How to get an Investor for your Business Idea!

I often hear from new entrepreneurs with a brilliant idea that they need an investor in order to start. Shows like Shark Tank have made it seem like building a business is a microwave and quick process- where if you show up with a compelling idea, someone is going to throw money at it. Not […]

If you did this, you’d double or triple your business in 2018!

I’ve lost 50 glorious lbs! I’ve had a ton of questions, so I’m addressing in a single post. I wish the answer to my healthy lifestyle results were more interesting- but they’re not. 😆 Time, resources, and hard work over the last 6-7 months. Here’s the deets: First. The “why.” Before I started. I had […]

2 Year Entrepreneur Anniversary, What I’ve learned…

August 6, 2015 at 2:30pmEST. I quit my 6 figure, 9-5 job to invest myself fully in pursuing God’s calling on my life. I opened my own Corporate style consulting firm- Monetize Thyself- and never looked back. 2 years later, here’s what I learned: 1. I was prepared but I wasn’t anywhere near as ready […]

4 Tips to protect your small businesses

I’M GOING TO SUE YOU! Probably the 3 scariest words for a business owner- and the easiest to avoid with planning- but how often do we leave the most important things on the back burner until it’s too late? So you’re obviously not getting sued today- but you could be! That’s why I’m sharing my […]

A Powerful Day at the White House United State of Women Summit

Photo of Michele Norris Speaking at the United States of Women Summit

Having worked in executive-level corporate business development for years, I am well accustomed to being the regular girl, in a room full of exceptionally accomplished and powerful people. So there’s that… And then there’s the White House United State of Women Summit. An ENTIRELY different level of excellence. This event is the Holy Grail of business […]

My Life as a Parent in the Age of Social Media

Guys, what is it about teenagers that makes them think they can pull the wool over our eyes? Don’t they know that we’ve been there, done that – and DIDN’T get caught? As an of 3 brilliant (but not slick) foster Tinies (ages 4, 13, and 16), I am constantly learning how to balance compassion […] is Shutting Down! 3 MAJOR Lessons for Business Owners

Richfriends. By now, most of you have heard that will be shutting down on May 4th. This is causing some major ripples in the livestreaming world – as people are trying to figure out, “Why?” The company has said they weren’t able to get funding or investors – so despite having 1 million users(!), […]

The Must-Have Tool for Every Entrepreneur

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a laptop (or desktop) computer, phone, and tablet (in this case, iPad). And if you’re really like me, your poor iPad has been practically neglected in favor of your computer while at home, and your phone while on the go. I know, I know – that iPad seemed […]

7 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid with Your Business

  As one of my Rich friends you probably already know this, but it’s worth repeating – if you want to get coin like a business, you have to act like a business. All too often, folks lose out on opportunities to earn money by not mastering that single principle. And you guys have no […]

The Truth About Making Money Online

Does your “shady” radar go off when you see the subject, “How to make money online?” It doesn’t?! Well, You’re a much better person than me. I used to be a full-blown skeptic when it came to online business. I know that seems crazy, especially since I’ve been in the online business world for over […]