How to get an Investor for your Business Idea!

I often hear from new entrepreneurs with a brilliant idea that they need an investor in order to start.

Shows like Shark Tank have made it seem like building a business is a microwave and quick process- where if you show up with a compelling idea, someone is going to throw money at it.

Not quite.

After working at a Venture Capital firm while in college- here’s some truths about what it takes to get investments.

And note- most of the work happens long before you ever get in front of “The Sharks.”

1. You need to have your own money to put in. They prefer to SHARE the risk.

2. You need a rock solid and articulate business plan with a business valuation so they know clearly what they’re buying into and the equity payout they’ll receive.

3. Depending on the industry/concept/product- you can pitch Venture Capital firms or high net worth individuals- this is a complicated, biased process- but it doesn’t mean it won’t work.

Lastly, you likely will need to have the product or business established, generating some revenue, and seeing profits (idea validation) before getting the working capital from an investor to grow.

Don’t let any of the challenges dissuade you from building your dream- just know that it’s YOUR dream to build- and you need to start, before others will see your vision.

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I’ve lost 50 glorious lbs!

I’ve had a ton of questions, so I’m addressing in a single post. I wish the answer to my healthy lifestyle results were more interesting- but they’re not. 😆 Time, resources, and hard work over the last 6-7 months. Here’s the deets:

First. The “why.”

Before I started. I had to be ready. I was just fed up with being out of breath, uncomfortable, having poorly fit clothing, fatigue, and being scared I wasn’t going to be around for my kids. I just got sick of being sick. Furthermore, I felt like a hypocrite. Here I was talking about living your best life, deciding that something was important and going for it, pushing through challenges- but I couldn’t bring myself to put down a donut. If I was going to ask my students to fight through the fear, and embrace the unfamiliar- I needed to do it myself. Lastly, in terms of mindset- I have big huge massive goals for the next few years- and I needed my body to keep up with my dreams. This lifestyle is an investment in my future.

That said. The ‘how.’

When people say diet and exercise are the answer- they’re right. It’s not some fancy formula. You need to learn how to eat properly, in portions that make sense, and move your body. That’s it. However- learning to eat well is hard, and I’m grateful to start learning more about how to do this properly for MY body, using Chalene Johnson’s 131 Diet educational system in the coming weeks.

However, I haven’t ‘cut’ any foods from my diet- I eat everything- just plants first- aiming for organic/natural everything when I can, moderation, and nothing excessively processed, or with a buncha chemicals/additives. When you look at the menu, skip the app, order the veggies, don’t do fries get broccoli. Simple stuff like that- done CONSISTENTLY.

I did start all of this- with a doctors visit to get ALL the (painful and scary but necessary) numbers, and a nutritionist visit to get all the recommendations- and I implemented everything I was told.

I’ve been paying a LOT of attention to portion control (I only ever eat half or less of what I’m served at restaurants), and really working on my ‘relationship’ with food. It’s been a game changer. It hasn’t happened overnight- working out was so so so hard in the beginning and I couldn’t do much- after about 25-30lbs, I was able to move more and easier. I still only walk on the treadmill for about 45 mins everyday- I’ll start a weightlifting routine in about 2 weeks with my trainer. I’ve also fit in 30 mins of yoga/stretching every morning- all part of my ‘miracle morning’ (Hal Elrod) routine.

I also decided not to make my healthy lifestyle journey an ‘event-‘ I didn’t want to commentary as I began the process, so I didn’t share much or discuss. For me, this made it easier, and took some pressure off. Once I shed a few good lbs, questions were harder to avoid- so I began sharing- though this is not something I intend to incorporate in my business or brand. It’s just me committing to myself, family, and community that I will be a healthy example of success. Sometimes when you want to uplevel, it’s not a course or new funnel- it’s changing yourself.

I’m about 6 months in, and still have a way to go- but excited about the journey, and so grateful to God for second chances at a healthy life.

It was slow and hard at the beginning, but if you can just give yourself 90 days- 12 weeks- you’ll break through and create lasting results.

Happy to answer questions below and thank you for all of the love and support!

2 Year Entrepreneur Anniversary, What I’ve learned…

August 6, 2015 at 2:30pmEST. I quit my 6 figure, 9-5 job to invest myself fully in pursuing God’s calling on my life.

I opened my own Corporate style consulting firm- Monetize Thyself- and never looked back.

2 years later, here’s what I learned:

1. I was prepared but I wasn’t anywhere near as ready as I thought. However, it was still the right time. You’ll learn what you need to learn when the pressure is on your case.

2. My provision resides in purpose. It did then, and it does now. I will never make as much money, or feel as fulfilled as I do working to make an impact and change the world. Never.

3. Vulnerability, integrity, honesty, and remaining true to who you are at your core- is more important than collaborations, features, and stages. When sharing your journey publicly for 2 years- nothing displays more credibility than being exactly the same person (maybe a bit shinier) as you were 2 years ago.

4. If you don’t have God in your life- that’s your choice- but you better find an anchor to keep your grounded and supported in those moments where entrepreneurship gets away from you. Without Jesus as my life preserver, I would’ve sunk many times over. He is faithful.

5. Family first. Balance is bogus and you won’t always get it right- a ball will always drop- but keep family first and you will always have a rock solid driving force to success.

6. Learn to receive. When you step out to pursue the life you are supposed to live- the universe will rise to meet you. Everything you need to win will appear- mentors, money, resources, friends- but you have to learn to be patient- AND RECEIVE IT. It may not look the way you expect it too. Challenges can be a form of resources to help you grow. Receive them. You deserve it.

7. Humble yourself. Entrepreneurship is not fancy trips, shiny stuff, cars, and penthouses. It’s a daily, personal drive to leave a legacy and change the very construct of society that made it difficult for you to get ahead. It’s a desire to see eyes light up when they realize “they can,” and there is no price or object that can replace that moment of success. If you haven’t found that- you aren’t aligned- don’t let people sell you the fast life. It’s not sustainable. You deserve to get paid, so you can FUND your purpose. Money is just a tool.

8. Be present in your business. In the world of automation- you want to automate SYSTEMS not relationships. Serve serve serve. Pick up the phone, answer the email, give a hug, ask about their children, love them. No matter what you’re offering you are in the business of PEOPLE. If you don’t care- then you won’t get far. They won’t invest in you, if you aren’t invested in them.

9. You will fail everyday. But as Zig Ziglar says, “Failure is an event, not a person.” Tomorrow is another chance to get it right- and you’re even better equipped to do so, because you’ve learned from the day before. Embrace the inconsistency- it what makes your life interesting and impactful.

10. If people can’t find you- they can’t pay you. When the moments come that you want to quit, back away or start over- DIVE DEEPER and go back to basics. In corporate you learn to never throw away the entire process- because starting over is hard- and expensive. Extract what works, fix what doesn’t, and pour gas on it. Money is fluid, objects are abundance- but time is limited. Make the most of it.

Happy 2 year “Quit Day” anniversary, To ME! Here’s to more lives changed, and a legacy that lasts many lifetimes.

4 Tips to protect your small businesses


Probably the 3 scariest words for a business owner- and the easiest to avoid with planning- but how often do we leave the most important things on the back burner until it’s too late?

So you’re obviously not getting sued today- but you could be! That’s why I’m sharing my top 4 tips (courtesy of to protect your business now- and a sweet bonus, straight from The Hubbin- just for you!

Now, if you’ve watched my recent scopes, or checked me out on Facebook- you know I’ve been chatting (pretty passionately) about the online sales world- and ‘what’s next’ in this space.

Sure, so many of us are focused on nailing our business idea, and building a cool online course- but my 1K1Day Academy graduates, and Yacht Club Elite mastermind members, know that it’s about doing it RIGHT. You’ve got to be ‘legal-ed up.”

Here’s the deal- right now, online business is like the Wild West- there’s a TON of money to make, no real restrictions on how to make it, and endless opportunities. But like any gold rush, eventually the people who aren’t paying taxes, offering crummy products that don’t help, and the downright scammers are going to ruin it for all of us changemakers.

The government- specifically the Federal Trade Commission- is gonna crack down sometime soon- and make sure they’re getting their financial “piece of the pie,” and answer all those ‘Better Business Bureau’ complaints about shady online practices. Of course, after working for a decade in corporate, I can tell you that when I say ‘act like a business’ is not just about sales, not doing free, and professionalism in networking.

It’s about taking 15 minutes and doing the paperwork to BECOME A BUSINESS.

1. FILE YOUR LLC: This is the status that separates your online business, from your personal business. It makes you ‘official.’ And most important, it protects clients from suing you personally for your home, car, and all your cash. When you do business as an LLC- they are only able to ‘come after’ your BUSINESS income. It doesn’t take long, you can do it yourself online or The Hubbin can guide you through.

2. GET YOUR MONEY RIGHT: Keep tabs on and file your income and taxes! Even better, hire a licensed pro make sure you’re doing this correctly. Taking sales money from the farmers market- and going out to buy a cute dress for your daughter is called ‘commingling funds’ (mixing business money with personal spending)- and it’s a fast way to get into hot water with (and an Audit!) from the IRS. Get a business bank account- and use it.

3. REAL BUSINESS ADDRESS: You are required BY LAW to have a real address on all of your email blasts. Up to date and current. If you send emails without an updated address (at the very bottom)- the FTC can fine you $16,000 AN EMAIL. The average sales funnel has 15 emails- that’s $240,000. Do you have that change lying around? Go get a PO box from your local post office or UPS store- today.

4. THE PAPERWORK: Vendor Agreements protect you when you work with a graphic designer, or hire a web developer. Mutual Non Disclosure Agreements keep your business coach from sharing (or stealing!) your strategy, and disclaimers protect you from being sued by students failing to do the work.

These are all things you needed to do yesterday- but some will take time to get started- and what you CAN do right now, is the paperwork.

Pick up The Official Legal Small Business StartUp Package Here:

Get Legaled Up, Richfriends!


All information provided here is to use at your own discretion. At no point is this to be considered a substitute or alternative for professional legal counsel. We are excited to help you get the professional boost you deserve, but use and results of any products, information, or tools is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Oh, and yes, this is a fancypants disclaimer- cause ‘legaled up!’ Haha!

A Powerful Day at the White House United State of Women Summit

Logo for the United States of Women Summit

Having worked in executive-level corporate business development for years, I am well accustomed to being the regular girl, in a room full of exceptionally accomplished and powerful people. So there’s that…

And then there’s the White House United State of Women Summit. An ENTIRELY different level of excellence.

This event is the Holy Grail of business networking, motivational lecture, policy seminar, political lobbying, and classic girl talk – but with Oprah. And Michelle Obama. And Gloria Steinem. And Patricia Arquette. And Warren Buffet. And Vice President Biden. And President Obama. Oh, and those are just the Plenary speakers. JUST THE HEADLINERS.


Needless to say I’m still recovering from 12 hours of powerful discourse about issues impacting women in America, like:

* Economic Empowerment
* Health and Wellness
* Educational Opportunity
* Violence Against Women
* Entrepreneurship and Innovation
* Leadership and Civic Engagement

What a day.

Just days before the event, I received notice that I’d been invited and approved to attend this exclusive private gathering. As a burgeoning entrepreneur eager to learn, I was floored at the chance to be present and engage with change makers and thought leaders from around the world. Educational opportunities such as this are few and far between – and I quickly rearranged my schedule, because…THE WHITE HOUSE!


On June 14th, 2016, under the orchestration of First Lady Obama, an overwhelmingly amazing group of gender equality advocates rallied together under one banner – womanhood. Together, they highlighted what’s been achieved this far, identified the challenges that remain for us all, and charted the course for achieving reform. Through a series of break-out sessions hosted by industry leaders like NPR’s Michele Norris and famed activist Gloria Steinem, attendees collaborated on concepts and garnered insight to apply within their organization.

NW_Michele Norris

The event closed with a dynamic live discussion between the First Lady and Oprah Winfrey – addressing, confidence, validation, and adversity.

Without a doubt, the wisdom imparted and knowledge shared through this unique experience will remained etched in my mind and reflected in my work – for a lifetime.

For the full White House United State of Women Summit agenda, live stream replay, and to learn how you can participate,  visit

My Life as a Parent in the Age of Social Media

Guys, what is it about teenagers that makes them think they can pull the wool over our eyes? Don’t they know that we’ve been there, done that – and DIDN’T get caught?

As an of 3 brilliant (but not slick) foster Tinies (ages 4, 13, and 16), I am constantly learning how to balance compassion for their tough upbringing with some good ol’ “You gon’e get raised today!” parenting ethics.

And the Internet does NOT make it easier.

Here I am, making my coin on the web – changing lives, and paying for dance camp – all at the same time. Just minding my adult business. The next thing I know, here comes Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp sneaking into my Tinies purview. It’s crazy to think – the very tools and apps that I’ve come to know and love are making it tougher to be ‘everywhere’ protecting my babies.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to remind the BigTiny that Mama’s ALWAYS watching – thanks to Instagram.

Here’s the short version – BigTiny thought it would be hilarious (and cute, and worth getting grounded over) to post on Instagram about, “Blah blah boyfriend, blah blah #relationshipgoals.”

Oh really, ma’am?

Sure enough, you can see The Hubbin was ALLLLL over that.


“Nah, this is a good streak, keep it going. #concentrateonyourstudies #testprepnotprimping #alsothedogneedsawalk”

We follow our girls on every social media platform – because whatever you do on the Internet, should make your Mama proud. We also have to stress to them that no matter where you are, what you do, or what deletes after 24 hours – the internet never forgets. Screenshots are totally a thing.

And we know how to use hashtags too.

How do you guys balance letting your kids grow up with social media without going insane over natural parental concerns? Let me know in the comments!

Happy parenting,


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