to all my richfriends today! Got our matching shirts! I am in an amazing program right now from Chalene Johnson called Marketing Impact Academy. I love Chalene but I really signed up so I could work with Nicole Walters who is launching her 1K1Day very soon. If you have or want to start a business you need to be following Nicole like yesterday. Can’t wait to meet both these ladies and all my Richfriends at MIA live next month.


    A powerful message from Nicole Walters to this country in light of the Orlando shooting.

    One of the main reasons why I pay serious cash year after and invest into my personal development is not to make millions of dollars and get all fancy, it’s to build my character and move through and past my own pain and inspire others to do the same so that their pain doesn’t lead them to senseless, horrific acts.

    “The very item that you create or build, even the process of you sharing it could be the inspiration that stops (another’s) crying. It could be the inspiration that someone needs to get past their pain instead of spreading (their pain) to others”

    At work and crying like a baby. I love this woman.


    Nicole walters – your scope was everything this morning. Words can’t explain it, but thank you.


    Nicole Walters, thank you so much for your scope today.

    I needed that so much. I have been feeling really depressed and defeated by myself and recent events, but you are so right.


    “My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the #OrlandoShooting, but so are my ACTIONS.”

    Inspiring words above from @Napturalnicole today on periscope.. and so true. The best way to honor those who are now without life, is to live out what you’ve been called to do. No more excuses, your talents were given for you to serve mankind & inspire good. Hiding your light is equal to cooperating with darkness.

    Let’s start living lionheart.


    @NapturalNicole we are not quitters! We’ll move forward by doing the work. Thank you for your scope today.

    Ballet News,2016

    @NapturalNicole continue to be authentic & true to your calling. That’s your gift! Continue to walk in it serving others. 


    For those of you all on Periscope please go check out my friend Nicole Walters (Scoprah) periscope today. When I tell you it hit me at my core. Thanks Nicole just what I needed.


    So I want to thank Nicole Walters so much for this community and everything that it brings! So much support and love and fellowship.. I cannot be happier that I became a part of 1k1day. Your spirit Nicole is amazeballs and what you have provided for us really cannot be put into words. That is all.. back to your regularly scheduled programming.. ROFL


    Richfriends! I made it! Finally made my $1K in one day! Champagne everybody! Guys, I did not even advertise for it, I intentionally keep my High End Styling experience exclusive and this client is an open door to more yummy ideal clients!! OMG, I need to pinch myself!! Amen and glory to God!! Nicole Thank you!!


    Have you been interested in starting your own business and not sure where to begin? Do you have a message you want to share with the world and could not figure out how to be effective and powerful in getting out there? Do you know in your heart you want to serve the world in a LARGER, MORE VISIBLE, LIFE CHANGING WAY?

    Then I encourage you to check this program out. My mentor Nicole Walters is relaunching her wildly successful program $1k1day. It is a step by step system for the beginning or well seasoned entrepreneur to monetize their life in a way they never knew possible.

    This program has changed my life and helped me to take my business and desire to serve out of all the ideas in my head into actual practice tangible business.


    @NapturalNicole I love you! Cycle 3 Richfriend who almost quadrupled her 1K1Day investment 60 days after finishing! Thanks Yachtclub!


    Nicole Walters, you are seriously a gem. My mind literally cannot comprehend why you care so much. Your quality and approach is unlike any other I have ever matched! I wish I paid YOU the money instead for this course. LOL. And I CANNOT wait for $1K1day!!!MIA can go on the backburner for now.


    Nicole Walters is on my vision board as someone I want to meet in person and I’m thankful Yael has made this happen. Nicole is a rare breed of passion, business savvy, love for the people and straight up fun. A wife, mom and entrepreneur from the moment we connected I knew she was someone to follow. I have learnt so much from her trainings about the importance of staying true to your purpose, always be thinking like a business (profitability is key), leveraging your time and
    giving back. It has completely transformed my business, especially with the introduction of new income streams.


    Relaunched Monday w/ a new name, better fulfillment, cute site & sold 5 tees! Thank you @NapturalNicole


    Watched @NapturalNicole’s Periscope last week on starting a t-shirt shop. FINALLY got the info I needed to revive my shop from 3 years ago!


    @NapturalNicole I had my very first scope with a 100% retention rate! Thanks to your #slayyourscope course!


    I just followed Nicole’s plan. I kept track of questions my clients ask me all the time. I answered the question. Made sure it would impact their lives. And they bought it. But my clients are fanatics so they were telling everybody.


    I think I’m going to Ralph as I type this but I need to get over it. I had a 5 figure day awhile ago and I shared it with Ms Nicole & a few close RF. I still get nervous about what I’m doing. My site is still a mess. I still call my RF in a panic over a canva PDF. But you can do it. Just wait until I actually finish 1K1Day, there will be no stopping me.


    I had an epiphany over the weekend after I went through Fierce Clarity again!

    In the past! I have struggled BAD with seeing myself as a health and fitness coach meaning I’ve been playing negative mind games with myself basically convening me that I can’t be a good coach for a whole lot of reasons. This has caused me to be less, less of a leader to my team, less of a coach to my clients, and less to myself. With all the personal development I did last year and the incantations I’ve created for myself I failed to tell myself a pretty basic thing. “You are a coach”.

    I would always hear my coach in my head saying “who do you have to become to be successful”. In my mind I thought, ok I need to find someone to become to make this work because obviously the answer isn’t me because I was telling myself I wasn’t good enough to be a coach. I didn’t have the skills. I wasn’t a nutritionist, a personal trainer, a doctor, a nurse, whatever BS I was playing in my head. I did so much personal growth last year that I KNOW I’m enough in my personal life but I forgot to bring that over to the coaching side of the fence.

    I was going through Fierce Clarity last weekend and one of the exercises was to really look at what you are good at AND what brings you joy. I am really good at being someone’s cheerleader, lifting them up, listening to their story, making people feel loved and cared for. This brings me the greatest joy and fills my heart to the max BUT I never thought to bring that over to coaching. I know that sounds like a no brainer but I was away over complicating this: I didn’t connect the dots because I didn’t believe that skill set had any true worth. Probably one of the main reasons I’ve struggled with 1K1day, I would ask myself, why would someone pay for that.

    For some reason I made the connection, FINALLY, and the words “I’m a FREAKING COACH” came out of my mouth. It was a domino effect inside me and it finally lit a fire that was waiting to burn. I’m posting what I want on FB without fear of judgement: I’m showing the good, the bad and the ugly, so people know I’m a real person that struggles as much as the next which is getting me so much more engagement. I’m bringing more value to my posts and working on a freemium to serve people even more.

    My accountability group is on fire! Everyone is so pumped and posting like crazy. I’m being their coach first and friend second because that is why they are joining me in the first place, to get results.

    Who do I have to be successful? I have to be unapologetically, authentically me because I AM ENOUGH for all aspects of my life! #fierceclarity

    Thank you Nicole Walters for the amazing programs you have created! I am so very thankful and blessed to have found you.


    This is THE course that turned my blog into business. I highly recommend it. It taught me ways to monetize my life in ways I’d never thought of. It helped me start having $1k days.. instead of $1K months. This course can help monetize ANY business and take it to the next level. If you jump into this course and do the work… you will come out of it with at least 3 sustainable streams of income, some even passive income. Your mind will be blown at how easily you can do it. Nicole shows you HOW and she will help you every step of the way. She cares SO much about each of her students. She’ll know your name, what you do and tell you the truth to help you succeed. She helps you monetize YOUR unique skills. I remember the day I decided to jump in and signed up for this course and I OFTEN think.. where would my business be if I didn’t jump in? I wouldn’t have my digital products I sell that I’ve made a LOT of money from.. I wouldn’t have my T-shirt business without meeting Nicole… I wouldn’t have a monetized mindset in everything I do now with so much more in the works.. today could be your day to get started.


    Day Two!! I can get used to this! That incredible moment when doing the work starts to pay off on a daily basis!!

    I’ve been low key in here because I’ve been doing my best to tightening up lose ends since completing 1k1day and really learning the art of catching my coin instead of giving my coin away because time is money.

    It has been such a rewiring of the brain that has had to come with 1K1Day – if you aren’t seeing results it could be time to THINK differently and SPEAK differently.

    1K1Day has been a game-changer for me. Thank you Nicole Walters!! I am NOW experiencing consecutive wins!


    I’m so glad I showed up!! This group has really up leveled my thinking and helped me see myself as successful in business! I often find it hard to connect personally in large groups (the whole introvert thing) but no more. Thanks Nicole Walters for making this a safe place to grow. I’m glad I found my tribe.


    Nicole, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift. My business had always been in existence in my mind and heart BUT it wasn’t until 1k1day that I created a place. Because of the wonderful academy, I made great connections…amongst other things. I truly didn’t think this much would be accomplished this far because mommie life tends to always take over. 1K1Day really opened my eyes to networking and building a team so I can do what I am great at.

    I even took the information about product launch formula and applied it to launching my first academy, to help women live a healthy balanced lifestyle. The launch was super successful!!!!! Not because I have thousands of participants, but because I actually followed the steps, had a place for participants to go, and made a positive impact. My following increased AND I have a real email list! I also earned enough coin to pay 2 large bills (if needed)


    One year ago this very week I ordered the ACSM books to become a certified personal trainer, hoping, dreaming that one day I could train others.. life got in the way and I haven’t finished the prepping for the exam, but thanks to Nicole and 1K1D and of course my God, I have set up my business and as of this week I am training my very first FULL PAYING personal training client! I am charging probably 50% more than what other experienced trainers charge here and my client tells me every single day how much she loves our sessions, how she has NEVER ever trained like this, how she already feels like an athlete and how much she looks forward to our classes… and I feel so so blessed. I have never been so happy to wake up at the crack of dawn to “work”. I’m so happy! I’m sooooooo flipping happy.. can I just say I’m happy? I am forever grateful for all of you guys and this group and our mentor and eeeeerrrrthing rich-related lol! This year will only bring greatness for us and our families. God bless you all, God bless you, Nicole!


    You guys! My MOM got in Cycle 3!! I’m dying!!! She’s brilliant! Nicole, watch out for her! Woohoo! I have chills. I can’t believe she decided to do this.


    I owe to this group! For teaching me to upgrade my hustle. I will never be able to thank Nicole Walters enough!


    Getting coin in your sleep is the BEST!I launched my store recently. And the absolute best thing is to wake up an email saying SOLD Ship NOW! Thank you Nicole Walters for this group and the lessons! I’m learning!


    NICOLE! Oh. My. Goodness. Thank you *so* much for coming onto my Periscope and sharing it! Like..what?! Your heart and your love is SO freaking powerful! It’s so funny how God works. I almost didn’t scope that day because I wasn’t feeling well but my gut told me to.. and having your support was such an amazing gift. I went back and watched the replay and saw all the love you kept giving in the comments. Non-stop love. And laughs. Always laughs. Haha! My heart is so full.

    You light up this world by being you and doing what you do. Your energy is so massively powerful, and I am *so* grateful to have you as a mentor. For you to see me – like, really see me – is just beyond words. THANK YOU! For real, words just can’t come close to describe how grateful I am to you. For EVERYTHING.


    Nicole’s 1K1Day program gave me the kick I needed to “upgrade to my purpose.” It was an eye opener on so many levels and has transformed the way I think about money in my business and in everyday life. Not only is the class eye-opening, her teaching style is pure joy! Her enthusiasm and comedic monologues makes the entire experience worth it.


    Per your suggestion, I updated my website. I still need to update and arrange content, but it’s gotten a face lift ANDDDDD I’ve given people a place to put my coins (hehe that’s so fun).

    Over the past week, I got super dialed in and decided that I wanted to sell 90-day mind, body life coaching packages. Yesterday, at the end of my scope I talked about my coaching for 2 minutes or so. It was more or less an introduction to my program. I mentioned that I’m taking on 4 1-1 clients to work with for the next 90 days. Guesssss what?! I woke up this morning to THREE people who saw my scope, emailed me and want to do coaching with me.

    Thank you for helping me believe it’s ok to pick up my coins, for helping me see them, and for helping me to map out a strategy.


    What I really want to tell you… drum roll please.. I just received 1800 bucks in coaching package fees!!!! This was from a very pleased client who hired me based on our interactions by phone and on Periscope. She also mentioned how the changes in my site (that you suggested) are the bomb. Woooohooooo! Just wanted to let you know. Don’t want you on that yacht without me.


    My session with Nicole was absolutely mind-blowing! I learned more about how to monetize my business and website from our one call than I did from working with another coach for months. She had a laser-focus on exactly what steps I needed to take to up my coin game. I am so grateful and proud to be one of her #richfriends!


    Today was my first official work day, after being sick through the holidays and it was GREAT! The night before I received a referral from a client and met with my new client today! Normally, we can’t connect so quickly, and this week is tight, but I knew she was going to be meeting this weekend with other potential clients, so I squeezed her in. Not only was she very appreciative, I left her with more confidence after our session and she will shine this weekend. This is my first client of the new year at my new rates, too. Thank you, Nicole Walters, for giving me the confidence to raise my rates.


    1K in 1Day!!!!! I did it andddd only with 2 late night scopes! It hasn’t even been a full 24 hours yet! 


    Crying tears of gratitude as I am so close to 1K in 1Day!


    Just wanted to share that in two weeks it will be my one year anniversary of being a licensed hairstylist and I’m only 18, this week I made $1000 even with two cancellations just by following what Nicole says about charging what your worth! Now with what I learn in this course I’m determined to make that in one day by monetizing myself on different platforms and cut back on my time at the salon!


    Ok, I’m super excited about this program so I finished Module 1 last night and got some coins today as a consultant! Sooo hype! Investment is paying off already, soooo amazing!


    My receipt is not so much about what I’ve earned in dollars but in wisdom.

    I was in the process of transitioning from my white collar position to working on my own when I learned about the 1K1Day program. After taking the course, I realized I was beyond ready as the majority of the lessons touched on techniques I had already incorporated into my business. So for me, it was more of a confirmation that I was beyond ready to make the switch. It helped to boost my confidence and take authority over my area of expertise and I’ve been walking in my purpose ever since.


    Hey Rich Friends! I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. I want to first of all start by saying that if you are even slightly thinking of a booking a one-on-one session with Nicole Walters, DO IT!!! I did and it was not only the answer to a lot of years of prayer in asking God for a “Me for Me” (as in a high level coach/mentor) that could look at all the diverse and dope stuff I’ve done and help me to extract out the exact thing that I can build my own personal brand upon. Within 15 minutes of our call, Nicole mapped out a brand strategy for me that I NEVER, I REPEAT, NEVER would have thought of that is a perfect blending of my existing background and my passion! She mapped out an entire 7 Figure plan for me with all of the funnels, markets, ways to systematize and she opened me up to the possibility of raising my coaching rates to a very premium rate that will allow me to work with a handful of people and pocket 6 figures for each twice a year session opening. I’m so excited to be building all of this and to release my new solo, signature program to the community that so desperately needs it!

    I am a fairly savvy and semi-successful Entrepreneur already but there were a lot of things I have been either doing wrong or haven’t been doing out of fear because I was so unclear about my own personal brand. After my call with Nicole, I no longer have that fear!!

    If you don’t invest the money for a one-on-one with her, I think you are insane and are missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime to work with someone that has the success we are all working to attain and to have 100% access to her incredible brain?!?!?! Hear me now, believe me later.. She should raise the rate of her sessions to over well over $1K an hour for the amount of tangible, actionable value you get.


    I already had an established business, but 1K1Day techniques allowed me to streamline and short-cut a lot of things I was spending too much time on in my business. As a result of improving my Amazon store marketing and Nicole’s Turbo Opt-IN, my revenue has gone up to 4 figures per month and my time invested in my business has gone DOWN.. and I haven’t even applied everything 1K1Day offers yet! I still have 2 or 3 things to implement.


    1K1Day helped me get in the right mindset, opened my eyes to setting up the multiple streams of income, affiliate programs, and got me set up/ organized with Paypal. I’ve made about $3,000, with more business in the pipeline.. 1K1Day gave me the validation I needed to go out on my own again sooner than planned!


    The course definitely has changed my mindset about monetizing my skills! No doubt about that. I feel less nervous asking for the rates I want in my business and I’m looking forward to implementing other income streams in the near future.


    This course got my brain on the right path.. helped me to realize what steps I needed to take and what outcome I should expect.


    Nicole is one of the most authentic, honest entrepreneurs you will ever meet! She is one of the few people I have met who willingly shares her strategies and wants everyone to succeed. With one tweak in my subscription opt-in, my list went from having no subscribers to over 200+ during the few weeks of the course. I would have never figured it out on my own without Nicole’s help!


    1K1Day has changed my life more than I ever could have imagined! I went into this course with an open mind and ready to put all of what I had learned into my MLM. However, I gained the confidence, knowledge and resources I desperately needed to monetize myself. My MLM is just another income source now, it doesn’t define me. Thank you for everything!


    Yes, we made more money, but the single best thing about 1K1Day for us was finding what our VALUE was.. WE didn’t even know how valuable we were! We didn’t know we had an academy all neatly packaged and printed up handling it out in a booklet for free! We gave discounts where no discounts were necessary! We didn’t put enough value on our extremely valuable stuff. That alone made 1K1Day worth it’s weight in gold.

    Chrysee & Todd,2016

    Nicole helped me gain confidence in my expertise by telling us to redefine what an “expert” really is. It gave me the confidence to create my own e-course that I plan on launching.


    Before 1K1Day I had no direction. I had ideas in my head but had no clue how to monetize them. Some things I didn’t even know I had. 1K1Day showed me how to profit off of what I already had.


    I have never seen a more dedicated, more visible, more hands-on trainer in the online academy world than Nicole Walters. She’s the real deal, and her team is amazing. You won’t regret working with her. Incredible value for money!!


    Since I started 1K1Day, I have written an E-book, started an Email list and I’m working on an E-course which I hope to develop into an Academy. My mind is flowing with ideas. This was a God-send for me. I feel so confident and hopeful about my future and what I have to offer. Thanks Nicole and your amazing team for awakening me to my purpose. You rock! Blessings!


    Before 1K1Day I could have counted on my hands how many students I had for my upcoming classes, but now after implementing everything from $1K1Day I’m busier than I have been in a very long time and I’m killing it with my online cupcake bouquet course.


    Where would I be without $1K1Day & Nicole Walters? Not on that yacht, that’s for sure! 1K1Day has taught me how valuable I am and most importantly, it showed me EXACTLY where I’m dropping coin all over the dang floor. The best part? She shows you how to pick it up all that coin and put it in your pocket. Step by step. This academy has blessed me in so many ways. I thought this was going to teach me how to make money online, but it did a whole lot more than that. God led me to this course and I’m so thankful he did, because I am worth it and so is my business.


    My biggest testimonial is that I learned to value my expertise. Just during the 8-week course of 1K1Day, I landed a paid project, which was something that I would have done for free in the past. I also had a client pay my new rate and all I did was tell them, there are my new rates; I thought he was going to object but he paid it promptly.


    Before starting 1K1Day, I never knew the amount of income that could be made online. I’m now determined to live life on my own terms and I have a family FULL of Richfriends who help along the way.


    The course definitely has changed my mindset about monetizing my skills! No doubt about that. I feel less nervous asking for the rates I want in my business and I’m looking forward to implementing other income streams in the near future.


    This program (1K1Day) successfully shifts the mindset about money, the ability to make it from income streams, and it builds confidence.


    Just got off an amazing jam-packed webinar with Nicole Walters. If you’ve ever been curious about building your own business and wondering if it’s just a bunch of extra work or if can actually be fun, she’ll tell it to you straight. And yes, it can be fun. With a community of “richfriends” and top-notch business building skills, there’s nothing that beats it.


    Nicole Walters, I am with you not just because of your great content; I have been watching, learning the things you don’t advertise, keeping track of how you are and why you do. Keep it up! When we are in God, we join in his mission and his story. We often miss the story, and so we distort the mission. Just want to say: you get the story, so you are doing the mission.


    This group is so worth every dime and then more to be part of Nicole. And team are rocking and busting out of the gate to bring us the best content! I am still stuck on the lead page and creating an email string because I am not tech savy but I am confident that I will get there!


    Love what you have added to my business and my thinking about my personal brand – this kind of clarity I have been trying to get for 2 years and in 1k in 1 day academy it is CRYSTAL CLEAR!


    Nicole, A BIG THANKS TO YOU! Your course 1k1day last Summer is changing my life daily.

    1k1day Student,2017

    After adjusting the way I talk with my audience via email with Nicole’s guidance. I have cleared my FIRST $10,000 in 30 days from EMAILS! You rock Nicole! We can all do this..


    My two mentors who’ve helped me save 10k in three months and start an online business. Chalene Johnson and Nicole Walters!


    If you are new around here, you have found the right place. Nicole is one of the most effective teachers that I have ever crossed paths with. Pay attention to what she says and how she says it. Review the context and content of what she teaches. You will discover the subtle nuances (small and large details) that will create one ah-ha moment of clarity after another. I’m a blessed person to have crossed paths with the most generous and effective teachers around Nicole Walters. 


    Nicole, I soooo enjoyed your email “7x your income….” particularly the part where you said “I skip the chaos of launch season to spend summer with my kids”. As a single parent, summer is the time when I also want to focus on family time, summer camps and really spend zero time chasing after clients.

    I love that you are encouraging me to get out of the mindset of online business, launches and all are down on a certain way and at a certain time of the year.I also love that you are encouraging us to continue to run our own race while disrupting the industry.

    I am enjoying working on those streams of income and looking at the progress I’ve made since joining 1k1day, that alone is a major win. Thank you for sharing the secrets. I would still be working myself until I turn blue on only 1 stream of income and that was the very thing running me to the ground the years before.


    It’s been a crazy weekend/week. So hubby suffered a second stroke. It’s been 7 years since the first one. Praise God that it was milder than the first and we caught it early. However, the bill came, and although we have insurance, it is still unexpected hit to the wallet. It is also quite possible that he won’t return to work.

    But… you know what I have now that I would not have even thought about 7 years ago? Multiple Income Streams (1k1day). Not that they are bringing in huge amounts (right now), but I’ve been able to earn money outside of my job these last couple.. while at the hospital sitting with him.

    Better yet, I can set my husband up to monetize his skills.. from home.. outside of a corporate/government job. Thanks Nicole Walters for blessing me with your knowledge and skills. What you are doing is necessary and appreciated.

    There is always a blessing in the midst of troubles.. (my belief anyway)

    1k1day Student,2017

    One year RFs…

    It’s been one year since the gift that I received in the form of 1k1day helped my family go from homeless and separated to living in a perfect-for-us home on a lake.

    In one year we went from sleeping on floors in other people’s homes to being able to pay our parents bills last month while they were both hospitalized.

    In one year we went from delinquent bills and overdrawn accounts to paid bills, savings, and investments.

    I don’t have a cool title, a website, logo, or a lot of receipts. I’m definitely not killing it like many of you are but I’m proof that even if you take consistent action on even one strategy that Nicole shares, your life can change. She’s been anointed to do this. Keep trusting her and the process.


    I have watched this twice. I love it because I have been on a consult with you and LIVED ALL THIS. Structured, compassion, tough love, direct, and strategy DRIVEN. I walked away at the end with a clear plan and an itch to DO THE WORK!!!! Thank you for spending time with me Nicole Walters.


    I used the title I came up with during Fierce Clarity for the first time with someone I don’t know, and the guy asked me for a job.

    Fierce Clarity Buyer

    Nicole – transparent moment – today was rough. I couldn’t lie. I turned away from everyone and ended up on Fierce Clarity. I didn’t get through all of it, but it did ease my mind and heart for a moment. Thank you for bringing so much value to so many people’s lives. This truly is your calling. That being said, God is not finished with any of us. It is a conditioned response to think that there has to be a “catch” at some point in sales. I am not saying that is you at all, but I know and have studied sales, and you are brilliant at it! But i’ve also never seen a brilliant sales person jump all-in and be so eager for their clients/students to succeed. You are the real deal. I appreciate you. Sometimes it takes someone to pinch themselves til they realize someone genuine like you exists. Thank you.


    Hi guys! I have completed Fierce Clarity! I feel like I needed this course years ago, but I know everything happens at the right time. I feel AMAZING.

    I’m honestly so proud and relieved and excited to say that I finally know what my next step is, and my heart is singing with relief! I will be spending some time doing research and development. Even though I need time to take processes, learn and grow, I really do feel clearer than ever before.

    Fierce Clarity Buyer

    Nicole – I have not been a frequent commenter. But participation in 1k1day was a life changer. I am able to create space in our budget that allows us to give a $100 tip to another mom who is serving pizzas on Mother’s day. You are a game changer.


    Just finished watching the webinar replay (started last night!) And WOW, I feel like I just took a business graduate course! I am so encouraged.. And Nicole, you made it seem doable! All this time, I’ve stressed because I wanted my site to be beautiful and perfect. I just needed my site to be monetized! It makes all the difference. I have wasted so much time and left so much money “on the table”. I still have some stuff to do, but with the examples you shared, from affiliates, store set up , legal matters, resource page, etc., I now have MORE CONFIDENCE! Plus, if I don’t learn another thing, this one thing I know for sure (do I sound like Oprah?), #youdontneedeverybody A solid 1000 people can help me get to my goal. Thank you Nicole!

    1k1day Student,2017

    I’m checking in to say this class has given me more confidence, decreased my anxiety, confirmed my self worth.

    Not to mention, things have been tight financially and then I received blessings!

    – 2 Discovery Calls which 1 is now an online client and the other will be scheduling again just to check in.

    -Today, while training my client, a woman approached me and was impressed with my training technique. I gave her my website, she called me at 12:01pm today and registered for 12 sessions.

    -The Law of Attraction does work because I changed my thought process of thinking about what I don’t have and need, to saying, “I will receive a new client and am open to receiving help.”

    -Thank you Nicole Walters for sharing your gift of self with us and providing tools for us to utilize to prosper as entrepreneurs. I have a ways to go but I’m feeling more secure than ever.

    -To my classmates, thank you for helping me when I asked for feedback and I wish you all the best. I even see myself reaching out for some of your services.

    1k1day Student,2017

    Yoo-hoo! Target approved my affiliate application, aStore, another product ready, working on completing ebook, setting up makeshift studio to record videos, networking continues, scrubbing social media accounts.. I am so glad for how far I’ve come from my idea dump notebook to joining $1k1day! Thanks Nicole and everyone in Cycle 6. I learned a lot.


    I just want to say how GRATEFUL I am for this group!!! I am absolutely dreading the fact that we have to end 🙁

    For real, I have gained the momentum needed to do much, such as creating product, seeing myself as one able to provide counsel via consultation services, and seeing myself as a business! One thing I’ve always struggled with was the confidence to be taken serious as a business!

    I used to ask myself, why would anyone purchase from me? Why would anyone take my advice? I don’t have the numbers yet. I don’t have the followers yet. I don’t have the notoriety yet. BUT, this group has taught me that I DO have something to offer and i’m affirmed in the fact that everything He’s called me to do is for someone! Even if it’s just a small group (it’s still influential,impactful, and can bring in some coin!)

    I love y’all! Now that we have the tools– let’s keep building! <3

    1k1day Student,2017

    Really thrilled with sales we made last week. Three turned into paying clients and paid for my course tuition 3x over (good call on the $34.95 price point Nicole). I applied the fee to the do it yourself solution and raised my “new license” fee to $1000 from $800 (most client come back every two years for the $500 renewal as well). So yay. This has been awesome for me. On my way to growing my company and automating along the way so that I can do more of the things I love. (And I am confidently moving into a house 4x the size of the one I live in now since I’m implementing these strategies in hubby’s business too). Sorry for the rambling.. there was a lot to update you on.


    My husband has been so struck by the things that we did in this course that he has already opened his fb page, designed his logo; took amazing pics and started his own project: a website for easy recipes with amazing impact. He is a chef! Also, he has already in mind designs for nice gadgets to sell, and ofcourse 404937216127389 ideas for affiliate links!!!

    OMG I’m so happy, grateful, full of joy. Thank you Nicole. Thank you all.



    -More confidence, clarity and direction for my business.
    -Better systems in place for GROWTH.
    -8 new email subscribers.
    -Clients booking AND paying (NO MORE CHASING PAYMENTS!)
    -Amazon affiliate pending EIN number approval.
    -Store in progress.
    -Product line of coffee mugs and t-shirts with quotes in progress.

    This was SUCH a needed “boost” for me to get unstuck in my business and not give up. I have loved watching this group evolve and seeing everyone’s accomplishments! Thank you SO much, Nicole, for all you do!


    Just submitted 2 affiliate applications.. 1 pending and 1 accepted! Nicole Walters, here is the thing about this course that I just shared with my husband.. I have done a lot of courses, I absolutely FREAKING LOVE learning online business, but YOU and your course are COMPLETELY different for me: I actually GET YOU, and your processes, and I take action immediately. I am so thankful for the way you teach and the simplicity and direction you create for us. After 3 years of online biz learning, you are a fresh breath of air for me and I can’t wait for this journey to continue!!! <3


    Receipts are coming in. Sold a few items. Got approved to be a Target affiliate! So proud of myself and the rest of you in the group. Great job everyone and much success to all of you.


    Did I really just got paid $225 for scrolling someone’s social media pages and giving notes? Is this life? Are you kidding me? Nicole, how is this life? I was so scared of my fee. My very trustworthy, successful and influential client, is sending me her LARGE team to book and thinks she got waaaaaaay more than $225 worth of customized coaching. I just gotta figure out the passive income part because I’m going to be raising my prices, and having less daytime business hours by next month. The kids will be out of school by then and it’s not going to break the bank for me to be focus on them. <3


    I have my 1st consulting client who booked at my highest package. I have a discovery call scheduled for next week for another new consulting client. Excited!


    My first client has paid my 2 hour fee twice and now wants a package with multiple appointments so that I can stay with them as they launch all I helped them with. Like whaaaaaat!? Side note: Someone send me their link with package examples. I don’t know what I am doing and said I would send them a sign up link for them to pay tonight!!! haha


    My choices forced me to take chances and make changes to my life and others. Real talk. Thanks to @napturalnicole for helping me find my purpose, couldn’t have done it without you.


    Nicole Walters, I am writing this to just thank you from the bottom of my heart and my family how deeply appreciative we are for you. We are so blessed and wanted to share how your contribution has touched our lives. We are scheduled for inspection on Friday to be cleared for the energy company to turn us back on. It has been two months since our fire and you have shown us so much compassion. I will forever be grateful to you. I am writing this to just share my gratitude and say thank you and not really post directly to the group. But I wanted to share how this has helped us. Thank you so much. I hope you are enjoying the sun and fun on your vacation. Thank you <3 <3 <3


    Nicole Walters is nothing short of amazing. Her content is clear and succinct and she empowers you to live the life that you want by building a solid foundation for your business. She is incredibly jovial and that makes it so much more enjoyable as these things can be very confusing. She has created a community that has amazing people in it and she provides nothing but support. I have so much more confidence now than ever before and I’m extremely grateful to know her. Thank you!


    Summoning my superpower and displaying my richpin today on my job. Blessed to have a job, however, some days it’s tough to leave home.. The pin reminds me that I am connected to an awesome, supportive community and confirms that my goals are attainable.


    Pitch and Pray was EVERYTHING!!! I’m so glad I sat myself down and got rid of every distraction to hear this!!! Nicole Walters I say this with all my heart.. you are the!!Lol I mean simply AHmazing!!!!

    I’m so glad someone shared your periscope one day and I’ve been rocking with you ever since!! This is definitely a decision I don’t regret making at all!! I’m so glad I made the decision to join 1k1day and then turn around and be a part of the Yacht Club!!! #Winning

    This community is love and I love you all dearly!! I’m a part of other communities and they have nothing on you (in my Bruno Mars singing voice) LOL


    When Nicole SPEAKS YOU LISTEN! I know we all know that but let me tell you, this week has served as that extra confirmation that I didn’t really need. I am going to try and keep this short but so much has happened I am still spinning a little. I have been feeling unsettled all week leading up to my 1 on 1 with Nicole. Everything in my life is shifting and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. There is not a single relationship or routine that is looking at all familiar right now. So going into my time with Nicole, I knew that things were going to be shaken up. I had been feeling like I was turning my wheels with my business and some things didn’t feel right but I wasn’t sure why. Nicole swiftly called it out for me and gave me my life as I knew she would. So what’s happened since?

    -Gained some much needed clarity on the direction I am going.

    -Made a list of 50 sponsors (starting) that I need to start pitching.

    -Sent out 10 well laid out pitches from Thursday-Saturday

    -Received an offer today to become an ambassador for a clothing boutique that has been following me.

    -Became more transparent in my content and as a result had the highest viewed FB live with the most engagement that I have ever had.

    -Laid the ground work for two different challenges that I am going to start running in to weeks.

    -Was approached by a RF from Cycle 6 who is in my same space and I have been following personally for 5 years (I didn’t even know she was a RF). She offered me a scholarship to her new program and also PITCHED ME to be a moderator in her program where I will have a week of teaching on a topic of my choice as it relates to the program.

    -Reached out to a friend about a partnership with the Physician she works for. We referred to someone that was interested. Also received a referral from RF Janet.

    – Had a call with a RF who received a suggestion to reach out to me. I poured into her but what she doesn’t know is that she poured into me even more. I walked away with the confidence that I can and will do exactly what Nicole suggested I be doing.

    -Finally had a relaxing fun day with my babies because I was not stressed out about what I needed to do for the business. Everything just felt so smooth and effortless so to speak once I shifted my focus.

    I am not sure where everything is going but I am excited and feeling confident. This week I have a very specific set of tasks that I need to complete that are more high level than I believed I was ready for. Talk about mind blown.


    I saw a live cast you did on providing consultation calls that work (or something to that effect) and a light went off again. All of the sudden I was like, “wait, I know how to do that!” I followed your formula and my consultations got better. I started to remember that I can figure things out. I had a successful career in a very tough industry & you reminded me that if I can navigate the world of public policy then I can figure out this online business thing.


    Tonight, I’ve pitched several conferences for speaking gigs. I love that I send that email out like they’re candy now that I have Nicole’s secret . I’m WAY more confident and feel like a million dollars every time I hit send.


    Nicole Walters, this video has changed my life!!! I will never think the same again! THANK YOU! Feeling very grateful.


    Did I seriously just download this for free? WOW!!! Talk about giving value, I have been following you since your scoping days and you INSPIRE me!!


    This seriously makes me smile and wish I was doing the same!!! Amazing group!!


    While others would have made a $97 course out of it.. You, Nicole Walters, can give that for free just because You. Are. That. Good & have so much more to offer!Thanks for your generosity and raising the bar! You are the best!


    Fierce Clarity has me moving and shaking over here! Thank you so much Nicole Walters. I’ve had an existing teen girls empowerment program for the last 17 years but NEVER thought to level it up, create products, etc.. The ideas are flowing. Product and digital program development for the girls in my program now and girls all over the world are in the works. 


    People can’t believe I’m 25 and doing what I’m doing but I told her that this is just the beginning. And I’ve barely scratched the surface of my full potential with my business. I’m proud but never satisfied. I tell them that it’s confidence and it’s knowing that what I’m doing is working and where I’m going is going to be epic. In the past two weeks we’ve made 10k in sales and almost 20k total for the month. Month is almost over and we have more clients who want to set up sessions! You changed my thinking and taught me that I can be more than just a trainer! Now things are running smoothhhhhh. It’s automatic.


    This course changed the way I thought about business and saved me from foreclosure.


    Here is the truth. I have done other business coaching. I have spent time trying to figure out my e-mail funnel, my opt-in, my why. At the beginning of this month, I was regularly in tears and overwhelmed because I felt like my business wasn’t working, that I was doing something wrong, that I had failed! I have never had someone just say… “this is what you need to do to set up a business that works.” I realized how many little pieces were held back, but those were the missing pieces for me. I see now that I have not been intentional with my coin and my message. In our pre-work, I have gained clarity that turned immediately into action, and yes…coin! Since starting pre-work I have made more money in my business than any other month. I booked my first big paid speaking gig with names that make me a little nervous and a little like, hell ya I should be on that stage. I am terrified, determined and thrilled. I know my message, I know my worth and I am getting paid for it! Thank you, Nicole Walters. This class has already paid for itself and we are just getting started.


    In case you didn’t know… You matter! And I’m glad & feel great, privileged to find a place I belong.

    It is because of YOU that I feel I’m living (or working toward it!) in my purpose. I finally found a place where people get me & I get them! A place where our universal language begins with a servants heart & a goal to make an impact in this world that is far bigger than we can truly imagine!

    Grateful! This is the safest place I’ve ever been a part of. This is the most positive environment that I participated in. I truly believe those negative people would rather bow out than ever be called out for any negative attitude or energy that may infect us!

    Yacht Club Elite Member,2017

    I want to thank you for this group of people.

    I was talking with a fellow Richfriend today, I explained I have been in other groups, but this one is different. NEVER have I ever experienced or been privy to ANY cattiness. Not one person here ACTS better than anyone else. Not once have I ever felt the once over or the “Oh bless your heart” attitude.

    This group, lift others, always cheers loudly, always encourages, feels & empathizes others stumbles & struggles. Your victory becomes part of mine. I celebrate YOUR victories because you’re my friend!


    A friend, I may have never met, but you have a link to a deep secret part of my soul. I feel greater love for each of you than I may have ever felt before. I genuinely celebrate every victory, like you’re my sister, brother, family!

    You may or may not feel this same way… but for me this is a HUGE personal victory. I have a very tumultuous family story, I barely have contact w/ my immediate relatives. I’m sorta standoff-ish, I’m a surface dweller when it comes to relationships (my experience is Love never is reciprocated & it always ends in abandonment/ghosting, which results in little investment on my end).

    So to have been able to tap into something DEEP in my heart & soul, is new! I’m beyond grateful!

    Yacht Club Elite Member,2017

    I set my first sequence/automation in motion yesterday and it has a 62.5% open rate. I do zero percent marketing/social media (right now).

    OAP student- email open rate from 10% to 62%

    The mother of one of my teenage spray tan clients contacted me two nights ago and asked if I offered accountability check-ins (I’m also a certified nutrition coach and group fitness instructor). Her daughter had been following a diet plan and has lost some weight, but the Doctor she had been seeing was charging her $100 per visit to simply step on a scale because she refused to start the diet pills he tried to put her on. This was his only accountability. My response – I just happen to be putting the final details & pricing together for a consultation side to my business. Would you like me to send you that information? I was nervous that she would think my price was high, but she quickly booked her daughter’s discovery appointment for this Tuesday and told me to plan her daughter’s accountability call for each Tuesday going forward. Finally getting coins for some things I’ve been doing for free.

    1K1Day Student

    That moment you thought your biz was in a good position.. And then you enrolled in 1K1Day with the brilliant Nicole.


    I’m super giddy having just hit the send button on my first invoice since enrolling in 1K1Day! Looking all like a real business and collecting coin like one too!

    And soon I’ll be adding revenue streams and keeping customers for life. That my passion and my purpose have become my prosperity is beyond a beautiful blessing! Keep going, Richfriends! We got this! Thanks a bazillion Nicole Walters!


    Last night after the live – I got my first consulting client – paid client! My initial call just happened and it went great!

    It’s funny when I worked in corporate – I took my position for granted – I knew what I did and how to efficiently do it but I didn’t think that I was great at it. (Imposter Syndrome!!)

    Today, I put the skills every department I worked in or collaborated with from that industry to work and ROCKED IT!

    I feel GOOD!


    So happy!! And celebrating this initial win.

    A prospective client just messaged me today about setting up a time to meet, and I was able to direct her to my acuity to schedule a time and fill out the intake form!! Ahh I’m well on my way to making by first 1K dollar!!

    This is too exciting, I’m so glad that I am able to get paid for my mind!! I’m already getting a return on my investment in this class, which is way exceeding my expectations!!

    Thanks so much Nicole Walters!!


    Hey Nicole Walters. This is some deep gratitude for you. You are welcome to share it in the group or not. Your video breaking down education and the marketing behind education brought me to tears. I spent my whole life feeling that I just needed that one more degree to prove that I was enough. That somehow having that JD (at the cost of well over $100K) would prove that I was smart and worthy. Once I really focused on finding who I was I realized leaving my career and using my degree to be of service in a different way was the right choice. (This was such a revelation for me that I did a TEDx talk on it.. but you know.. a girl loves a stage). But hearing you talk about the marketing that was behind what I felt for years was the last piece of the puzzle. It was the thing I couldn’t see. That perspective was something I had never considered and it allowed me to release those last chains of doubt about the direction I am heading in. Thank you for continuing to shed light, and to love us enough to break down the truth. I had really struggled with if I was going to go to the North Carolina retreat where we meet and I know the pull to be there was because I needed you in my life, like, right now. You are incredible and I appreciate you so much.


    Completed Pre-Work, Module 1, beginning module 2, and I am excited to say… I just collected my 1st coin from the process ($850)! It included scheduling a consultation, strategy call, product creation and paypal business invoicing! And the money has dropped…LOL

    She loved the final product and has ALSO provided a testimonial w/ a list of referrals.

    Thank you so much Nicole Walters for pushing me to realize my potential. Teaching me the steps on developing a business, explaining why we do each step, showing me how to apply them, and helping me see “we don’t do free!”

    P.S Kinda bummed, she said afterwards – I would have paid $1500!


    I must say, I am one of those people who purchases courses and never participates in the facebook groups, and never completes the course. This is the first time where I am excited about a program I have paid for. I am happy to check in with the group and share where I am. Thank you, Nicole Walters for creating such a great environment. My heart is happy, and I finally have a change – that feeling of overwhelm has finally turned into EXCITEMENT! I can’t thank you enough!


    What I accomplished in pre-work was worth the investment! Where I am now is far beyond what I expected, having been disappointed in the past. In fact, I know that I would have been disappointed with the free course (that she sells for $2400), because she doesn’t teach what you teach. I would have had a pretty website, but I wouldn’t have had a business structure, a solid foundation. We are only halfway through!

    – Business license
    – Paypal and business bank account
    – Proper tools
    – Clarity on who I want to serve and how I can serve them (doing what I love!)
    – Help from my coin collective (not in this alone anymore)
    – Built my own WordPress site (even though I resisted for a while because I didn’t think I could)
    – Set up 2 streams of income
    – Feel more confident in what I can offer, and that I can ask to be paid for what I offer. NO MORE FREE!

    There were probably should be more of that, and there are more to come! Thanks for being patient with me and my incessant need to move on to the next thing before I’m ready. You’re the best!

    1K1Day Student

    Hi Nicole and Richfriends! 1K1Day has helped me in more ways than I can even say. It is official: I made MY FIRST $1K in 1 Day in this course by the grace of God (in only two hours)! And to think.. we’ve only just begun Richfriends. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is impossible!


    I created a course earlier this year and just relaunched with the new tools I learned during $1K1Day. The first time I launched this course in October, I made a little over $500.

    Here’s what I implemented from what I learned from $1K1Day:

    -Created an application. Everyone isn’t a good fit for my course and integrity matters.
    -Created a landing page for the course.
    -Added an opt-in on my webpage.
    -Automated the payment process.

    My course revenue just hit $5K! I’ve gotten a LOT of interest and engagements. I’ve had the systems in place to accept COIN!

    1K1Day Student

    In addition to getting my first client check. LLC, sent to my business mailing address, I also got an email confirming a coaching/mentoring call scheduled from my website and with the prepaid code set up where the coachee didn’t pay because her employer already did! I’m so business fancy I can hardly stand it! I literally could do none of the above 30 days ago! #thankfulforthemonetization


    Earned my first $100 for a 30 minute discovery session! 1K1Day is the truth. It works if you do the work! Stay encouraged and be diligent in your pursuit Richfriends. You CAN do this. Everything in divine order. Now, time to build it out and continue to refine with time. Ready to replicate this over and over and over.


    I am a real business owner making sales on Black Friday! I am in awe and grateful to God and Nicole Walters for the value in this course. I made sales despite the little voice whispering, “What if you don’t?” I sent my emails, made my social media posts, and right when I started feeling like maybe I was doing too much, 2 tees were purchased on my website. Now to relax and continue to fight the voice that wants to cause me doubt. I can, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.


    2/2 discovery calls turn into clients! Hallelujah!


    Up excited today as I reflect on how much has been accomplished over the last couple of weeks. Where have you been all my life Nicole Walters? All I needed was the right tools and coach!

    – FB page has 200 new followers.
    – 25 shirts sold.
    – Beta test group underway with market specific participants.
    – Course materials being developed.
    – Revising and refining website content.

    I’m gaining clarity on who I am and what I bring to the table. My confidence is growing and I’m ready for this journey! My 9-5 will not deter my dreams or my grind!


    This group connection had a trickle down effect on me to my family. Nicole Walters says we “don’t do free”. So my son absolutely loves cooking. So today launched his first entrepreneurial endeavor on Small Business Saturday. Thanks Nicole. I know if I wasn’t in this group I would have not thought to help him launch this. This is my most major receipt. You are helping me help my family build an empire. Oh God be Praised!


    Nicole Walters I wanted to thank you for this opportunity. I believe it was destined for us to connect so that you could share your sparkle with all of us. I was on vacation with my family and I was reading an article about you. I was so impressed and thought how I’d love to meet you and even work with you. I never imagined my thought would turn into reality. But it did! I’m thankful for our new connection and quite yet mega-watt smile nudges you share to help us see our greatness.


    I must say I love this course. It’s all about the things I have listed or tried but made easy and digestible. This is a business elephant course one bite at a time.


    Back at it only this time. The class was mine(I teach optometry). But this class was my curriculum my content and all worth it. On a Sunday with a brunch and exercises. My beta class of three folks from three separate demographics willing to pay y’all! And it flowed and people cried and I had to hold it together. More speaking engagements coming!!! I like this.. No I looooved it.. Without this course I would NOT have had the cajones to even do a beta class. Y’all I’m ready to LAY out and cry right now. Thanks Nicole, thanks y’all.. I’m full as the old folks say. (Where’s my tissues?)


    Learning how to outsource and delegate! I don’t know if I could love Nicole Walters any more. I cannot begin to tell you what you have awakened in me! That is all. Now back to work. Still working on Module 2 and now 3 blows my socks off!


    Watched the “Bonus Opportunity” and have completed all of the lectures/modules in the academy. Next, I’m going to work on getting products uploaded and then will move on to adding affiliate links. This has been one mind-blowing journey that has ABSOLUTELY been worth it!!! Thank you, Nicole Walters!


    I feel like I’m behind! But I’ve gained three new clients and have been prepping and executing strategies for them. So to focus on the small wins, I wrote down everything I’ve done and implemented since starting $1K1Day.

    Everyone should do this! Sometimes it’s hard to realize all the things you’ve accomplished if you don’t see them in one place. For those of you like me who haven’t implemented everything yet, know that you’re doing AMAZING! You’re your only competition. The victory is already yours! Just don’t stop moving forward.

    Here are some of the receipts I wrote down:

    – Completed discovery meetings and gained 3 new clients.
    – Transitioned website from a blog to a digital storefront (still making changes everyday).
    – Set up pop up and floater email sign up for website.
    – Published existing and new services on website.
    – Created my freebie product to build my email list.
    – Released freebie for beta testing.
    – Started working on my info product (a starter guide)
    – Became an affiliate for 3 companies I use every week.
    – Create a plan for my podcast and bought the equipment on sale for Black Friday.

    I’m so thankful for this experience. I’ve come a LONG way in short amount of time. Thank you Nicole Walters for the kick in the butt I needed.


    We followed your merch advice.. did some T-shirts, coffee mugs, etc… we profited about 2200 so far!


    This class has been the best I’ve taken. Thank you!


    – Shopify store done and has a custom/vanity domain and linked to printful.
    – Added a shop now button on Facebook that links to Shopify.
    – Business checking account is finalized.
    – Reached out to a company I love for affiliate marketing and we’re negotiating commission.
    – Contacted by an influencer to partner in and lead other influencers.


    I have two new clients who booked with me for Academic Support Services! One found me in a brochure (that I made for a Mom’s Night Out Event), the other found me on Facebook! I have found that Nicole Walters’s package and pricing scale is working! Parents want high-quality, sustainable support for their children that can be implemented over a period of time, not a one-and-done deal.


    I’m a lurker who has been SLOWLY, but SURELY working behind the scenes.

    -I’ve made my website (it has nothing of real substance on it yet, but will slowly get there. I’m therefore not sharing it :lol:)
    – I created Gmail and Paypal business accts.

    #CrushedButRestored: At the very beginning of this course, Nicole got on the phone with me. It was a conversation that initially brought all my hopes and dreams crashing down, down, down! But, it ultimately saved me THOUSANDS of dollars, stress, and loads of regret!

    I say my dreams were INITIALLY crushed, because it was that conversation, and lessons learnt in different modules of this class, that helped me to figure out a way to get the partnership I was seeking without spending a penny and eliminating my liability.

    I summoned Nicole’s boldness :lol:, made an offer that involved me giving up zero of my coins, and without any questions asked it was accepted!

    As of today, I have two official clients and several who will become official in the following weeks (that’s just through word of the month.. nothing made public YET).

    Other ideas to monetize myself are slowly being sparked as I mull over the lessons taught in this course. Slow, yes, but that’s how my mind works when it comes to certain things and I’m learning to be OK with that.

    Thank YOU, Nicole Walters!!

    May our Lord multiple and return to you ALL you’ve so graciously sown into my life and those of my fellow RichFriends!


    So I have been going back through the modules trying to make sure I’m in alignment and on track. I still have gaps to fill but I’m just happy that this is the first course I have taken where I have been truly engaged and although I didn’t know everything I was able to picture and hear Nicole say relax you’ve got this.

    Anyhow, I ve just been tweaking my website more.

    Went back to the T-shirts since I never made any in the beginning and I am in the works of getting a design done to launch my first of many T-shirt’s and accessories.

    I’m the type of person who likes to know everything before I sign up for anything so me pushing past that and just getting the work done has been liberating.


    It finally clicked Nicole! Everything CLICKED! It all clicked. My confidence found it’s way out of the trenches and it all clicked! OMG!!

    Now on to my receipts:

    – Finished all videos from each module, took notes and watched all of the bonus content.
    – The bonus content is just what I needed to push me to get back on live streams.
    – Completed my e-book for my module 2 product it’s being proofread by my mom as I type this and will be loaded this evening.
    – Updated my resources page.
    – Added my Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and additional disclaimers and disclosures to my site.
    – Added a new page under my About Me tab, my Book Shelf, where I’m linking books I’ve read or will read for business, personal and spiritual development.. and yes they are all tied to my Amazon Affiliate.
    – Oh yeah I signed up for an Amazon Affiliate account, working to get my 3 sales, that shouldn’t be hard because of Bonus video.
    – Updated previous blog posts with Amazon Affiliate links where I’ve completed book reviews.
    -Completed reading The Miracle Morning this morning.. refreshing!

    It’s lunchtime and I think that’s all of the receipts that happened today. I’ve been holding myself back from doing ALL of these. Geez!! I’m out of my way and on to making coins!!


    I made my very first sale! It’s not $1K1Day.. more like 2Dollars1Day but I’ll take it!


    Good morning everyone! I wanted to share my most recent receipts.

    1. Created one full training that I am going to beta test next week.
    2. Created 2 e-books, awaiting covers I’m having created for $5.
    3. Did two up sells from my writing services.
    4. Placed 4 reviews on my site, I have 5 more that I will upload today.
    5. Worked with my coin collective partner to gain Fierce Clarity on my offerings.
    6. Creating valuable content for my organizational development work.
    7. Received a promise to refer from a giant in the none profit space, that has soon as I have my courses together he will recommend them to the Foundation for new and struggling non-profit organizations.
    8. Downloaded a promotional strategy that blows my mind, that I will utilize and offer as a course.
    9. Partnered with temp services company to provide one page resumes for their new clients.
    10. Prioritized my family, in a way that was good for all of us and enjoyed them in a way I never have before.
    11. Starting working on my affiliate list and reaching out to a few business I’ve referred to asking them to start an affiliate program.


    Due to my increased visibility and in the building of my brand. All my things aren’t fully in place but this group has given me a clearer direction.

    I was asked to serve as one of the Board Directors for a NGO in Uganda, Africa. This organization is in line with my purpose and my passion to help women and girls.

    Grateful grateful grateful for this group.


    “Showcase the skill/solution, sell your process”
    Ummmmm…. YES PLEASE!

    This is GOLD for me! So many lightbulbs moments are happening right now! WOW! This is multi-faceted for me.. Oh #monetizedmindset – I love the change in perspective and the KNOW HOW for actionable steps. Nicole Walters… blessed, blessed, blessed and I send you much gratitude!


    Nicole Walters.. so excited that I got to learn so much. I didn’t know I was a digest and proceed type. Because I have preferred to work as a loner and do it fast. But not with 1K1Day.. I have digested and slowly implementing. But my mindset is tight. And my drive is strong. 1K1Day people are the best. Especially my Florida friends I just met. The most amazing task master in the world has helped a lot. So receipt. I have made it this far. Watched all videos and have continued to implement. OH and Biggest receipt. I DON’T REGRET A PENNY I SPENT.. This is a lifetime value.


    I used amazon affiliate links to create a store of supplements I use that clients constantly ask and I have always shoved aside saying “I don’t use supplements”. I made a post an email to my list of only 250 people and earned 98 dollars over night. Not a ton but I literally spent 2 minutes creating and emailing!

    I can’t believe all the money I been throwing away when people ask me questions related to Health and Fitness!

    Thank you Nicole Walters for this course. I never heard of you besides guesting appearing on a podcast, I instantly loved how you approached things and opted into this course the same day.

    I may be a bit behind but over December I’ll be spending tons of time finalizing everything and getting ready for new years resolutions!


    More products from my store sold while I slept last night and I have to express the FREEDOM I am feeling. I see the light. I see the possibilities. I see the future!

    Today a product sold from a video that went viral years ago. It’s a video of me showing this backpack I am wearing in the picture.

    This isn’t just any backpack- it contains my portable life-support aka bionic heart I lived on for 5 years before my recent heart transplant.

    Nicole, I stopped selling this to patients because I was ripped off by an online coach for almost $30K and I didn’t trust myself to do business online unless I hand-selected who I worked with. So when patients reached out I told them I didn’t have any more backpacks – which they needed for their medical equipment.

    THIS WAS THE BLOCK of fear that I couldn’t get past. This is why I was afraid to create products that didn’t require my time. I didn’t trust myself to not make a mistake again in business.

    Today I sold another one for the first time in 3-years and I had tears in my eyes. What changed? This amazing family we have of Richfriends, knowing Nicole has our back, and knowing the Hubbin is a call away to help me protect my assets.

    Thank you everyone in here. I can finally breathe again and build my business while making my health my first priority. For the first time I have felt safe in a room full of women and entrepreneurs.

    Nicole’s fitness journey inspired me to get back to yoga 3 times a week and focus on rebuilding my body. This is what gave me the ENERGY to get my store up and complete products.

    This week I also made a huge announcement that I am moving forward to keep sharing my story and serve the market that needs me the most.

    I’ll still do social media strategy for major organizations and business whi can afford the investment. But I have a unique gift and message of hope that the world needs to hear. I want to create AFFORDABLE products to reach more people.

    Each of us has a gift and the world needs it, please remember this.

    NO WORDS for the gift you all have given to me in here and the faith you’ve restored in my heart for integrity in business. Love you all, Richfriends!


    Nicole you are amazing! I am just so blown away by your love and ability to manage this whole group and process. I have learned so much from watching you and I plan to stick to you like glue to continue to learn all I can and implement the tools and techniques you have shared.

    This time has changed my life and has set the ball rolling to bring financial freedom to our family. My husband and I are more unified and now have both been given the gift of clarity in where we are going with our businesses. We have so far to go! By now we are both pointing the same direction.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    God bless you and your family.


    Started the process of implementing Module 3! YES! First up, created my Amazon affiliate profile and started linking books to my site! This is what I have so far, but plan to categorize with other products! Love this!! This is gonna be so fun!


    Official Amazon Associate and in the process of becoming an affiliate for my favorite planner and a few other goodies.
    Recording my videos as well for my store since my e-book is ready and going live tonight. I am pretty much done with all the modules despite’s craziness in life! All will be done by Graduation!!!

    I am so excited for all that’s happening and know this is my beginning!


    I’ve been super quiet because I’ve been working and pretty overwhelmed by all the goodness in here but, I wanted to share something..

    I hosted a course that just finished today and overall it went really well! It was a beta test more/less so it was well under-priced but it was a sell out!

    I had a wait list with people wanting to get in. Soooo, I did a last-minute early bird sale over blackfriday/cybermonday and had some opt-ins purchase for the volume 2 version (the class doesn’t even start til Jan 10, 2018!). They’re paid up nearly 2 months in advance.. they’re ready!

    Now I have three women commited to joining my monthly subscription mastermind coming out of this first beta test course. Monthly income and awesome testimonials!

    I am admittedly behind on my site because everything was there already on wix (info prod, acuity link, etc.) and I couldn’t see how to revamp while selling a course.. But now with these testimonials and new products (e-book will be done in a week after it comes back from the formatters), it’ll be a great way to ring in a new year!

    New monthly recurring income, new website, new products.. all about New New!

    Thanks Richfriends for keeping me motivated and encouraged.


    So.. I’ve always had my “products” I was just not promoting!!!

    Happy to say I’ve done some live videos and directed them straight to my e-book! So yes, I got a COIN!!!

    Also, I was happy Nicole suggested on branding myself. I do have a book in the works and speak sometimes so I think that name was the best thing for me.


    I just wanted to thank you Nicole Walters for the Kit and Affiliate module. I don’t know how many times I’ve suggested a book to read or etc and it feels good to know that at least we’re getting coin for our TRUE suggestions that will help others.

    Today I set up my first Kit and have some books that new real estate investors should read! Thank you!!!


    Alright ladies, I have been a bit of a hermit in this group watching in AWE of all of you and your kick-assery. I have been doing the work, painfully building my website little by little which has A LONG way to go, but I have my domain and the page is structurally set up.

    I give classes and coaching on how to rid your home and lifestyle of toxins through utilizing essential oils. I don’t want to do free. I have never liked doing free. So, as I am working through Module one, I am stuck on pricing. The market is saturated with free 101 classes, and 102 classes. All in attemp to get people to make the leap into the lifestyle. There HAS TO BE another way. I want to attract those who are ready to move further into the toxin-free lifestyle.

    I am so blocked when it comes to pricing on my discovery call, strategy session, and accountability calls. I know that this is the perfect structure to creating more consistency in my business and to help my team in their journey to this lifestyle change, but am worried about the repruccussions of “advising” on which oils to utilize or how to improve the health of their family when I am charging for this guidance. I am NOT a doctor, just another mom who has been walking the walk and now I want to talk the talk – and collect my COIN along the way!

    It is the most frustrating thing when I go to other classes and “business building” workshops put on by my “mentors” who have NO business background. They are scatterbrained and unorganized and I always feel like it is a huge waste of my time *COIN* when I make the sacrifice of the little mom-time I have to go to a class and walk away having learned very little from it. I know that by charging for this, it will force me and those who come to my classes to take it more seriously and will produce results.

    My AHA! moment was last night when I was talking to my husband about the classes and everything I want to do, and he says to me “Why don’t you just be a consultant?” HAHA!!!. Nicole, you are leading us down the right path, I just need to keep my grind on.


    Nicole Walters 

    As you suggested, I purchased Fierce Clarity. Nicole, you really don’t know how this has changed my life in 7 minutes. The reason why I even decided to take 1K1Day is because for the past year I have been in a state of idk.

    IDK if I want to continue my marriage.
    IDK how I can help these women and pay my bills.
    IDK where I’m suppose to be, with who, etc.

    This course and you have been a gift from God for being obedient and listening to him. I got quite and still. Because in my IDKness I got stupid busy to cover up I was unhappy, I was overweight and I’ve failed a million times.

    As I sat on my bed hiding my tears from my daughters – I realized my strength is, I always figure out and then I teach someone else.

    WOW! Talking about a AHA moment!!! Girl! You are stuck with me for life! Thank you my friend! Let’s do this!


    Before we graduate, I must take a moment to be vulnerable (tough for a girl like me). This course was/is not hard at all, but it was truly an “in your face” moment for me full of work and self accountability checks. Through the years of trying, the toughest thing for me has been charging a fee. I have completely been freed from that mindset. I refuse to continue to a allow my gifts and talents to be rendered in gratis format. For years, I’ve known that there are so many gifts living on the inside of me that others are in need of. I’m past time to deliver. Delayed obedience is still obedience so I’m thankful for the One who is grace, merciful, and sovereign to me!

    I won’t say I’m behind, but I will say I am doing the work! Confession: For years (and I mean years) I’ve had (in no specific order)…

    – Paypal
    – A business banking account
    – A P.O Box
    – Registered with SOS
    – EIN
    – Business Cards
    – Google Voice

    I now have…

    – A coin collective
    – Website (in serious progress)
    – Name cheap domain name
    – Cash App
    – Invoice generator saved to my favorites

    And a few more things I’m sure I’m forgetting!
    I will not see 2018 without my $1K! I can’t afford not to! Chat with y’all Graduation Friday!


    It would be completely remiss of me not to make this post. I’ve been watching all of the growth and receipts happening in the group and I have to say I’m so grateful to be a part of this lucky Cycle 7. I’ve bought so many other courses and coaching products/services but none of them have made anywhere near as much of an impact as $1K1Day. Nicole, I have grown in ways you may never know and no matter what happens when the emails are sent out about YCE, I’m eternally grateful for the gift you have given us.


    Nicole Walters, I had to watch the replay but you completely blessed me. You are truly truly an example. Ever since the first Periscope I watched of you, you’ve been a true servant leader. You do not see this all the time in the online space, not this capacity, not this type of love. This course has meant everything to me!!! It helped me in so many ways and definitely a blessing. I filled my gaps, made sure my business is legit (waiting for my business banking information to be updated). I feel like I can really make it now. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will be able to be the business owner I’m supposed to be. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your service!

    1K1Day Student

    Website is now LIVE and built completely by myself (I always thought I would have had to pay someone to build my site.)

    – LLC Created
    – Store Created with Four Products
    – Consulting with four testimonials.
    – Business Paypal account set-up
    – Business Checking account set-up
    – Google business e-mail created

    I still have more content to add and pages to complete as I have a lot of business ideas I am working on, but it definitely feels good to actually see the result of the hard work over the past month. This group has motivated me to put the business ideas that I have been thinking about over the past few years into action. I have actually looked forward to going to the library after a long day at work to work on 1K1Day.

    Thank you to Nicole, my wife, and everyone in this group that has offered support and guidance through this process. Seeing everyone else’s receipts motivates me to continue working hard. Everyone in this group is destined for greatness!


    I have been struggling with what my purpose is and how it can fit into 1K1Day.

    It took getting stung by a Portuguese Man-o-War on our first ever family vacation for me to get it! It hit me and now I feel like cannot stop! I have not slept in days! I keep writing down all of my products I want to do for my store, purchasing domains and hosting, outlining my discovery call, etc.

    I am so excited to finally “get it” but sad it is just as the course is coming to an end. I am working hard to have my site up and running by next week with three revenue streams!!


    I just want you to know how amazing this experience has been. I’ve been in A LOT of courses but I have to be honest.. I feel like yours will finally be the last. It’s like nothing I’ve ever been a part of. Between Fierce Clarity and 1K1Day, I am poised and ready to hit the ground running in 2018. I just wanted you to know that the reasons I haven’t completed Module 3 are because of finishing up at my job (Yay quit day!!!), getting my book launched (totally for leverage–not for coin–but holy crap my name is right there next to people like Jen Hatmaker and Erma Bombeck), and crazy company with Thanksgiving (both mom AND mother in law here at the same time AND kids home all week–thankfully, I survived). I’m so not giving excuses. I simply want you to know how much I have truly valued this experience and appreciate the clear framework that I can use going forward. Not going to lie… I feel like it’s a bit like Christmas Eve waiting on emails in the morning. Regardless of what awaits, know that you have a “lifer” as Chalene says, and whenever and wherever your live event is, this richfriend will be there. You are a blessing to so many and inspiration to all who are lucky enough to cross your path. Much love to you!


    Nicole Walters, I just want to tell you thank you for everything you and your team has done for me. It has been an incredible opportunity to learn from you. Thank you for teaching me, encouraging me and for making me laugh! Much love to you my richfriend!


    I don’t know why, Nicole, but I can’t stop crying after watching your vid tonight. Is it empathy? Is it the end of the course coming?

    I was going to finish working on my first course “Innocent!” with a graphic of a judges gavel going down, for people to understand the incredible power and freedom they have in Christ. But now I’m verklempt! Pray for me and I’ll pray for you!!

    Oh, I think I know now. It’s God powerful presence in the midst of what you are doing. It’s that incredible soul washing that happens when He is present in something like your “ministry” (is what I call it). It’s very cleansing. Gotta get through this to focus again.


    Hi y’all! I’m fighting pre-separation anxiety issues right now! Since we just found out on the live video when the access to the Cycle 7 group will end. I’m so far behind because life just happened all up in my face right when we started the modules.. would be great to have a local cheer chapter the way this group has been for everyone throughout the course. I’m PRAYING for an invitation to YCE but wants to connect to someone just in case.. Praying and happy for all those who will get to continue in that. Nicole Walters, you’ve given us your very best, don’t know how you manage it all, you amazed me.. I can never thank you enough for unabashed HOPE you have restored to my soul so I can carry out the vision that God has given me!

    1K1Day Student

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this course, but what we have gained has been nothing short of amazing. The training that Nicole has shared with us has changed my life and I feel confident that now I can impact others. Fierce Clarity was my first huge ah-ha moment. Then each module opened up my mind to even more possibilities for my business. I knew I wanted to make an impact, but I really didn’t know what to do or how to start. This course and community of Richfriends paved the way for me. All of your posts, receipts, and words of encouragement that we all give one another throughout this course.. this is the missing piece I didn’t know I needed until I signed up. Thank you so much for this moment and for all of your congratulations and words of love. It has truly touched my heart. You are all such an amazing entrepreneur rockstars and I am truly blessed to call you my Richfriends.


    I never imagined that I would become so connected to this group of “strangers”. I never imagined that creating a business would be such a personal growth experience. I never thought I would go through this process without my “Richfriends” by my side and to push me along when I get stuck, and to cheer on and help through their stuckness (yes, I make up words)

    I have learned so much about myself through this process as I have read and commented on you guys posts and watched everyone grow and blossom. You all have inspired me to push beyond myself and helped me to understand better why I MUST share my story and keep going!

    The beauty of 1K1DAY Cycle 7 is that we are the Lucky 7 family and we have a special bond and connection.. know that you all are always in my thoughts and prayers and I love and believe in you all and know that YOU can do this!!


    I am officially spoiled. If I were to EVER take another course anything less than what you provided will never due. Thanks Richfriends.


    I wish I could say (without becoming a blubbering, crying mess) how much 1K1Day has meant to me and my family! We love you SO much for EVERYTHING!


    This group has inspired me, and Nicole Walters your unique way of teaching and interacting with us all has inspired, I’m sure not only me when we are leading others too!


    Nicole Walters, thanks for standing behind your product. So many people sell trainings and do not follow through with the customer.


    Nicole Walters what you have created here is unlike anything I’ve experienced in my 50 years on earth.

    The tangible presence of God that rests on you is a gift for each of us. You have exampled faith, humility, purpose, passion, confidence and service above self rarely seen in the business space.

    To be quite frank, this community you’ve started needs to be captured in a documentary. I say that because this can and should be a teaching tool of how you can lead with God and make it in business. Not only make it, but thrive.

    I realize this is SO MUCH bigger than any of us. I KNOW that this journey we’re on will be spoken of for many years to come of what it looks like to truly. LET GOD USE YOU!


    Nicole Walters you are gifted. You have taken us from pre-beginning to this end flawlessly and intimately. I am so impressed by your dedication and focus.

    YOU are now my new example and mentor. Thank you for obeying the Lords call and sharing yourself. I am so beyond proud of you for all you have accomplished. May God continue to bless you in every area of life. You now have a friend forever. I love you.


    This experience and group is personally one of the best things I’ve ever been a part of. The spirit and energy of this group has motivated and moved me more than you all can ever know. Congratulations to those that were invited into the Yacht Club.

    Thank you Nicole for creating such a safe space for us to grow as Entrepreneurs AND people. Thank you Richfriends for your examples, creativity, support, and positivity. I am so glad I got the opportunity to GROW with you. The best of luck to all!! Love y’all!!


    *Moment of Truth*

    I literally stumbled into Nicole’s periscope one day (I think the day before registration closed for 1K one day). I asked her how can I become a consultant because I have looked EVERYWHERE! She told me to sign up for her course “I promise it’ll answer all of your questions”. I had been let down by so many other “coaches” that I find it hard to trust anyone selling a course nowadays. I had no idea who she was.. honestly this was the first time I had ever been on her periscope. The scope was almost over but she swore it was what I needed. MY discernment told me to trust her. I immediately went and signed up for 1K one day. I swear I have had the most positive experience that I have ever had in any course. I will forever cherish this experience. Thank you so much Nicole for your hard work, effort, and willingness to help. I am so thankful that I took a leap of faith and trusted you. The only other thing we need now is to find a way to clone you!


    1K1Day is by far the best.. investing a couple of dollars here was a steal compared to the amount we are about to be making.

    It is very much important who you are following behind and I must say we are following behind under the right one.

    What a great leader, in so many ways. Not just on finances but on other things as well.


    This journey has been nothing short of AMAZING! I am truly grateful for you. Your courage to walk in your divine greatness has enabled you to touch so many lives, including mine. I’m so excited for what the future holds for all of my Richfriends. This community has given me so much courage, clarity and faith in what I’ve always known – there is room for more, for each of us. I wasn’t as vocal as I could’ve been in the group, but I’ve been showing up and doing the work every single day.


    This is the most amazing group and program, and it has been so inspiring to see everyone’s wins and receipts. I’m far from done, and as I type this I’m starting a 3 day intense implementation phase where I hope to get everything in place on my website. I am so grateful for Nicole’s down to earth monetizing approach.. pure gold!


    Nicole Walters, your transparency and heart is an inspiration! I am sure you know that this is not how everyone conducts business, but it is how people should. When you stand in what you do, people respond! In my little corner of the world we have been struggling with our elementary school not communicating well with parents. The admin doesn’t have the bandwidth to handle the responses is what we were told. They rather not communicate than deal with the questions after a communication.. it’s bananas.


    This experience and group is personally one of the best things I’ve ever been a part of. The spirit and energy of this group has motivated and moved me more than you all can ever know. Congratulations to those that were invited into the Yacht Club.

    Thank you Nicole for creating such a safe space for us to grow as Entrepreneurs AND people. Thank you Richfriends for your examples, creativity, support, and positivity. I am so glad I got the opportunity to GROW with you. The best of luck to all!! Love y’all!!


    This course is truly life changing. It’s been so much about the HOW and that’s not something you get in a lot of courses. Thank you Nicole Walters!


    I am soooo FULL about this entire experience, humbled and immensely grateful. God is soooo amazing.


    I love having the support and direction all in one community of examples and the rest of the coin collective types. I love having you Nicole be about these coins but also be about much more than that!


    Richfriends! You all have boosted my confidence. When I am in this space I feel it is something special and that we can all be successful in pursuing our goals!


    What I love most is that this is a community of likeminded business nurturers LEAD BY AN AMAZING WOMAN OF GOD who is clearly anointed to build wealth for the Kingdom!

    I am inspired by each and every person who has ever commented in this 1K1Day Cycle 7 group!

    Nicole Walters this program and your leadership have awoken a sleeping giant within me. You were the answer to the prayer I’ve prayed all year. I feel so so blessed.


    Nicole Walters, it is amazing how when you ask God for direction and he sends exactly what you need. I met you this year in Orlando, FL at a conference I wasn’t even suppose to be at. I won a contest for a free ticket to the conference. When I say I rode the Megabus from Alabama to Orlando to get there.. I learned a lot at the conference and it was there I connected to you. I’m usually not the type to go anywhere and not to anyone, nor the type to have a real conversation with a speaker after the conference but you made me feel comfortable. I am happy that I decided yo go through the program.


    Hey Nicole Walters, Hubbin and Richfriends! I just have to share this receipts that happened today. I’ve a new client that I’ll be doing business with on a booked Strategy Call from my website and was already feeling pretty 1K1Day business fancy about it because it’s fairly large national company and I’m already prepared to offer my digital products in addition to consulting because.. Richfriends knowledge now gained! But, here’s the kicker: on our Discovery Call the company’s big wig CFO noted that he’d like an NDA in place before we got further. He went to hunt for theirs… in the meantime I uploaded the one I bought from Nicole’s store and sent it over. Guess which one the client signed and returned? WHEELHOUSE LEGAL! Am I 1K1Day business fancy or what, MR. CFO?!

    1K1Day Student

    I was going back and forth in my mind with what to share friend wise and then business wise. Thank you so much! It’s a blessing to be all that I am vs a small version of it due to the past.

    Thank you for unconsciously giving me “permission” to just be me.


    SOOOOOOO!! Since Monday on the Cycle 7 call with all of the consulting calls, booking packages etc. After all packages are paid in full (They pay 50% down) the grand total for 10 DAYS!!! $15,948!


    So went to the store and a lady compliments my hair. She has tried everything for her daughter and can’t figure it out. She asked if I could share my secret. Sure.. provided my information for consultation and just like that, made COIN.

    Any other time I share for free. NO MORE. Thanks Nicole for the push.


    I booked my first appointment. I call or email pastors and try to set up appointments to talk to them about the poster care crisis in our area. During the meeting, I try to see how we can get their church to partner with us. A pastor emailed me and said that he wanted to meet and asked me what my schedule looked like. I was sitting here typing up different days and time slots I could do in the next several weeks and I thought, “This is crazy.” So I went and set it up. It was so easy. Then I emailed the link to him and said, “Here’s my schedule or if you want you can call me.” I got an email this afternoon that he had booked an appointment.


    This little box right here contains two very significant things. The first is a note labeled “My Team” and on that sheet as my mentor is Nicole Walters. The second is a stack of note cards that became the first course I outlined based on a method Nicole taught in a Facebook Live video.

    I believe I wrote both of those papers some time last year. I didn’t know how, nor did I know when, but I knew Nicole would be in my life. God has always sent my Earth Angels to me when I needed them most and I am so glad He preordained this time in my life.

    Nicole, I couldn’t love on you on the call, but I want to say I thank God for you. I tend to get stuck in my head a lot and walking in my purpose at times terrifies me, but I know this is my moment. You have equipped me with everything I need to seize this moment and I am eternally grateful.


    Just finished the replay, hiding under a blanket with headphones so not to wake my hubs in this hotel room lol. I agree with everyone else. I have been stretched, not to return to my same dimensions. This wasn’t an expense, but an investment. One I’m glad I made, because I’ve thrown more money away on things and people I’ll never receive a return on. For the umpteenth time, thank you Nicole, thank you Richfriends, you all are beyond outstanding. I am forever grateful. *hugs*


    It is amazing what I’ve learned in this course above and beyond the topic of the course. I know many of you feel the same way. One of those unexpected of receipts is confidence to let go of what no longer serves me business-wise. I learned a while ago to let go of what no longer serves me personally (getting out of an abusive relationship taught me that). But along the way in my business journey I’ve acquired mentors that I’ve hung onto because they were valuable at the time even though I realized months ago I wasn’t getting the answers I was seeking from them.

    Today I gathered the courage to cancel my monthly subscription with one of those mentors. It was hard because I’ve been with her nearly two years and I gained much growth under her guidance. But I turned a corner a few months ago and even though I still love her dearly, I’m going a different direction. So, I cancelled that monthly $$ subscription because spending money on what is no longer valuable is as bad as leaving $$ on the table.


    Congratulations everyone! Keep on going doing the work!! Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t as far along as you think you should be. You are exactly where you need to be. The journey is as, if not more, important as the goal. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I know that everything I’m learning and experiencing along the way is preparing me for what’s ahead.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I know that I am creating some lifelong friendships from this amazing group of #richfriends.

    Thank you Nicole for answering your calling. You have given me the courage to answer mine.


    I got receipts! I’ve sold three of my E-books with pretty much no promotion aside from a Facebook post. I have reached 5000 followers on my business page. I’ve gained about 500-600 since starting 1K1Day.

    Now I have to get something valuable and life transforming into the hands of my followers. Would love some suggestions for engaging them.


    I have had some amazing success lately with going sugar-free. I’ve also had several friends ask if I could help them get on track. I came up with a good plan to teach others what I’m doing and decided to offer it to some friends for a beginning (lower) price.

    You would have thought I slapped them, telling them my intro price.

    “Why on earth are you charging for this?”

    I simply answered with “sorry hun, I don’t do free anymore.”

    Because my time is worth money. I used time away from my family to create this plan, and I will be using more time to help you out. I have finally realized my value, and I don’t do free anymore.

    1K1Day Student

    Just met my local Richfriend! So happy to meet her in person! I know that this the beginning of a fabulous friendship and can’t wait to see both of our lives and businesses flourish in the new year and beyond! Her story and her dreams are inspiring and I feel blessed to have her in my local circle!


    Non-monetary receipt post. I started therapy a few months ago when we did the health challenge and now I don’t know why I waited so long. Fast forward and my SO and I also started premarital counselling using Prepare-Enrich method. Well three weeks later (Friday night) this happened (Marriage proposal on bended knee). Talk about embrace the unfamiliar!


    Great day Nicole Walters and all my Richfriends! You may remember that I started this course having recently lost my job. I took a leap of faith and still joined this course, not knowing what was in store. After several interview rounds at different companies, I’m so excited to announce that I’m getting hired as an internal audit manager. Firm orientation is tomorrow and I start at my client next week! Super excited that I’ll still be able to grow my business while bringing in the much needed income to support my family!

    Thank you so much for everything that you have poured out of yourself and into this course and community. You are the true embodiment of leadership! May God continue to be your source and your resource! You’re sufficient of God’s sufficiency. You are up to any task! You produce excellence and works of righteousness because Christ is your ability and your sufficiency! Love you.


    I got another receipt! Go Richfriends! I got a call to work with an upcoming LA Lakers player and his app for his fans. I’ll be helping to develop content and create a foster a better image for him with a team of my good friends who reached out. I’m not done with my set up but I quickly sent out another invoice like I did previously so I could be paid a deposit for my IDEAS y’all.. MY TIME.. Module 2 baby! I’m over here going ma’am you got KJ’s site up finish yours this weekend. Like I don’t know about anyone else but all of a sudden coinage is finding me OR had it been there all the time and my imposter was telling me I wasn’t worth that. Welp.. she got kicked in the teeth and I sent that invoice and got no not “why you charging a fee?” I’m loving this!! Won’t He do it! So that’s two new projects in the books.. just the change of mindset has been amazing.. I am beyond grateful!


    #thankfulforyou Later today, I’ll be sharing new music from my CD which will be released January. This morning in my quiet time, I reflected on everything I’ve been through to make it to this point and expressed my gratitude. Nicole Walters, Richfriends, I’m so thankful for you and this process.

    1K1Day helps you to face the truth about where you are in your life & business and gently forces you to step up and get it together. My website is up, my merchandise is ready, my everything is in position to grow as I desire. The level of peace I have right now is unmatched by anything I’ve ever experienced. And knowing that what I’m creating has a true shot at the level of success I desire is priceless.

    We’ll always be a work in progress, but we definitely have a strong foundation to build on. Keep on going Richfriends and thank you Nicole. #richfriendsforlife


    Here’s to greatness! One word wraps up my Cycle 7 experience. #grateful

    1K1Day Student

    I just got my first paid discovery call. I had been doing them for free and some ended up to two hours long (no bueno) and I changed them to be 30 minutes for $75 and boom I started book and people don’t cancel and reschedule like crazy people. My time is worth something!


    On Monday I worked up the courage to quit a job that was draining me mentally and physically for months. Put in a lot of hours work and a two-hour commute. Requested and received testimonials about my design work, set up the scheduler, set up my management tools and started adding my portfolio of web and mobile design projects to my site. Amazed at all of the progress made with Nicole Walters this past month. WOW! You are a Godsend! And the insightful Q&A by you Richfriends has really stepped my game up! So much meaty knowledge and so ready for my next chapter. I still have work to do but I’m not scared of a little work. God bless everyone and wishing you much success in your businesses.


    Someone recommended me to do event decor next week. I’m getting paid y’all to do something I love doing. Oh made 1K1Day on the last day of the open group and my business isn’t all the way together.

    I won’t lie imposter syndrome reared it’s ugly head because I said to myself no you can’t do this. You aren’t a professional. You don’t even have a business. Less than 7 days girl no. What if people don’t like it?

    I paused and said, “nope Girl get your life. You can and will make this coin. Let’s do this!”


    My fave receipt so far. I’ve been conflicted with being multi-passionate, and praying for God to show me the direction to take where I could work and serve both. Then I realized I hadn’t taken Fierce Clarity, so I took advantage of our discount, and bought and completed it in the same day. Y’all… I got FIERCE CLARITY. I got it so fast, that I didn’t realize I actually got it when I did. I can’t wait to share with my small group and get their feedback. Thanks Nicole Walters!!


    Started using stories in my business page posts and seeing much more engagement. My coin collective is awesome! We are helping each other get over some mindset challenges.

    Since working with Nicole, I’m getting more actual work done and feeling less pressure to “hustle” which has freed me up to spend more time with my family.


    I think I really killed the assignment today! Went with a friend to a trampoline park to replace the gym for the day so we can burn calories while having fun and I used your methods with the worker there. I smiled, asked her name, used her name the whole time we talked. By the end of our chat she was showing me how to work everything there. Gave me three passes and told me that if she sees me coming in she will give me some of her employee passes so I can keep working out for fun!! I told my friend what I was doing that on purpose cause that was so natural. Surprisingly I wasn’t that nervous at all. Confident I can do this now. I’ sure she would have bought anything I was selling.


    Cashier Challenge – I did it at the UPS store. It was so awesome and felt good to strike up an authentically nice conversation with a stranger.


    My product sold off at my online store while I was laying in bed working – minding my own business. Pun intended. This is from implementing Module 2. Yeeehaaa! You da best, Nicole!


    I closed my first client under my new way of conducting business as a “corporate run” business. This means so much to me because I’d wanted to abandon accounting because it was too hands on. Nicole, thank you for making sure my objective was met. I’m excited, confident and clear of the journey this new client will experience.

    Now on to implement the customer service level I’ve experienced. Nicole, what did you use to send our personal welcome videos?


    I’m completely behind in Yacht Club so I’m just catching up but..

    Just sold a $2K branding blueprint strategy session (90-min) plus additional coins for accountability follow-ups to help a client create social media brand that stands out and attracts clients, media, etc. More sales calls scheduled for tomorrow.

    I did this implementing Module 1.


    I am so blown away at what God is doing in my life. I have not launched anything as of yet but God has opened doors that are unbelievable. Nicole Walters since I made the decision to do 1K1Day my life shifted. When you sent me the email for YCE I knew my life would never be the same. I cried for about an hour in worship thanking God. I am seeing manifestation of things God told me years ago. This year I have hosted 2 conferences on identity (which is what my business is) and I did it by faith with nothing. Now one of the speakers that spoke at my conference is going to Africa and guess who is going with her? YES ME! We’re going next month for a women empowerment conference. I am so EXCITED!!!! I recently lost my main source of income but I am believing God for the miraculous! I need my Richfriends to believe with me.

    1K1Day Student

    I’ve had several people respond to the invitation to join my Beta Group (the post I made with my personal story, my “Why” got GREAT engagement) and ended up expanding the size of the group and creating a waitlist!

    I’ve been stuck for weeks trying to perfect my course and this one idea (to beta test) shifted my energy and got me moving!! Now that I’m being held accountable to my word which is VERY important to me, I have no choice but to show up and do it in excellence.

    Imposter syndrome is REAL (I still haven’t internalized this but I’m intentionally practicing celebrating wins) and procrastination is a beast. Please don’t suffer in silence. One post can literally can change your life (and biz)


    Monica was driving through my hometown with her cute family and messaged me. It was seriously amazing to meet you in person Monica and to talk ideas and business. So grateful for it! Hopefully you end up moving closer to me and we can do it again. #richfriendsareawesome

    Yacht Club Member,2017

    Richfriend meet up! Monica, I love you! You want her living near you!


    502%. I increased my revenue by 502% overall last year!


    #receipts – Resignation letter

    1K1Day Student

    So excited this morning. I held my first vision board workshop yesterday (13 happy people) and had a half 1K1Day as a result. I had many follow up requests to do more for adults, teens and church groups. Also, last night had a request and instant payment to do a virtual one. She is part of a large MLM network and guarantees I will get more business.

    Thank you Nicole Walters for helping me change my mindset. I posted earlier that I was just a beginner with only a basic mindset and questioned whether I should wait. While conducting work for the rest of the month (I have 3 or more workshops booked), I will focus on my website and creating a business page for what is to come!! Go Richfriends, we got this!!


    I’m so excited to share, I re-did Fierce Clarity, finished it last week and I feel BETTER THAN EVER! I have literally been living my best life and feeling my best self for months now, in order to fulfill my Research & Development phase after taking Fierce Clarity the first time. I was so scared to repeat Fierce Clarity because after living in confusion for what I now know has been years of life,  I didn’t want to end up still feeling confused and unsure. But I’m so happy, proud and relieved to say that I’m so super clear on my life, my purpose, my gifts and how I want to share them to impact the world.

    When I decided to stop running a business, it truly terrified me and made me feel like I wasn’t “doing enough with my life” but now I truly understand the deep impact it made – I needed and deserved the time & space and I’m the best version of myself after my experiences this year.

    During this time, I found myself working on my mindset over and over again, not because I thought I shoould but because I just loved doing it so much. And honestly, my biggest ah-ha moment in this entire journey (the past 7 months or so) has been this: I lived and breathed a story of confusion because it was safe, comfortable and easy. I told myself day in and out that “I don’t know what I want” because I wanted to stay invinsible and not be judged by others AND because I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t truly believe in myself. I realized this like a few months ago and it BLEW my mind. I had no idea I was even doing it. From that point on, I chose a new story day after day and the new story is that it’s safe to know what I want and God will help me get there so there are no worries. From my lack of worry, alignment with my inner truth and Fierce Clarity x 2, the clarity I needed became available to me so easily. Nicole, I can’t thank you enough for this incredible course and the impact it had on my life. Thanks so much for hearing my truth.


    Hey Rich Friends! I wanted to share my recent TEDx Talk with y’all. This is actually a result of one of the Pitch-and-Pray Challenges Nicole gave us last year. So thankful for this experience and for being encouraged to go after it. Hope you enjoy!


    Over the past 30 days I have COMPLETED $1KDay and changed my established systems.

    -My Amazon Influencer page is complete.
    -My Google Adsense is live on my website and blog.
    -My consulting page is on FIRE! Using the new method of persuasion, have made over $700 in TWO WEEKS FROM JUST CONSULTING!

    But my biggest receipt was speaking into the lives of some young girls from the inner city. To see their eyes light up with greater hopes and expectations for their future, meant more to me than any coin I made all month! My success is not my accomplishments, my success is what I inspire others to do. Thank you Nicole for inspiring me.. Blessings my Richfriends!

    1K1Day Student

    $450 short of my first ever $100000 a month!!!


    Last night Nicole and I talked about creating a wreath subscription box.. I launched it today and in less than 3 hours we had a $21,000 launch!


    It’s almost double now! We’re a couple hundred bucks short of 42K.. We’ve got 780 customers signed up!

    YCE Member

    #RECEIPT from a new client -> Woke up to this email.

    Hi Michele! Want to thank you for the awesome call! We started applying your advice and results have been cool so far! We want to set-up a strategy call in a couple of weeks to focus strongly on sales numbers you mentioned.

    I love being a part if this group. You all make me better. Nicole, you are the bomb!!


    Thank you! I have learned more from you in managing my business since joining Cycle 7 of $1K1Day in October 2017 than I did in obtaining a 4-year business degree. You give PRACTICAL, HOW TO information. I wish I would have known you before I got a student loan to pay for my education. I would have saved thousands of dollars.


    Shout outs to Lydia for reaching out and getting Sonja and I together for a quick, last minute rich friend meetup!

    Great food, excellent conversations!


    #receipts I did a Periscope on February being Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month & 24 hours later got invited to come to a high school PAC meeting this Tuesday to educate the parents on warning signs. Now I just have to hurry and put a presentation together, but I’m super excited about the opportunity to share information on this very important topic.


    Booked a client for a reading evaluation for MORE THAN DOUBLE what I have charged in the past. Halfway to $1K in 1 Day! No hesitation to accept my rate. Only took a few hours from responding to the initial email to schedule! I communicated with FIERCE CLARITY! What a great feeling! #RichFriendsRejoice #FierceClarityNeedsToBeBottledAndSoldByNicoleWalters


    Nicole Walters, so before 1K1Day people would contact me about my services and I would send them a copy of my service list and ask them to let me know when they wanted to get started. Now I follow your teaching, telling my story and as it relates to their pain point. In the beginning I was wondering if people would pay for consults. They are hitting my scheduler pretty smoothly. The best part is, you only spend time on the ones you are serious. Those who are window shopping won’t book and you don’t lose any coin (time). Thanks again, you da bomb, girl!


    (Subscription tip) – $113,461 for the past 30 Days.


    After our first training and our small group accountability call the light bulbs are finally going off! I have my intro product created and up for download on my business website! I finally feel confident in what I’m creating because I’ve gotten clarity on what my solution is and who belongs in my target audience. No more trying to do all the things and exhausting myself with perfectionism! I’m laser focused now and having a specific problem with a solution has motivated me to produce with a purpose. Nicole was right! I am one of those people who need to get out of their own head and my small group is helping me to do just that! I thank God for this group and it’s leadership! Looking forward to what’s next!


    I just wanted to say that our captain Benjamin ROCKS!! And Nicole Walters your training – no words.

    I was overcomplicating things and 10 Min brainstorming with Ben all I needed to be crystal clear on my intro offer. Thank you for your magic Ben.

    Recording this super hack training today. Perfect day too – doing my hair so will look Super in video. I am so EXCITED!!! Never thought I will be that excited about $20 intro offer. LOL I think I am going to call it When You Hide You Are Invisible.


    At Dinner with some FABU #Richfriends Susan and Keenya at #MarketingImpactLive CHEERS!


    Posing beside Nicole Walter’s standee. – “Me and the bestie”


    Aaaaaah!!!I have #receipts! My 1st PAID client booked a discovery call today. She was referred by mu publishing company for me to help her with the marketing of her new book. I.AM.ECSTATIC! Because of 1K1Day, I had systems in place to receive the coin and secure the appointment. While attending Bible Study, I was making coin because someone brought my name up and I was prepared. Thank you Nicole Walters and my Richfriends! The support of this community is like none other. Most importantly, THANK YOU JESUS!

    Now to find the video in the portal to prepare for my call before Monday!

    P.S someone else who reached out before didn’t book when it was offered for free, so I held firm to the payment link this time and just waited.

    Richfriend, 2018

    Since finishing 1K1Day, we haven’t a 1K a day! 🙂 ($4,453 revenue in a day)


    I’ve been working as a volunteer community organizer and because of 1K1Day, no more. You can monetize your community engagement too!!


    Beta launch of my first online course is next week. (Pre-work started today.. yes, yes, although the course topic is Behavior Modification, the structure is ALL 1K1Day! Thanks so much, Nicole Walters! Registrants still coming in, including clients purchasing for multiple participants like this. So thankful!


    I have four appointments with client this week. When I was doing free consults, I don’t remember having four in one week. Interesting LOL. Thanks again Nicole!


    First sale of my intro product! Video/workbook bundle.


    A gift for you! (card)

    Hi Nicole! I wanted to send your adorable, toothless, little “Puffin” a copy. I hope she loves it! Thank you so much for giving me the tools to know how to get my book out there.


    I wrote out each step that I have so far for my intro and 2nd product. After I moved things around and I realized I had them flipped! My intro was original telling people how to “ride the bike” while the 2nd product was telling them “why they should ride”. How awesome!! If you aren’t listening to all the interview and videos Nicole shares with us, what are you doing with yourself!!! She is literally walking us through this!!


    When someone you’ve known for a long time inquires about your services. They keep inboxing you questions and nicely explain to them that all questions can be answered on a call and you give them your booking link. No more messages after that from her AND I’m cool with it. A few weeks ago I would have told her everything for free.. No more..



    1. My 2017 income is 3 times the one of 2016!

    2. I’ve learnt so much from Nicole! I was listening to your training with the little groups and I realized that I already do steps 1 (intro product), 2 (launch of my course twice a year) and 3 (subscription group).. I did this just by watching WHAT YOU DO! I’m learning so much from you. You are a true blessing!


    I can’t even believe I am about to post this! But I am not yet making $1000 in one day but in the past 2 1/2 weeks I have brought in $700!! Much of it has gone back into investing in the company but I am ecstatic to be feeling momentum from something I love doing! Thank you for all the support!


    This is what I did, monetized the low hanging fruit (case consulting and coaching in special education) and followed the other 1K1Day strategies you taught and now, just a few months since taking your course, I’ll be sharing in an interview today on EdTalkTV how I followed your plan and earn more than I did in full time employment (and I had a six figure salary then)! It really does work! Thanks for sharing it with us Nicole!


    Nicole, you continue to amaze me with the way you serve. Thank God for you! My business went from $500/month (on a really good month) to $5000/month. I know I can break down those doors and create even more! Thank you for this opportunity!


    Second month to hit the goals! ($100,417 sales)


    Since becoming a member of YCE, it’s like God has breathed life into my business and dreams. I am seeing things differently and more clearly. I have watched doors open over and over again. He is showing me how he has seen me all along. And it is so humbling..


    Y’all, today is the day.. it’s QUIT DAY! I officially turned in my phone and badge at the law firm, and I am now the full-time CEO of my business!

    Thank you, Richfriends, for the love and support and for cheering me on since Cycle 3. And to Nicole Walters, this truly could not have been done without you. I love you guys!


    My business mentor rocking it on the morning news! Following the strategies taught by Nicole Walters, including her encouragement in faith, is how I built a successful consulting business after 18 years in special education. Thankful that she is fulfilling her purpose which is helping me to fulfill mine.


    She is amazing!! EVERYBODY should follow her! ERRRRBODY!! Her courses are amazing! I tripled my salary in less than a year thanks to her!


    My business mentor! Wouldn’t have launched my successful consulting firm without her!


    Hey Nicole, I just wanted to tell you thank you. I had a complete mind shift since joining YCE. When I first started all I wanted was to get my company going now that I have worked through your costumer map all I can say is THANK YOU! The hand of God is all over the work that you do. My group leader and group #65 have been amazing. We didn’t quite understand how we all would fit together at first but our meetings have been pure magic. I had an epiphany last night when my map finally came together. Tears literally filled my eyes because I knew with everything in me that I will be wealthy. Seeing how doing the work you set us up with has laid a tangible foundation for my read ahead. I will be forever grateful that I had the chance to be here. THANK YOU for all that you do.


    Sold first two copies of my e-book bundle today and made coins while the baby napped! So technically, it’s still sleepcoin. Now to start promoting it to the world and get these e-book downloads flying off the digital shelf!


    Today was the second day in a row I hit (over!) $1K in 1 Day!!! I’m jumping through the roof right now because I’ve had days where I’ve achieved it but never with any sort of consistency. And I know it’s only going up from here! Thank you Nicole and thank you God! He is so, so good!


    Will be finishing my Intro Product this week. All in place just need to record when kids are out of the house.But it’s so crazy, since working with Nicole, my struggling MLM has been growing just by applying the techniques and tools. No more begging or selling, just serving and assuming the sale.I got 4 people signed up in 24 hours with my MLM. Women who I am so excited to help in their health.


    5 women signed up for Beta of my mid range product and all is coming into place!I was making under $500 a month before 1K1Day. It was so hard and I begged my husband to pull out of savings. My income is growing EVERY month.The customer map is amazing, My #17 channel captain and ladies are awesome, watching all of your receipts pumps me up.

    I just feel and KNOW I am SO BLESSED. Just the beginning!

    YCE Member

    February coins. Coins I collected because of 1K1Day. Otherwise these would be wild coins still.. running around desperately to find a place to belong.

    First I told myself, just take it easy. I’ll be happy if I make 1K1Month and work from there. Mission complete. Now, I’m ready for the serious coins.

    1K1Day student

    Traffic stats for TODAY!

    -19.6k TOTAL VIEWS
    -1947 VISITS
    -181 ORDERS
    -$17.6K REVENUE

    2nd best day of 2018 in sales!


    Revenue for today: $15,951.24
    Just give them what they ask for!


    Revenue for today: $12.1K
    I’ll take it for an off day!


    I pray to be personally mentored, ONE ON ONE BY NICOLE WALTERS. “Exceedingly abundantly more thank you can ask or imagine!” IN JESUS NAME!


    I have been steadily getting receipts. My intro product is going great and I am making #sleepcoin on a regular basis. Nicole Walters, I’ve got a new one for you – check this out.

    My husband and I went to see Black Panther last night and when we walked out of the movie I got a notification that a purchase from my website had been made, thus #walkandacoin HAHA, See what I did there?! LOL

    Let’s keep it going RF’s we are on the way to achieving our dreams – thanks Nicole and Team.


    When I took 1K, 2 years ago, I wasn’t really sure of what I was supposed to do with the information. However, two years later, I am implementing the rules and seen great progress. Thank you so much for sharing the tools with us.


    My first payment from my first client finally showed up.. of many more!! Yes! Not rich yet.. But I feel rich!


    Anybody could sell on Amazon. We have this since 2015 when I came across Nicole. My husband decided to research and learn more about it and today we generate a pretty good income on it. #sidehustle


    This week has been nothing short of exciting. Another “intentional” post lead to several discovery calls and looks like a repeat for next month already. Didn’t have an appointment set up for April – but a satisfied client reminded me.

    Keep going richfriends, one action at a time. We have sown some seeds in the ground and harvest is coming forth. Don’t worry, It may not be the entire tree yet; but if you are a few branches keep going. Be encouraged! Don’t despised small beginnings.


    Following all the instructions that you guys are giving us is absolutely mind-blowing. Having things so carefully layed out and explained in front of us is such a gift… already implementing everything! The result is that in the first 3 months of 2018 I’ve only had 7 days of no-sales. And this only with my intro products (no launches…next launch is planned for the end of April)…. And I’m super duper happy about it!


    Hi Nicole! Just wanted to write and say THANK YOU for all your coaching in YCE. I just recently signed my first corporate contract for $40K and I couldn’t have done it without you, your wisdom and your challenges. Also, thankful that this will help me go back to school for ministry and dedicate more time to God’s work. Always praying for you! Thank you! Hugs!


    1K1Day has been a game changer for my business! I didn’t realize that I had no idea what I was doing until I implemented what Nicole taught me and I starter bringing in money!


    The IWS method helped me tons!!! I used it last week for my intro product and got 2 sales and launch day. Outlining with those notes is definitely the way to go! Thanks Nicole Walters I even pulled content from my notecards and customer map (internal problem) to help build the FB Live. It all comes together!


    First client paid event today. I’m so thankful of this group, my small group, and of course Nicole Walters – you helped me turn my hobby into a business that I love.


    Hey there! It’s been a crazy couple of months but I’ve got receipts! Long story short, my plunge unto full-time entrepreneurship happened a lot sooner than I’d anticipated when I got let go from my 9-5. Listen y’all. I wanted to panic, but couldn’t. I had peace. It was NOT an accident that I found $1K1Day when I did. It’s NOT a coincidence that I launched TWO businesses in October of last year. “Opportunity favors the prepared” is my theme for 2018, and I know I was prepared for this even though I wasn’t “ready”. So I’ve decided to do all I can to support myself and my family through my business & multiple income streams. $1K1Day/YCE have given me the proper steps/plan to do exactly that. I’m so grateful for my Richfriends.


    I did it, exactly what I was told to do during this whole small group process. I created my customer map, identified the problem, the solution, created the story, updated my website (a few times) to make sure I was the guide, created my intro product using the notecard method (answered all the questions, module 1,2, and 3) and it is a couple of videos, ebook and worksheets. Virtual Vision Board 101 and I’ve got my IWS ready to go for Monday, April 9th at 4:30 when I got live on Facebook for the VERY FIRST TIME. It has been a process, but a good one and all the pieces to the puzzle are fitting together. Thank you Nicole Walters and my Richfriends who have been there for me every step of the way. I’m scared and excited but mostly excited! No turning back now. The thing is though, is that not everything is over the top in regard to graphics and probably not perfect, but it answers the mail and will provide my customers with what I know they need to succeed. Richfriends, let’s do this, just move forward and do it, one task at a time and LAUNCH!! We are here for each other.


    I must tell you THANK YOU.. Your 1k1Day course I took 2 years ago.. led me on the path of my financial freedom!! Left my job in December, did some deep healing around my inner child and discovered *prayer tapping* (NOT EFT) healed my unworthiness and last month had a $15K month!!


    I wanted to take a quick minute before I get on a coaching call. I woke up early this morning to take care of getting my tax stuff together (I know, walking close to the edge this season) was going through my expenses when I had to take a minute reflect. On my credit card statement, for October, was the 1K1Day course. Not having any idea of why I was taking 1K1Day, other than divine intuition telling me I needed to – I find myself 6 months later with an entire business set up and open for business. I discovered my purpose and through Nicole Walters and this amazing community – I have something I am so proud of and didn’t even know was buried within me. I remember being overwhelmed and frustrated in beginning because didn’t have the slightest idea of what I was doing – but worked at it everyday and now have a business plan, website, products, clients, merchandise, etc. Still have a ways to go – but know that if I can accomplish what I did in the last 6 months, I can do anything. The power of positive thinking, re-framing our thoughts and manifestation are so incredibly powerful. This week I’ve received so many confirmations that I am on the right path and the universe has been rewarding me – it’s been incredible. We belong to such a special tribe of people – who bring forward such positive energy – which enables each of us to keep going, reach higher and belong. I feel truly blessed to be in this with all of you & have an eternity of gratitude for Nicole Walters and what she has graciously shared and given each of us. For anyone who might still feel stuck or frustrated, this message is for you, to know what the light will switch on and to continue to work a little everyday – you will see all the pieces come together.


    Hey Richfriends! Just found out that I will be speaking at an upcoming women’s conference in Los Angeles! I mean people actually have to buy tickets and I am going to have 40 minutes to pour into women and share my faith-filled journey! Seriously so excited! I have been doing the work! And it pays off! Cleaned up my social media on March 8th and in less than a month, I have been asked to speak, model clothing and beauty products as an “influencer,” and vend at events! I mean my God is so big! I have been moving in secret but He sees me and I am so thankful for you all and Nicole Walters . It is finally starting to make sense and God is putting the pieces together! I will launch my course in the next 10 weeks and he is blessing me with overflow. I have recently gone back in my notes Nicole Walters and there are so many gems, so much fire and just an overwhelming wealth of knowledge that is priceless! I love you!


    Since starting OAP I’ve retired the other half and we transitioned into a warehouse! We’ve sold over a $1K in product every day – on top of our subscription groups!


    Shouting out my friend and one of my favorite students. One of the few people on this planet that hustles as hard as I do behind the scenes. So much respect for this fellow – and the fact that he retired his spouse this week! Both of their 6-figure engineer salaries have been replaced and then some! They have sustainable recurring income – with zero launches and no courses. Because a proper corporate consultant does NOT rinse and repeat – you received customized, guided strategy on top of a solid, profitable foundation. No more coaches, coaching coaches on coaching as the sole means to have an online business. That’s not sustainable.

    Above all else, God us out here doing it every day for people like you – and it’s possible to do this too. It truly is. So proud and so grateful. Way to go, Deco Exchange.

    Nicole’s respond to Damon’s testimonial above.

    By consistently using social media (1 post every Monday and another throughout the week) my regular clientele has grown immensely! (Starting at 0 regular clients, 2 recurring clients are immense.

    -My intro product is available and gives future clients a peak into me and how I think and operate.

    -Even though I was thoroughly and absolutely against doing videos, someone asked if they could interview me and it turned out pretty well.

    -I have a contract with a local university which has, so far produced no clients, but it gave me the idea to include the other local universities and colleges on my Pitch N Pray list. Working for them gives me the opportunity to serve those I love (students) and I have had a good deal of experience working with them.

    This, and I was just thinking about starting a business in September. God is omnipotent.

    YCE member,2018

    I am flipping out y’all. I just crossed the 70 mark for my membership group! OVER 70 PEOPLE in my membership program as of tonight! God is good and Nicole is a gift!

    I am speechless. Doing the work WORKS.


    This has been the most amazing journey. When I started the 1K1Day journey, I was lost. I didn’t know if I had anything to offer the world (or that I could get paid for.) But with Nicole’s guidance, I realized there is a world of opportunities waiting for us to get out of our own way and SHOW UP! My journey continued when I was invited into YCE and as I reflect on the mass CLARITY I have experienced over the past several months, I realize the scared step I made to join 1K1Day because of the “what if..” thoughts, led me to this moment.

    I am so grateful to Nicole and this community for showing me what’s possible. My first course is created and my second course is being built. I’m also working on starting a subscription box!

    YCE Member,2018

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just caught up with all the Pitch and Pray videos in prep for tomorrow and this is by far the best training on pitches I have ever seen. Sooooo much goodness in this. You slayed my fears and changed how I perceive myself and pitching. Woah! I was not expecting that transformation but there it was. Thank you!


    And then, in one aha, years of doubt, insecurities, and being shackled with imposter syndrome (that kept interrupting me launching my business and sharing my God given gifts with those who I feel called to serve)got booted to the curb.

    Woah. Now where did that come from? Wasn’t expecting that level of transformation on a Thursday night. Nope. Yet Nicole Walters showed up and slayed it on her webinar. Woooo! Thank you Richfriend!

    I’m just going to have to let this process tonight as I sleep because tomorrow I gotta put on some rhinestone rockstar panties and do some slaying on my own.


    For a long time I confused being humble with allowing imposter syndrome to rob me of my truth. And then I watched Pitch & Pray, video 3.. WOW, Nicole dropped a truth bomb that blew that all away. If you haven’t watched the video yet, please, please do. It is a game changer even before she gets to the pitch education part.

    My takeaway… I can acknowledge God, give him the glory AND still own my gifts and accomplishments with bold confidence. I am good enough because He made me good enough and we got the track record to prove it.

    Next steps.. Pitch it, because they need me. Don’t quit until they’ve realize it too. Show up. Slay it. Deliver it. We got this my rich friends!


    We loved having you as our guest speaker Nicole!

    Quicken Loans, 2018

    All I know is I love pitching now! I have been pitching (exactly how Nicole Walters has taught us) and I am seeing results. I am more confident in my delivery and presentation. 2 pitches yesterday and already a confirmed 100% want to partner with you by this morning! All I can say is Richfriends keep pitching – if they don’t respond – hit ’em up 6 days later! LOL


    Y’all.. I have a money thought triggered by a situation yesterday:

    -Three coaches approached me because they’re struggling financially and need money coaching. They also feel lonely and lost.

    -Ahem, I referred them to 1K1Day! They’d give everything to be here today..

    -Money thought: The commitment fee we make for YC is nothing compared to the value er get:

    -We get tactical winning strategies, we learn from an expert, we learn from each other, we share, we vent, we help each other, we refer business to the other, we teach each other, we feel like family AND we walk the journey TOGETHER. It doesn’t matter if you lurk or participate, whenever you show up, the community is here for you.

    Money should be used towards what you value, brings you joy or helps you grow. YC does all of the above and more!! Find your coins and don’t ever leave the RF community; I certainly won’t!


    Major receipts for me!! Nicole, I’ve been focusing most of my efforts on my product business because I couldn’t quite conceptualize my personal brand. I just repeated Fierce Clarity and it was literally an actually clarity! So amazing, how doing the work will truly, truly provide the results. Thank you for this transformation!


    Just sent out a couple of pitch emails tonight around 9:30 PM, I was shocked to get a response back 10 minutes later from the director of a major hospital that treat children with rare gastro disorder my daughter has.

    “Thank you for reaching out to me; I am touched by your efforts on behalf of your daughter and others sufferring from EoE. I would be pleased to speak with you and my assistant can arrange for this; we will also include the Manager of our EoE Center..”

    Just got another email from another hospital director asking to purchase a copy of my children’s book which may lead to a huge order. Do the work. It works. Be Ready.


    Before YCE, I was a happy graphic designer but had several children’s books just sitting on my computer for six years and NOW, this! I’m stepping into this journey that I didn’t even know existed, fully equipped! Thank you Nicole, my small group leader Kristin and all of my Richfriends for your guidance, pushes/nudges and constant support!

    YCE member,2018

    How I’m approaching Pitch and Pray.

    I’m gonna show up and every day send some pitches. Even if it’s nights like tonight that I miss a family bridal shower. Even if it means staying up later even though I have to wake at 5AM. I don’t sleep till at least a few are done.

    Not everyone has responded. But I’ve gotten three new clients, two potential speaking engagement calls lined up, and just got my son’s preschool tuition covered of $1200 a month in exchange for my services.

    My heart races EVERY single time I press send. I know that I’m a newbie and the emails won’t be perfect, but I know that if I show up everyday, I’m going to grow as an individual, I’m going to grow in my business AND I’m going to OAP in Cancun with my new mastermind.

    Point is, friend YOU can do this. Let’s keep showing up.


    I attended an event and provided value in my conversation with her when we met She reached out a few days later expressing interest in talking. I met with her and pitched her on us working together. She said she’d love to work together, and just wants to know how much it costs. Now she’s waiting for the numbers. I’m excited that this is the FIRST B2B potential customer since changing the framework of my business. She also connected me with another leader of an organization and has already invited me to an event focusing on women and venture capital next week. I do need help putting together my numbers (I need to deliver them this week), but I am very excited about the business chemistry that’s stirring.


    After writing 22 unique, non copy/paste (which is what I did before), from the heart Pitch & Pray emails. It’s been scary to press send, it’s been scary to jump on the phone but I’ve been facing my fear and doing it anyways. My results thus far:

    11 No responses
    11 Complete No (which is they just didn’t hear what I was saying and I gotta come back around)


    -1 Collaboration exchanging my high paid services for high tuition rate at son’s new preschool.
    -1 New group client.
    -1 Collaboration with a company I lobe with free products.
    -1 Organization promoting my services.
    -1 paid speaking engagement with flight and accomodations paid for in October.
    -1 potential paid speaking engagement with flight and accomodations.
    -1 potential collaboration for collaboration woth large Tea Company I love (call tomorrow).
    -1 potential podcast interview.
    -1 more potential collaboration.

    I’ve been literally been racking my brain on who to pitch and am pitching anything that comes to mind. I’ve pitched big scary people and I’m not scared to fail forward.
    I love Pitch & Pray and am going to OAP Live!!! I keep telling EVERYONE this to speak it into the Universe and God hear my prayer!!


    I initially went into pitch and pray with the mindset that I probably wouldn’t follow through with because I wasn’t clear on what that would look like in my business. I didn’t give into the negativity and I pressed on. Looking back at my first few pitches, they were a mess, but I sent a pitch last night and already got a response this morning that was a YES! On top of that, I just now sent the best pitch that I have ever sent in my life. Now I am praying that it gets into the right hands! Thank you Nicole Walters for this invaluable training and new way of thinking!


    Remember when Nicole Walters put together the give and receive post? I feel I hit the jackpot with my accountability partner! She helped me to add to my pitch list, helped me see what I could pitch and so much more! Knowing I’ll be talking to her each week helps me push myself to get the work done.

    This group is priceless.


    I had plan to pitch my local newspaper to have a weekly article in it. But due to some family issues I hadn’t gotten a chance to. I was at a community barbecue and I saw the owner of the paper and made myself go up to her and ask if I could have a spot. She asked me what it was about I told her and she said YES! So now I will have a weekly column in the local newspaper. I will be pitching other newspapers soon.


    Everytime I come across someone doing business right, I always wonder if they were a 1K1Day or YC Alumni. I know I am not the only one. I am so much more observant by default because of Nicole Walters. Even my husband will chime in if he sees something with “They need to follow Nicole” or “Why are you doing that? You didn’t listen to Nicole she said XYZ..” And I am like “um, you’re not in the Yacht Club!” Still elated and at peace knowing that this was one of the best decisions I could have ever invested in for my business.


    GUYS! Celebrate good times COME ON! I just landed my first beta 1:1 consulting client! The one I am going to use to build out our consulting program! Just made a cool $2500! Cuz that’s the price it was gonna take to push me to do it and pull me away from the business.. soooo pumped! Now I’m off to create a great business for someone and get my consulting game strong! THANKS for letting me share! You guys are the first to know!

    YCE member

    I don’t always feel comfortable sharing monetary receipts.. but I’m gonna! Yesterday I spent some of the day doing client work, most of the day getting ready to go to a concert with my hubby and mom. We took a big chunk of the day to go to the Hollywood Bowl to see Paul Simon. It was such a special experience for my Mom and I to enjoy the music she loved and I grew up with. While at the concert I made over $700 in passive income products that didn’t exist before OAP. These are products I haven’t advertised. A client asked if I would create a document for her students. She has sold all these products because she is an affiliate. It’s been amazing to see that happens with true passive income products!

    YCE member

    Holy Cats! I sent an email per the way you mentioned to do it. More conversational, less newsletter, and asked them to email me. They did! First time everrrrr!!

    YCE member

    This challenge was all kinds of amazing, emotional and real. I am so happy for our Richfriend. Wow, she did her thing.

    This challenge really pushed me. I set a small goal for myself and can’t believe I did it. I’m continuing on with this pitching. It just works. So, again I want to thank you Nicole for this challenge. You keep me on my toes. I swear you know exactly when I need these challenges. Lol!


    It is not lost on me AT ALL how that one “simple” decision to take $1K1Day has transformed (and IS transforming) my life and business.

    The connections I have made, the people I now speak to on a DAILY basis, are all connected to $1K1Day somehow and that just floors me.

    I’ve said this before – I cannot WAIT to see how our lives look 20, 30, 40 years from now when we’re 40, 50, 60, 70 years old – because I envision an EPIC event with all 1K1Day/YCE/OAP/ people.. it will make the room explode.


    I signed up cycle 7 during that broadcast you did as the page counted down during the last hour sign ups were open. I was literally CRYING because I was so uncomfortable with the idea that I could actually be on the cusp of finally stepping into my greatness. I am STILL uncomfortable even having been they cycle 7 and being a yacht club member but you’re right, I’ve only seen positive things come out of it.


    2018 has been a blessing. First my new bundle of baby joy and today serves as my official last day working for someone else. I submitted my letter of resignation. I wrote at the beginning of $1K1Day. I submitted it one day after my May birthday. I have growing systems in place. No turning back. And I continue to gain new business. Pitch and Pray has me in the middle of four collaborations and I met with a new client today. I feel sooooo blessed.


    I am so humbled at the outpouring of love that I’ve received from many of you. I am so thankful for this safe and all of you amazingly loving people. I am also thankful that I was able to put an Out Of Office with no return date for my business without having to worry about 1.) My business is being disrupted (systems and resources are in place) and 2.) Income (passive income is QUEEN) and 3.) My invite only mastermind is full. No advertising. I sent personal emails and 100% accepted the offer.

    I get to be where I need to be and I am thankful. I am also incredibly thankful for my team who have stepped and showed up.


    Good morning Nicole! I had to let you know that I have been listening to many of your interviews & in them you mention hiring people to do tasks in order to be more productive. My sister and I have a cleaning business. I have reverse engineered what you said and used it to our advantage and it’s working! We are getting calls and messages left and right from potential clients. Thank you for all you do, for your realness and transparency!


    This year, I’ve made more money in 6 months (with me not working in June) than I’ve made the 5 years my business has been a thing. It now pays for itself and pays me a little something, something with much room for growth.


    It has truly been a business and life blessing for me! The clarity and confidence I have now is beyond belief. Literally when I started I was like, Nicole, I create courses and that’s all I’ve got. I’m good at it but that’s all I have and she turn my list of action items into a full blown agency! Now, I have to do the work and I’m happy to do it in a structure that totally makes sense and connects to me. My flight home was very emotional just seeing the progress and the No Limit potential of my life and business is amazing. I THANK YOU Nicole for breathing life into my vision.


    OAP IS UNBELIEVABLE! There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING like it! We have been in the education/event/mastermind industry for about 10 years. No one serves like Nicole!